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  1. KillKieran

    fighter load out is so annoying

    Being a strike load out cv can be annoying going up againt a air superiority loadout cv but in all honestly thats what the usn cv's are there for in my opinion amy usn cv using a strike loatout is just wasting his time and letting one down on his team im personally not far away feom the independence but i will slowly continue my usn cv and my ijn cv and will continue to use as and strike respectivly because thats what those cv's are good at usn fighters>ijn fighters... Ijn torp bombers > usn torp bombers
  2. KillKieran


    Im gonna do a quick chime in and say, yes the yorck shells are horrid but its more of a he throwing ship and compleatly off from the 'typical german' ships youll use, i did my yorck fully with no free xp and ill openly say yorck isnt an ap ship unless your in close range yorck is a support ship for the battleships... Sit behind them and throw he shells its not a great ship but once you use it right it can be a reall annoyance for bb players and deal a lot of fire damage
  3. KillKieran

    Major changes - or a new game?

    look im not going to get stuck into this argument cos i can see you have your opinion set in stone but im just going to say right now that me and 99% of world of warship community are with hero of wind here the game has allready undergone balancing and testing for what it is and theres still issues that need adressing as it is now.. what your sugesting is to basically overhaul the whole game to make it more into a historical and realistic game thinking that the game will be even and balanced butr no it really wont because of all the tech available to nations during eras itd be massivle unbalanced and then the cycle would begin again. this game dosnt need this whole historical overhaul but the idea that it needs it is your opinion but i can tell you is is the opinion of maybe 2% if that many people in the wow community. my suggestion to you is to play the game and advance to a high teir by other means than premium ships learn the game then re evaluate the game itself.
  4. KillKieran

    Aoba tips

    Thanks for this ill watch jt now hopefully will teach me what i need haha Haha gotta love that cleve give me my konigsberg or any of my higher teir germans over any other cruiser any day hahahaha
  5. KillKieran

    Aoba tips

    Hey everyone, ive been playing my aoba a bit recently over grinding xp on my high teir ships and i just cant seem to do much with the aoba, anyone got any good tips and tricks to make this ship play well?
  6. just to add also that i have been having these kind of matchups all day with not just fubuki, with kamakazi, cleavland fubuki and my new york
  7. i can say this isnt isolated to just early morning or late night right now i just got into this battle and our team just got slaughtered im minutes it was just rediculas, i see it tried to balance it at least a little but it was just the stupidest matchup ive ever seen.. servers arnt empty either cos currently there are 13k people online at the time of this posting which is the most ive seen all day im getting sick and tired of this kind of matchmaking and if it continues its game shattering makes you just not want to play anymore
  8. I highly agree to this thank you this is the best suggestion i have seen ever
  9. KillKieran

    Nagato turret turning 360

    I was plaing a match and one of my turrets on my nagato turned 360 degrees, i have attached a replay of the game but the replay dosnt show the turret animation of it turning but if you look at the game around 8:30 left of then match only 3 turrets fire when 4 are aimed, that turret was the one turning 360 and so was unable to fire unfortunatly i did not manage to get a screenshot of it actually turning on my screen in the battle but this is the best i could do link to media fire folder of my replay: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bjns3o2h0wcj790/nagato_turret_360.wowsreplay
  10. KillKieran

    Admiral Hipper

    I personally go type 2 camo and for the mods i wouldnt go with either as there to damn expencive but if your determined id go with the concielment mod good luck with hipper i love my roon and wouldnt trade it for any other ship (except hindenberg)
  11. this made my day just saying hahahahaha
  12. NO MELON! Dont encourage the wallet warrior's
  13. Im hyped as anything, i didnt really get stuck into season 2 so im fresh and ready for my jolly rodger flag.... PIRATES!!!
  14. KillKieran

    NerfedBerg (Nurnberg) buff

    thats not exactly what salve was meaning, he meant in a sence of high damage output potential and as you said due to the a-xy configuration that damage output is meant for shots bursts of damage before you turn tail and hide behind the battleships but due to the nerfs that have happened theres next to no damage output at all, your better off playing american or ijn, to the point i will place money that in the near future youll be lucky to see a german past nurnberg or yorck just cos its not an affordable or enjoyable lone to continue with untill it recieves even jist a minour buff
  15. KillKieran

    NerfedBerg (Nurnberg) buff

    They need a buff in my opinion to bring that ap pen rate back up to a good level due to horrid survivability