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  1. Like the guy high up said, aa capability gets significantly reduced over time (imho an outdated mechanic that really shouldnt be here nowadays) while the surface ship gets relentlessly pummeled by a lot more consistent air strikes. Add to that that air support from your own cv's got replaced by some weird funny circle, and sticking together doesnt really help as much as before (iirc they even nerfed it)... it all adds up to one frustrating experience. Aaand your means of defending yourself is one clunky placebo circle thanks to your understaffed ship.
  2. I think its already an outdated property of he shells, I honestly dont think sec's and aa's should get knocked out at all at this point. People typically use he shells to slow cook other people not cripple their modules. Maybe we'll see some change on the cv rework coz the he meta left alot of broken aa guns that just happen to be just there
  3. Molcantictac


    A book about yamato (Glorious Way to Die) got me into the game after seeing the absolutely stunning model of the yamato ingame. When I finally got her, I was disappointed as hell. The only ship in the entire ijn line that i didnt enjoy. But it was worth it just having her in port like the real one always do. Even tho it's tweaked to suit the game, and the armor scheme betrayed her with ingame mechanics, and I wont see its majestic weapon systems in its full capability, -it still established itself as the apex anti surface surface ship irl and ingame. Ofc the destructive ability of the largest battleship gun is poorly represented by some overmatch mechanic and a bunch of relatively high 4-5 digit numbers, but It's all about sending a message, and yamato does a good job sending them to its fantasy bote rivals. --- Also, I hope the secondary update will justify my fully secondary speccd yamato. gotta remind those dds that you got 6 mogami guns
  4. Molcantictac

    battleship ass tanking XD

    amagi taught me that. then came izumo wid them forward guns and dat phat paper ass
  5. Molcantictac

    Did anybody else get heaps of supercontainers recently?

    I do feel lucky. Got a molotov yesterday and today 250 fire chance flags. well played satan.
  6. Molcantictac

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    Poor new players having a lot less useful skills in their disposal when facing those 19 point monsters. As if the bad first impression of new players isnt bad enough.
  7. Got the izumo and gneis at the last weeks of the year and destroyed a year's worth of fun
  8. Molcantictac

    Click me

    Did I technically have the battleship with the greatest concealement ingame
  9. Molcantictac

    Click me

    So ugh, am i missing something? And its glitchy af
  10. Molcantictac


    never been so demotivated on the game since i got izumo. yes, maybe i just cant click with this trash but i rather be on a stock and unupgraded gneis than this garbage when on a t9 match. oh my godness. the high tier meta is 1 thing but this rubbish cant even hide and everyone shoots at it because they know im on a free exp pinata that is wet with baby oil. dam even when im on my amagi i always shoot at izumos cause at least 8 will hit and everything pens it. DOFAIFPVJ[kdf[afp[. yamato looks farther than before
  11. Molcantictac

    It appears german ships aren't actuality that OP

    Scharn seems to be very easy to cit specially and weirdly enough, when up close and angled. Gneis also seem to have this funny armor gimmick but dont get me wrong i rather be on my stock gneis than on my izumo in a t9 match
  12. More like you feel "free" more than anything. As a solo, i dont have much to say bout this bcos typically when i div up its when i desperately try to introduce the game to my friends and end up fighting t4 purple divs that will make them quit the same day. Divs aint just fun, it also gives u a tremendous edge compared to solo pips like us.... Also if clans are out i do assume that we will be forced to team up just for the sake of $$$ and some $$$
  13. Molcantictac

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    Loaded late. Got torped by a team mate. Really fun game
  14. Molcantictac

    An Honest Defensive Fire Discussion

    I find the opposite more viable. Take the damage out, panic remain and then add increase range by around more than 30%. Now it will live up to its name and be used by ca to reach out its aa bubble to that one unfortunate bb rather than just completely disintegrating flyovers. Might even help out dogfights among other things if the cv and ca cooperate for a bait. ..... Anyway yeah us ca needs some tweaks
  15. Molcantictac

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Got a super container that is a perfect birthday gift for me I just wanted tell wargaming from the bottom of my heart that Spoiler Screw you