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    How to counter Belfast?

    T7 has got like all these OP ships that is already [content removed] to deal with. Like, imagine a div with a flint, a belfast and a saipan. Although, I assure you that any ship is weak if you have a team that actually co-operates and supports you. So yeah, just get used to it and pray that you get a good team while dealing with a Belfast. From my experience I'd suggest you that if you are in a battleship, point all guns towards Belfast, yes it's an OP ship but it is still weak with it's citadels and such, same goes for Flint/Atlanta. Although about the Saipan part, you're gonna need a CV player that's on the unicum level to counter Saipan. And if you're in a cruiser, then use some covers and keep on kiting, stay with your team and focus fire on a specific target. Follow the objectives and you should be good to go. Lastly, in a destroyer, try not to cap right away. I'll suggest having a cover aswell as reversing into the cap and not go into it straightly. By that way it's possible to counter a rader. To conclude, yeah it's gonna be hard to deal with these ships, but you'll get used to it. Cheers.
  2. YoungstaNirjhor

    Operation Narai on PTS 7.7 crazy hard

    It was more challenging yeah, but actually easy if you have a co-responding team.
  3. YoungstaNirjhor

    Screen resolution always be Windowed when restart the game

    Same here aswell,would like a solution asap cuz its annoying af to change the settings each time i enter the game.