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    New German BB's = happy time for my DD's

    Battleships actually getting escorted on here..... You are right though, its damn hard to get any DD close to a big ship, and god have I tried in my Kagero. At low tiers it was easier in Isokaze to do though...


    The problem is you have expectations based on what other players have done with theirs and who knows their skills and techniques. At first my Montana was bit disappointing then I changed my gameplay. It can atke a lot of hits but when you get targeted by many you are still vulnerable. Yes it does pummel planes but still takes plenty of hitsd from players with good carriers. A great ship but im still cautious near yamamto too....

    Maximum number of reports you got in one game?

    I had some fools accusing me of being a bot, the game had only just started and I was idling my Kagero on 1/4 power deciding which was best tactical move to make shortly. How can anyone think a player is a bot 10 secs into game lol.... I report those that constantly whine about Tier * ships being against tier * or ohh the enemy has a ***************************** and we don't type whining. These players are typing so much its obvious they cant be fully committed shooting and manoevering instead... I wonder if these are the same people who harp about realism, don't they relaise in real world you'd be on charges for cowardice or unnecessary radio traffic lol.... The biggest typers never seem to get close to the action either....
  4. I keep getting four kills max, the Kraken eludes me......

    Given the opportunity to, would you ram?

    I've sunk enemy ships by ramming on 16 occasions. Its a great pleasure when you've been drawn in closed for whatever reason and its your only option left. It seems to be RNG affected though, often I've had more HP left than the other ship and they somehoe survive the collsion and I don't. Seemed to work better at lower tiers. Although im not shy of ramming in my Montana or whatever if needed.

    Concerning German BBs...

    Be a great ship for AFKers... As in real life it spent much of its time hiding in a Norwegian fjord. Hitler was not a fan of his naval forces and after the disaterous sinking of the Bismark the german naval office had it hiding up there lest they be executed for having another premium ship sunk in battle. Read good book on it awhile back https://www.amazon.co.uk/Scharnhorst-Alf-R-Jacobsen/dp/0750934042/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1468291870&sr=1-3&keywords=Scharnhorst Just when they thought it was safe to leave a massive british force ambushed them in bad weather, think they were tipped off by resistance forces.

    ranting in chat = =

    I'd like to include whining under rants as well. Usually the game has barely started and there will be someone ranting about their being different tier ships in the battle, usually above them. Or that the other team has good boast while they have heaps of numbergs and pensacolas etc.... There's often name calling when I ask for backup while I charge the narrows in my Montana or other high tier BB or cruisers. Usually from the player making the least contribution to the game overall while edge surfing... The word Noob should be blanked out like you is. Crack me up though some carrier guy who kept calling everyone a noob in a post being-the-first-ship-sunk rant seems to have disappeared after the AFK cleanout. Ohhh is anyone old enough to remember video parlours where you put 20c, 50c or a dollar into a machine and there was no attached forum trolls, ranting or whining, no hacking, no internet bandwifdth/server issues..... You played the game how you liked to play it....

    ranting in chat = =

    And those with a keen sense of smell lol....

    Atago or Kutuzov? which one is more fun?

    What the hell, cheaper than a speeding ticket so pulled the pin on the Kutzov. Initial impression seems more fun and faster fire than Atago. Screen grab from second game, still dialling in
  10. RRRNZRRR02

    Taking the narrows

    Have you ever tried taking the narrows on that map and or do you do it often. Very often im close to a massive victory if only people would back you up. Recently I had two cruisers and a DD follow me through, I got sunk but they went on to do well. Everyone says don't go there but if you went through with right crew you could mop the floor and often being in carrier striking distance early. I've tried with everything from destroyer right up to my Iowa. Your views/experiences....
  11. RRRNZRRR02

    Atago or Kutuzov? which one is more fun?

    Very interesting, I have the atago from early playing in this game but not kutzov. The Russian boat seems to be able to hide very easily behind its smoke and wreak havoc. I find targeting other peoples Atagos with my other ships quite hard but my own one seems to have a glass citadel at times lol... Very tempted to get the kutzov..... I do love my imperator
  12. RRRNZRRR02

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Thanks Takru, that is all excellent reading. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the developers for this awesome game. My heart is warmed by the soup analogy. Its nice to know they wont let the game be altered by a few overly vocal forum voices and consider the overall trends. Most players are prob like me, average gaming ability, average to high spec PC and play at random times when not doing other things, eg mountain biking, motorbike riding, working, hiking... Very few people are 'expert' gamers and even fewer could prob even code/program to the level that is being done. Keep that soup simmering just the way it is, this trucker likes it
  13. I did the map one, after all the ranting you read in the forum I thought I'd had feedback from a happy ordinary average player.
  14. RRRNZRRR02

    Well here we go

    If it makes you feel any better, I citadelled a Cleveland on with salvo with my tier 4 imperator and sent him ranting to the bottom about I must be hacking and that a 'noob' in tier 4 couldn't sinka Cleveland lol..... I go looking for Cleve's in my Nth Caro'.... fire is a nasty thing though if waiting for repair to recharge.... I love this game, its random like real war.... Didn't the Bismarck get smoked by a lot less capable ships back in the real world. Was the captain lighting his pipe smugly and saying heh prince of wales youll never sink me.... Or the modern british navy who lost a frigate in the falklands to a Vietnam era bomber with an exocet missle..... Prob lots of other examples out there....
  15. RRRNZRRR02


    Will WOW still work with no disadvantage once many people switch to windows 10? If staying on old version of windows. Today windows crashed at game start, leaving my Nth Carolina sitting idle on start line for 10mins before I rebooted and logged back into game, thankfully took no hits and our team still won!!! And on a less technical note if Bill Gates was a warship which one would he be?