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  1. Propieguy

    How to change your commander picture

    Err I don't see / res / gui / crew commander / base / [which nation you want to change ]
  2. Propieguy

    Why not fixing this instead?

    oh a failed Div
  3. Propieguy

    0.8.0 become worst update

    Yep It worst and CV cant do any damage to ship with repair coast always lower than income even with premium. US CV Torpedo bombers are very inaccurate with V shaped aiming. at least 1 Torps can hit ship. Plane are control easier but harder to play and attack ship. If it can full attack like RTS version CV game will be more fun.
  4. Propieguy

    CV rework day 1 observations

    CV game will be good if it can full strike like RTS version
  5. No CV are worst than again

  6. Make CV Great again