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  1. SwordMaster191

    Guys guys

    Improve your playstyle bro! /s
  2. SwordMaster191

    Which is the Correct Base XP

    Base XP is your XP before all modifiers are applied. In this case, the XP shown on your scoreboard is your base experience.
  3. SwordMaster191

    They make a division use 3 Test ship

    I know that it could be frustrating at first, but do keep in mind that you can encounter the exact same division like this one when the ship is released to the public.
  4. SwordMaster191

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    fun and balans sir 👏
  5. SwordMaster191

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    Nice and detailed post right here, let's see if we can convince @GOMBEE8626 to take this proposal into consideration
  6. SwordMaster191

    AFK pink bot farmer

    Well it happens, best you can do is to report them to WG ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. SwordMaster191


    Yea, but some ppl don't have any detonation flag left in their inventory so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. SwordMaster191

    WoWS updating issue

    The launcher is probably copying/installing the update on the Hard Drive (if you check your Task Manager you'll see that your disk is on 100%)
  9. SwordMaster191

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    shhhhhhhhh don't give WG ideas
  10. SwordMaster191


  11. SwordMaster191

    Graphic api upgrade to DX12

    Wargaming does not currently have any plans for DX12 implementation, development takes time and it'll probably take them a few years to be able to implement any changes to the game. The only differences are the sound quality that you can choose in-game (High and Ultra) which adds more depth into the game's environment.
  12. Ahoi Captains! A contained regional conflict just ended not long before, with AZITO claiming the territory and being famed as the King of Tiger of the Cold Wave. But, the warfare will never see to an end! The trident of Poseidon has been reclaimed by the great ocean, and the King of the Sea global tournament of the warships is sailing back to Asia again in March of 2019! In the 8th season, those brave fleets will be challenged with new dangers: Carriers have new ways to rule the air, new warships have been constructed, islands shift in fighting waters. Can they conquer the new world and can they defeat their enemies? The trident and spoils of the war await! Sign up opens on February 22nd at 18:00 UTC+8, be sure to join our Discord for the latest update! Sign up here! Note: Detailed ruleset will be published at a later date. Schedule: Format: 9 versus 9 formats, Tier X. A maximum of three (3) capital ships per team (BB+CV). A maximum of one (1) CV per team. Map Pool: Map includes: Trap Sea of Fortune Land of Fire Shards North Warrior’s Path Tears of the Desert Prize: Ton of Doubloons as usual, and of course, STEEL! Shoutout to WarGaming for sponsoring the reward!
  13. SwordMaster191

    Tigers of the Cold Wave Tournament is arriving!

    You cannot have more than one ship in the team lineup that came from the same tech-tree nation, sorry about that!
  14. Captains! Tired of waiting for the next season of King of the Sea? Perhaps you would like to do something fun similar to Ranked battle? Well, now you can join in for some fun with the all-new Tigers of the Cold Wave Tournament! Instead of holding a traditional tournament like King of the Sea, this tournament will be held with a little bit of a twist. Changes includes: 5v5 Format (two Tier VIII + three Tier VII) A fifteen minutes (15:00) battle duration instead of the usual twenty minutes (20:00). A maximum of one Battleships and one Premium ship are allowed per team. Each team are allowed no more than one (1) ship per nation (For instance, if a player is using Gadjah Mada, other players in the team are not allowed to select any Pan-Asian ships in the team lineup). Aircraft Carriers, and any other ships that are not available to obtain to the general public are not allowed (eg. Belfast, Kutuzov, Supertest Ships,etc.) Clan are allowed to have a maximum of one team participating in this tournament. (eg. clan A will only be able to send up to seven (7) players from the clan to Team A for this tournament. This means that Team B cannot have players from clan A as part of their roster.) Checkout the ruleset, prepare your team and be ready to sign up for the tournament! For more information, please join our Discord channel. Sign-up Here! The sign-up for Tigers of the Cold Wave will be available on January 14th from 20:00 (8:00PM) UTC+8 onward. Update (14/01/19): Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sign-up has been postponed until January 18th (Friday) at 20:00 (8:00PM) UTC+8. We apologize for the inconvenience. Prizes: