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  1. Caledwvech

    None of settings saved

    Hey Thai, Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you mean though sorry. By that you mean back up the preference and then put the back up back in after the update? But the issue is not "after the update I lose my settings". The issue is "every time I start the client I lose my settings".
  2. Caledwvech

    None of settings saved

    Hi All, Ever since 0.9.10 the game has not saved any of my settings. Every time I start it up I have to reset my port view, change audio settings, turn off collision avoidance, add in the indicators and team line up etc etc etc. Literally none of the settings have saved. I keep hoping that it will work after each update. Still doesn't. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  3. Caledwvech

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    Unable to connect. It wants to, when I try to log in the little symbol does it's thing for quite a while, but eventually just says "Error connecting to server." Rather average.... Tried repairing client and everything.... :(
  4. Caledwvech

    No British DD's

    Love the idea Ralph.
  5. Caledwvech

    No British DD's

    Yeah the Cossack would be nice, but cannot afford it. Hoping to get the Guineas to make it a whole lot cheaper. But that will be hard because didn't get any British dd's randomly (I know people who got all of them in the same chests) and so cannot do all those missions. :(
  6. Caledwvech

    No British DD's

    Hi there, Just a question. Has anyone else completely missed out on getting the British dd's? And is there any other way to get them apart from randomly getting a Personal Mission in a container? I have finished all the in game missions etc and never got a Personal Mission to unlock a British dd. Seems a little unfair that some of the missions and therefore rewards are locked behind what is essentially a random element of the game. Yes I know in theory I can go and purchase a British dd or a whole heap of containers in the hope that I get one, but I think my wife would literally kill me.....
  7. Caledwvech

    Cannot play game at all

    HI Safiuddin97, Sorry I am not quite sure what you mean. The specs of my machine? I am running Windows 10 on a laptop. Intel i7-4900MQ @ 2.8Ghz. I have 16gb of RAM and have 2x GeForce GTX 880M in the machine. As for the Dxdiag, I don't know what that is sorry. :( Thank you
  8. Caledwvech

    Cannot play game at all

    Hi there, I have basically not been able to play the game at all for the last day or so. I managed to get one game in today, but every other time I start the game it loads and I log in and then as soon as the ships load in it freezes. Every time. I have run the repairer multiple times and it still doesn't work. About half of the time it comes up with "Critical Error Occurred", and the rest of the time I just have to End Task via the Task Manager. Can someone please help?
  9. Caledwvech

    Reporting lag issues

    Since the last update I have had massive issues. The game just randomly freezes. I have had to restart at least once every battle. And a couple of times starting the game up again it has frozen in the port screen. It is essentially unplayable. Any ideas?
  10. Caledwvech

    Chat Broken in Update 0.6.1

    Essentially it has meant that communication is non existent.....
  11. Caledwvech

    Chat Broken in Update 0.6.1

    Hi there, Just wondering if there is something I can do to fix the chat in the latest update? When I write, 90% of what I write is starred out (****). For example I wrote "dd is here somewhere" and it came up as "dd *s h*** s**w****". This needs to be fixed especially as ranked is coming up so soon and chat is so vital.
  12. Caledwvech

    Cannot Play Ranked Battles

    Apparently the rest of my post didn't post. I was saying why I wanted to play ranked. I am hoping there will be more of an emphasis on communication and teamwork. Kinda sick of the individualism that you see constantly in Random battles. Just a bunch of individuals doing their own thing which may occasionally mean they help someone out......
  13. Caledwvech

    Cannot Play Ranked Battles

    I see. I stand corrected. . I foolishly just assumed that they all started at the same time. Thanks for the info.
  14. Caledwvech

    Cannot Play Ranked Battles

    Hey Guys, I see everyone is having fun with ranked battles. However on my client it's still saying that ranked battles is currently unavailable. I want to play! Can anyone help me with this? Is there something I am missing?
  15. Caledwvech


    Hey Guys, Just wondering if there was a function to report bad behaviour outside of the regular "right click" and report. Sometimes we need another avenue. Take the attached screenshot as an example. As far as I am concerned, that kind of thing needs to be dealt with straight away. If we are trying to create a great community of people having fun together, this kind of stuff has absolutely no place in it.