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  1. Well for the most part I do think wargaming did a good job so far in the new commander tree, but I would like to address these 3 skills Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft - I do think many contributors have said this but, this skill is just too useful for a 1 point skill. its a mini hydro that lasts practically almost forever. It would be great if this is to be moved to 2 point skill. Fire prevention - Let's be honest. this game is turning more and more to the direction of World of Battleships. It's a fine skill, but please move it to 4 point as it is too useful for a 3 pointer. Because no one really will use this skill except battleships (maybe also moskva) like survivability is for destroyers. I do think this skill is a battleship equivalent for survivability expert on destroyers. on the flip side, Manual AA could be downgraded to 3 point as no one will really take it because of the other skill at 4 point. heck, I'd choose AFT over this skill in almost every ship. Radio Position Finding - While it might be fine in random battles, this is very lethal for competitive play, particularly the ones with coordinated teams. because you only need a SINGLE skill in the whole team to know stuffs. Imagine a chapayev in a team battle in their usual radaring position with this skill around. not fun. Edit : I just found the public test feedback thread, so I'll just post there instead Duplicate post. Thread locked, no warning/sanction applied. ~amade
  2. and...no. I'm not suggesting that premium consumables should be given to all players and all ships by free. what I'm trying to say is... another thing related to in game economy (especially high tiers) but my suggestion will also affect low tiers as well. Like many others have said already, in game economics in high tiers is absurd. many suggestions have been made, most of which consists of the decrease of repair costs. while I do agree with end game economy being bad, I also understands that WG wants high tier players (especially average players) to play mid tiers every now and then to regain credits... but. what about good players? does good players that always earn the top 3 in their team, while not having premium account, needs to play mid tiers every now and then just to regain credits? what I'm trying to say here if you're a good player, and you actually got destroyed in the match, while still getting the top exp in your team. because of various reason. tanking, contesting points, opening opportunities for teams to attack, etc. I once had a game, where I was in a nagato (sorry I had no SS) where I was on top of the team in exp (1200 base exp I recall, as it is a fairly quick match) and actually got destroyed. I do not suffer from a deficit, but, I only earn like, 7k credits. while being the top exp earner on the winning team. I really can't imagine what horrible deficits others below me did have. one thing that I actually noticed that my "repair bill" is also inflated by premium consumable resupply. (I usually only use prem repair kit and DCP in the nagato) so that inflates all my bills in battle by 45k credits. on to my actual suggestion what if, somekind of a challange was added. it can be completed multiple times as a challange would. My suggestion is, to add a challange, in which if you get top 5 exp earner and top 3 in a losing team, you will get a package of consumable that your ship uses. for example, if I'm in a nagato, and i got second on the losing team, I will get 1 premium DCP, 1 premium repair, 1 premium scout plane, and 1 premium catalput fighter. if I'm in a fubuki, I would get 1 premium DCP, 1 premium smoke, 1 premium torpedo reload booster, and 1 premium engine boost instead. Why I'm suggesting this is that when you actually do well in a match, you will be rewarded by a reasonable sum of credits. If i use my nagato battle above as an example, as the top exp earner, my premium consumable resupply will cost 0 credits, resulting in my nett profit being 7k+45k = 52K, and thats reasonable, because I'm the top exp earner. I at least deserve that. now I'm going to see it from the WG side. WG wants good people to be able to play high tiers consistently, while average and bad people will have to occasionally play mid tiers to regain credits. I would say my suggestion here fills in what WG also needs. By restocking consumables on top exp earners, the quality of games will be improved by a lot. it wont be a sniping battles cause some people will actually go in there, because their "bill" is reduced. and it also makes good people don't think about deficits anymore, as they will still be rewarded reasonable even if he is destroyed. One of my friend, never uses premium consumables. the reason why is because he wanted to save credits. I know he is a pretty good player. but it saddens me that he can actually do better with the consumables. On the other hand, if someone plays bad, then nothing will change, he will still lose credits, he will still need to pay to resupply consumables, and he also needs to occasionally play mid tiers to gain credits again. tl;dr : Make a challange in which the top 5 exp earners in the winning team and top 3 exp earners in the losing team gets free consumable resupply. this is to increase the quality of games for good players, and keeping the bad players punished as is, like what WG wants. actually it doesnt have to be the top exp earners, the condition can be changed to an exp treshold; like, if you get at least 1500 base exp on the winning team, and 1000 exp on the losing team. sorry for the long post and my maybe-slightly-drunk english