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  1. hi, what if i want to support multiple languages, e.g both Japanese and Chinese?
  2. Trinetra

    Box letters problem

    tried this method but cant seem to make it work on 0.9.3. i wonder if using Aslain's mods affects this
  3. suddenly my uncompleted XP combat missions for both Ark Royal are missing. these missions are supposed not to have any expiry dates, and we paid for them with cash!
  4. Trinetra

    Can't log in WOWs wiki

    Same issue here in Singapore. WG support dont seem to be able to detect this issue.
  5. At least make it such that the characters do appear as they were typed. This will allow people who are multi/bi-lingual (on english client) to be able to at least read them... It is annoying to see a lot of white boxes that later turned out to be warning from teammates about DD sneak attacks on my BB or CV....