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    looking for division

    Hey dude I'd be interested in live communication between players, could really cause some havoc. Just check out your team speak site is it? Cheers
  2. Maltusha


    Advice Needed! Hey Captains, I am currently enjoying this game on a WOWS ASIA. I am however from the UK. I am living and working in Singapore but am due to return to the UK in December. Obviously I will have to log on to the EU servers to continue playing this great game (Low Tier German ships suck ass though) Can I ask any of you how I go about transferring my account? I know it can be done. I refuse to create another account and have to spend time and money again reaching the same level I am at now Tier 5-6 in all classes. Any help or advice you guys could share would be appreciated very much. Good luck and fair seas haha Bill