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    How to deal with unsupportive teammates?

    Just ask nicely and honestly... as long as it's feasible for the other person, they usually follow it as long as they don't need to go out of their way. Works for me anyway. They may not do it the way you want sometimes, they can fail and etc. etc... but it's still an option to keep in mind.
  2. Upvoted for the sheer effort, but please someone save my eyes. That and I probably lost a lot more from my mind than I should.
  3. You do know that if WG follows what you say that you'd be banned now?

    who have 50%+ winrate in shimakaze?

    ~65% solo WR and 100k solo ave damage~148 matches A lot of things definitely tie in with experience and reading the map situation. There are obvious improvements that tie in with MBH and Torpedo Hit Rate which you'll get used to over time. But in my opinion, DD play in general rely on reading how the situations on each flank develops. And making the decisions with respect to it tilt your WR the most. For ships like Shimakaze however, you'll simply grow to like the fast speed it has to react to situations and escape dicey ones as long as you didn't make too bad a mistake. How she affects the match is also emphasized with Torpedo use, so getting the hang of knowing when to saturate an area, spread out your torps, stalk an unsuspecting CA or BB will do you a lot of good. Which, sadly, again ties in with experience and how much you get from each match.
  5. As someone who's played with CVs a lot, I've never encountered this problem other than this one occurence of: You just strafed, the FT of the enemy locked you "post-strafe". You have to lock on first YOURSELF before you're able to strafe out. Of course that goes the same with the sides flipped. The enemy just strafed, you locked on, they should lock on THEMSELVES before you're allowed to strafe out. This happens a lot to those I've had experience of giving their replays to ask me what went on, and it's always been that situation "as of now", for what I've seen. If it's not that, it's either bugged as is or confirmation bias, but personally have had no problem with strafeouts with that in mind. I'm running on minimum settings and my internet definitely isn't the best(by a mile).

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    The problem with that sadly is that Izlayslav isn't exactly a DD you want engaging in gunfights, especially against other DDs. Expecting your torps to hit them is more of the enemy's blunder, as a DD 'should' almost always have the maneuverability to dodge oncoming torps unless it's suicide ranges, in which, All the other T4 DDs (Clemson/Isokaze/V-170) are good at due to their torps having good angles, high alpha, good detection respectively. It's mainly underappreciated thanks to the guns being of a lower than usual caliber, otherwise, it's a solid T4 DD for most occasions.

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Clemson simply because it's a jack of all trades. Could do gunnery well, and anyone who knows how to abuse the torpedoes on it make for one of the worst DDs to face when you worry about getting hit by torps in a BB. So to anyone who has a playstyle of using just about everything a DD has, Clemson simply fits the bill as your go-to T4 DD clubber, with great smoke, decent numerous torps, and good guns. Izlayslav as said has good guns for staying at range and simply peppering the enemy with fires. Maneuverable and small enough to juke a lot of shots at the tier, with suicidal only torpedoes. The problem with her though is if when you're faced with other DDs in a flank, the usual approach is to avoid knife fighting due to the traverse being bad. That said, a sustained, cautious playstyle benefits her the most. V-170 is the best torp boat at the tier, eclipsing Isokaze due to the nerf she got. German torps may be low damage, but the good reload, reliable speed and detection time make for a good torping platform. The guns are decent, in a way that at least you aren't beaten out by your IJN counterpart, with comparably great concealment. Isokaze was kind of in line with Clemson until her torps (and partly her guns) got nerfed. Now, one of the only advantages she still retains is that she has 3 launchers, making torping flexible. Great concealment to pair off with that makes an Isokaze stalking a pushing flank more dangerous than any of the other three. The guns being lackluster and the slow-ish speed takes some time to get used to.
  8. AA divs with T7 CVs come to mind. Premium Div Saipan - Belfast - Sims Ranked Saipan - Flint - Belfast Then there's anchoring MM Saipan - Kutuzov - Akizuki At high tiers Taiho/Hakuryu - Des Moines - Gearing Taiho/Hakuryu - Minotaur - (T10 BB) Hakuryu plainly for T10 planes, but Taiho usually works out better for better MM, and less opposition chance. Each one assuming the players running them are decent of course.

