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  1. I'm normally behind WG with most things they do, but the "reward" for having a duplicate ship out of the current containers is pretty weak. Instead of giving the usual compensation in doubloons, they seem to be offering the sale price of the ship in credits. So instead of the $45 and $75 ships that I would have gotten had I not already purchased them, I picked up some credits. Not even a lot of credits. Just some.
  2. Drifter083

    Why your AA sucks by Ichase

    I'll happily concede there are exceptions. There always are. The Japanese CVs in particular being able to drop longer range torps would have been much better in this scenario. Unfortunately the only options we had were Midways.
  3. Drifter083

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    I completely disagree with the OP. I have played several t8+ DD games (and many more when I was not the DD) and the destroyers are still winning the games. When the opponent DDs are active and move in to caps then the team loses. That simple. I've personally torped several CVs to death with a DD. Turn your AA off and your aerial detection drops to around 3km. Planes have to fly over you by accident to catch you. If you're seen drop smoke and hide or drop smoke and DefAA or just *move* and the chances of either being re-spotted or being rocketed to death are significantly less than if you get radared whilst surrounded by cruisers. I'm loving the DDs at the moment - I don't play them a lot, but when I do i'm basically guaranteed a cap each game.
  4. Drifter083

    Why your AA sucks by Ichase

    I'd like to add an opposite view to this, if I may. I have played a few games now (not a lot, but a few) where the team actually begins to play as a cohesive unit. If and when this occurs then the *overlapping* fields of fire can be brutal. This was really demonstrated to me when I was hitting a CV game earlier. Myself and another Midway were effectively blocked from achieving *anything* by a team of, largely, t10 US cruisers. I don't know if it was intent or accident but they managed to spread across the map enough to manage to prevent either of us achieving much. Just couldn't get *through* them, and couldn't directly attack them. Note: I am not a pro player. People who are inclined to check my win/loss or average score on a CV please don't post back on how I'm unqualified to reply. I'm merely saying that the AA works just fine when a team fits together well. Besides, who'd play CVs if you could *never* get a drop off?