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    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.9

    Playing tier 5 and tier 8 Italian cruisers. These will build cobwebs sitting in my port as they are now. Hit and run ships, but as ichase said, around 40 to 50k damage is ok, 70k is a great game. Nothing here to excite one to play them. i will continue to find the key to them for a short time

    Public Test 0.8.7 Feedback Thread

    I dont like public tests, i still have a bad taste of cv rework.
  3. Putting CVs in ranked when they are still trying to balance them {latest patch} is why we had chernobyl.

    where does the role off the zoa come in.

    WG have built ships with different purposes for the last 5 years only to [phrase removed] all that work with the CV rework. i not playing as sheep herded by a sheep dog. i believe my Zoa needs a buff to aa, th is should of being part of the CV Rework. Prohibited words. Post edited, user warned.
  5. What have you done with my dear old Zoa? work your way into a flank position late in the game, un detected ready to turn the game around. a cv bomber finds me and in 3 runs of his squad i take 26k damage and i sink. i shoot 3 planes. Where is my opportunity to blab that cv. BS is what it is.... make that CV have 25 k detection so i can have hits on him and he has to work on his position, because i work hard for mine. BS

    Too many carriers!

    CVs might be fun for cv players but take ya shit and bugger off

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    Bottom line is Wows is a game and i doubt WG are giving new ship grinders any pleasure except for if they grind the cvs. i would personally like WG to have another go at CVs because this one has the same outcome of why the RTS style was scrapped. Surely when they decided to rework the CVS there was more than one suggestion on how to do that. Time to cut the losses and be smarter with a full package , not this hit or miss patch updates we are seeing now.

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    What happened to having fun........, its not a sim, if you cant balance it, take it out of game until you do. So far WG has just pissed everyone off on cv for and against.

    So what was the point.

    exactly my point off this whole post, as its only a game wouldn't give another aspect of gameplay. lol
  10. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    HE Dive Bombers VS Destroyers

    I with ya brother, Space battles save us short term.
  11. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    So what was the point.

    go to the end, planes cant see whats under the cloulds
  12. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    So what was the point.

    Well, this turned out differently to what i expected. i was just putting an option in for a game that could help with the spotting and adding another layer to have to think about. I feel the meta now has bought a drained feeling to the game. I don't play random now as space battles gives me an out from playing with CVs, Pilots are getting better skilled and now have too much influence on the outcome of a battle. Lemming trains are boring, being spotted and half your ships xp gone in the first 90 seconds is draining. Someone has to come up with better answers to balance for everyone. Playing warships atm with balance going one way then then other then the other is frustrating. We have given enough time for this to balance, now take it outside and give us our great game back until l you have sorted it out please.
  13. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    Can we fix CV spotting potential?

    I think this is the nail on the head. And what im seeing is the skill set jump between cv players now having a full control on who wins the match. One of the reason they did a cv rework in the first place. Here in the forums theirs players with 70% plus win rates in cvs with over 1000 games. The meta as it stands is becoming draining.
  14. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    So what was the point.

    So War gaming made changes to CV play Because Skilled players had to much influence of the outcome of a battle. Well your data must be telling you the same thing is happening. You also made changes to get more cvs in game and your data will show you have done that, but at what cost. Why do we still have to put up with playing beta cv play? Offer us something that has no cv play while you take on your cv balance efforts. Like the ranked we all enjoyed. Also real life cv could not spot in bad weather, lets get some random clouds in game.
  15. au_JIMMY_HOFFA

    HE Dive Bombers VS Destroyers

    Maybe i have a idea that can be worked on for better balance for every one. In real life aircraft could not spot anything in poor weather, so lets get some weather in game, moving clouds, that ships can use not to be spotted, Aircraft can not see what under these clouds. Theses must be random or it will get old quick.