    High Tier Torpboating and the IJN

    That Torp then stack a fire with guns work for every other DD line. And honestly speaking, IJN DDs work the least in that aspect due to the fires they produce isn't as reliable as the other DDs. And this is pretty much what the thread is for. Other DDs can depend on their guns waaay better than the IJN DDs can. That said, there are ways to make your torps more reliable to lean back on by keeping in mind a lot of little things at a time.
  10. SZYZWY

    High Tier Torpboating and the IJN

    tl:dr Best ways to torp are from the most ideal perpendicular angle with a slight tilt or a fully bow on target. IJN DDs' torps have advantage in alpha and flooding. So to use it, torp in a way to alpha your target to death or stack floods. Flush out smoke by torping ahead first, then torping into the smoke, just so it's harder for the ship in smoke to dodge.
  11. In the Asia server, IJN DDs have a bit of a bad reputation. Either the first ones to die, the useless DD not even close to a cap, or worse, the DD that goes around the borders to hunt the CV. Of course, other DDs can be prone to these things, but it is IJN DDs that are the more susceptible to it, due to the general lack of AA, knife fight capabilities, and the temptation of flanking due to the generally superior concealment. Opinions differ as to whether specific IJN DDs need buffs or not, but besides that, I'd like to bring to light as of this juncture on some tidbits that may help your IJN DD play be more consistent, more notably high tiers, also torping overall. As they are usually classified as torp boats, due to their "argumentatively" superior torps, that's where consistent proper torping comes to play a bit more importantly than it does with other lines. First off, consistency on torping isn't something along the lines of: "Ah, I get 3-4 torp hits every game.". Torping consistency is more a personal evaluation, and is more geared towards having "good salvos that would most likely hit". Consistency should be along the lines of: "I aim to get 15-20 potential torp hits every game". As torping is a two-way process, firstly dependent on how you target your torpedo salvos, the other being how your target dodges your salvos(or lack of dodging). There is RNG in torp spreads, no question there, but it is to the point of being consistent enough not to fail you a lot. Now, I mention how torping being on those 2 broad factors(player targeting, target dodging). A good torpedo salvo would therefore be a torp salvo that "minimizes" how the target dodges. In a vacuum, open ocean, there are only two spots for torps to approach which one can achieve that. The first is at the most ideal torping spot, which is perpendicular to the target, tilted a bit against the direction they're going. It creates a situation where the enemy is at the worst situation to dodge, and would require more time to properly dodge. [Also known as the CV TB's sweet spot] The second torping spot is directly bow-on of the target. It is in this case that the only way for them to dodge is for the torp spread RNG to be on their side. As a target, dodging torp salvos that have a torp directly bow on to you, would make it that in order to dodge, you would have to shift the rudder twice[basically wiggle], and speed control is a non-factor. If you torp in other angles or directions, the target can use "both" rudder shifting and speed control to dodge. It also goes without saying that the closer you are when you release the salvo, the better. That's just a torping guideline, now why is it important? For the sake of the subject which is IJN DDs, their torp characteristics have them as having great alpha, flood chance, fast speed, but bad detection range. Hence, minimizing the opponent target's dodging reaction is more important than it is for other DDs. If you want to try it in training room, a GK that has hydro on, can't dodge a Yuugumo spread if it's detected at the worst possible angle which is a small tilt from being perpendicular. Now, say you have opportunities to hit torps with just that fundamental for now, what makes IJN DD torps potent is their alpha and flood chance. In high tiers, almost every torp hurts be default(except the Germans) . But IJN DD torps have the leisure to cripple a Cruiser at 10-30% HP with 2 torp hits. That's for the alpha. As for the flood chance, an IJN DD torp hitting anything has a close to 100% or over 100% flood chance, making it actually be able to stack floods. And if you didn't know, with 80s premium DCP cooldown of BBs, successfully stacking a flood on them have around 68% Max HP dealt at T10. Combine it with the alpha most ships already take from just one torp hit, you can almost always guarantee a dead enemy BB with proper flood stacking. The first argument against doing this would of course be "making sure" the second salvo hits to actually get the flooding to stick. That's where the torping bow-on comes to