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  1. i do that regularly. but you mean a break for the day??? unofrtunately the way they give out rewards doesn't allow that. i got my camo on monarch now so i probably could. i came back for the british ships. haven't really played much since ranks. it's my last horah anyway. i wanted to get my last games in while there were still some players left. the next break will be permanent so i'm trying not to get there fast. but otherwise i hear you
  2. i'm good at maths so let me explain why i'm not fooled by this anymore. the chances of flipping a coin and getting a heads is .5 the chances of flipping it twice with the same result is .25 the chances of fliiping it again and getting the same result is .125 if we keep doing this 14 times, the chances of getting the same coin toss are 0.00006103515 the chances of me being on a good team or a bad team, are .5 the chances of me being on a bad team twice in a row are .25 the chances of me being on the bad team a third time are .125 you can see where i'm going with this yeh?? how on earth can i be getting 14 loss streaks?? am i winning the lottery every day?? and why don't i EVER NOT EVEN CLOSE get this kind of good team winning streaks??? i once had a 24 game losing streak. do you know what the chances of THAT are?? oh and i'm nooby?? is that what's coming. been playing since official release. the chances of that are even less. maths is your friend. and if i'm such a bad player that i am causing teams to lose, then that's an even bigger problem. someone who can get to rank 5 against the best players obviously is an average player, at the very least. how can an average player cause a game of 24 ships to go one way EVERY SINGLE TIME?? spoiler = he can't
  3. but i got "everything" first. my action was a payback. try as HARD AS YOU LIKE TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD bro, but if i get a streak of clowns like that ever again i will do it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, zero regrets. there is no real way i could get that many bad teams in a row without game dev intervention and so i'm happy to annoy some of their customers while they decide to repair my matchmaking to normal. i've spent more money on this game [150$ aus] than any other game in my life, if they don't think i deserve the respect of some fair matchmaking them i'm happy to cop a lifetime ban where i can wander around WOWs contributor videos forever warning people about what garbage this game has turned into. double not sorry.
  4. ABSOLUTELY one of the worst days gaming i've ever had in my life. i had the day off and wish i'd chosen to do something else with it. 14 losses straight at one point. i AFK'd 3 ships into games out of anger knowing that my team mates would be total wankers and they would deserve it. [i couldn't hit anything either for some reason but at least i didn't sit in a corner the whole game] sorry not sorry Promoting/provoking EULA violations. User sanctioned. ~amade
  5. fuzzjunky

    Unable to save image of any screen in wows

    i literally have never been able to get the print screen button to work on any computer i have owned since 2004. i have no idea why. W7 has a snippet tool. in accessories. it's ten times better because you can crop to the size you want no the whole screen. but it's not a 1 button fix. you can enable replays so if something like this happens you can just grab a frame from fraps later. you load the file with fraps running, cap the bit which is important, then load that small piece of video into media player classic, go to the frame you want, and SAVE AS> JPEG
  6. you lucky bugger. i'm getting 240-280 on adsl and 190-240 on very expensive 4G getting worse every day it seems there won't be many aussies left soon at this rate. i notice i'm talking to myself in most games now. lucky to get one english speaker in each game.
  7. fuzzjunky


    yeh i'm still finding it tough. bismarcks seem impossible to kill with it. i hope the camo works well or i'll probably sell it. such a shame. this is my last tech tree and i'm two from the end with no keepers :(
  8. fuzzjunky


    so i was bagging the monarch out yesterday but i got the B-hull last night and it seems better. with a premium camo from the event maybe it would be ok. how much luck are other people having in it??
  9. fuzzjunky

    Clan creation cost = Rip off?

    the whole thing is a scam. just paying to be in a clan is a scam. this company loves scams. that's the lesson here.
  10. it's worth noting that the one container contained a DD upgrade lol. in the last two years i have played 3 games i think in DD's. it's like they were actively trolling me
  11. in the last year i've has ONE SC. literally. if i got a container with something interesting it would be awesome because i'm absolutely sick of getting absolutely nothing
  12. fuzzjunky

    Really liking my new Alabama WG but...

    tier 8 and 9 are broken. abandon them as soon as you can and dont go back unless they fix the MM. i don't fall for that scam anymore.
  13. fuzzjunky

    Bring back old economy

    it seems to have actually gotten worse if that's possible. i rarely see T10 BB's mover far from their spawn point. [for the entire game] sold my kurfurst after literally starting to fall asleep in the middle of a game. If the conquerer isn't any good i'll not bother going back. the economy is crap, the gameplay is crap. T8 and 9 have unplayably bad matchmaking so i've settled in to T7 which gets a good deal. I think i'm generally out of the game once i'm done with this tree though. the general playerbase is pretty bad right now. not enough medium skilled players. it seems to be pros versus noobs and the matchmaker decides the winner with RNG. I don't know what they can do to fix it now. we're losing too many players too often to keep the standard high enough. I feel like deleting the game about every third game nowadays. that can't be normal, and it's why i decided to sell the KF. T10 is total garbage. not just a bit garbage like T7
  14. fuzzjunky

    I have to say,the MM has problem

    i still find it bizarre to this day that they don't do the very simple things which are obviously do-able, that would improve the system. for example, putting 2 dd's on one team that are gunboats and two torp dd's on the other [who are NOT in divs] it's dumb beyond reason. it would not alter the MM at all to swap two of the dd's and have balance. i have spent many many games lately watching dd's go round in cricles because we have useless cv hunters. they literally have no feasible excuse why this hasn't already been fixed. If you'e going to make a rock paper scissors game you need to make sure you don't give one team all paper and the other team all scissors. it's not rocket science. it's not even close. anyone saying otherwise doesn't really have any valid argument. fix your game noobs
  15. i'm at tier 8 in the bb's and i haven't seen one ship worth keeping yet.