play. If you torp an opponent bow on, the natural course of action is to NOT turn and present a larger profile to get torped. Making it that they stay in place in the torpedo boats' point of view. So now, it becomes a choice. Either flank the enemy to get a good angle and go for high alpha dev-strike salvos. Or to prowl the targets head on, and stack floods. Either choice is potent against BBs, decent against CAs, not really good against DDs. And it is all of course up to the player, dependent of the situation. In another standpoint, IJN DD guns aren't really just for decoration. Yuugumo and Shima have a decent enough armament for self defense, which the IJN configuration of 1 bow turret and 2 aft turrets definitely help. They have the most "standard" of arcs, so it's the easiest to get used to. (Very Fast for RU, Fast for the KM DDs, and Slow for the USN). So if consistency with torps is hard, consistency with guns is still achievable. But that's a more niche' choice, not exactly playing with their strength. With things like Radar or Aircraft around, making DD play harder, not only for the IJN. Another use of torps is flushing out smoke. Especially with RN CLs, a good tidbit to learn is to use your first salvo to torp ahead, THEN torp into the smoke. Conventionally speaking, most people would torp into the smoke then torp ahead. Some would simply throw all of it into the smoke. For the sake of consistency however it's better to torp ahead first, then torp into the smoke. Why? Let's take the enemy PoV first. In the situation that the target sees the torps into the smoke, they will of course accelerate forward, then they'll see the torps ahead. Sure, you can get a hit or two, but it's easier for the target to dodge torps, ONCE he's built up speed. Now reverse that, the enemy sees the torps ahead first, making the course of action, either to stay put or reverse. Then in just a second or two, your second salvo into the smoke will be seen, the enemy is either stopped or in reverse, both of which makes it harder for the target to actually dodge. All based on the fact that relatively, it's way harder to dodge going in reverse than it is to dodge when you're already going forward. It may not always work, since it's definitely situational, but the little things pile up if you want to do better and better in such torp-centric ships. There is of course a lot more intricacies in properly torping a target, like actual prediction and estimation. But it's all heavily situational, and I would only like to impart just the little things, small factors that minimize the other player's actions on the result of your own actions. That and just highlighting what the IJN DDs can do better that the other DDs don't do as good. Which the reverse is so heavily known already. Disclaimer: [Most of these situations are of a high tier environment, less nimble ships, BBs that have wide beams, radar is more prevalent, and RN CLs are notorious and DDs have more or less the same concealment ranges] [Ships of use are the Yuugumo and the Shimakaze]
  12. That and instead of "stop the frequent updates" (which is something I've never thought I'd see get asked since most people would appreciate more frequent updates on games they play) it should be "don't have shi**y updates". But yeah, tbh, I'd figure it's a problem on your end regardless. Hasn't happened to me and my computer is definitely not a good reference. I run mine completely vanilla.
  13. SZYZWY

    Having problem with keep losing? Deal with it!

    Only things I'd contest is that dying within 5 mins ain't bad if you did a truckload of contribution during that time. Because this is also a game of opportunities, such situations where you can massively impact the match are some that people would consciously grab even if it means certain death in the first few minutes of a match. Also, the current XP system may be imperfect, and has room for improvement (what isn't), it is also a good gauge over a number of games and a tell tale value of needing to improve. Whether it be tanking, doing damage or simply capping. You can even lose, but if you've done your best for the match and "couldn't really ask for more" of your current capabilities, I'd say that's a very satisfying result and can help a player strive for more.
  14. Atlanta with DFAA may not shred T9/T10 planes, but they'd still won't survive the duration I assume. Without DFAA or when it's in cooldown, Other usual cruisers at T10 without DFAA would be more formidable.
  15. SZYZWY

    CVs cutting a deal with the enemy

    You made a thread about this way long ago presenting it as an idea and you also got the same answers. It definitely violates the EULA to do a gentleman's agreement like that with CVs in the situation given here. It should be reported and sanctioned. As for your recent thread, it's a bit hard to decipher in the end since your tl;dr is a bit skewed from what you were talking about 70% of the content.