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  1. _Armel_

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Then you still have right to continue the Protest :))) I will remain neutral until practical evidences becomes public. Not support WG nor accused clans If you accuse someone you need to provide evidences that they can't deny or defense, that is how the whole world work. I don't want to be "Gulag" one day just for one accusation either :))
  2. _Armel_

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    I did expect WG by someways should announce some evidences they found or at least specify more details, for both accused clan and other to know to stop the meaningless arguments. Things like this you should do as much public as possible imo.
  3. _Armel_

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    and please gib us some evidences u found at least, ppl surely hungry for that
  4. _Armel_

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    dont worry fella Here the new powers preparing to approach after this purge UMR+R CATS MK2 ---1S somewhat FFD sister clans WG just drag themself into an "infinity war" that come to no where with the current punishment policies <(")
  5. 1 more point, Thunder super duper fit in CV meta same as Venezia. CV permal spot, you eat dmg from over 20km. If you want to reduce CV impact to game then stop fuking design ships that support that playstyle. HE spammers cruiser may be can deal with Thunder but not really well, they need to put theirself into really risky position to start farming Thunder if that player did have map awareness skills 😞
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first probal post for something in Forum, and I'm quite sad that my first post in here will be a rage post for the thing that I consider is a "bullshit" - Thunderer. First let me list down some obvious strengths + tiny down side of that thing: -One of the stealthest BB in the game + ridiculous rudder. - Improve Heal. - High HE Alpha and absurb fire changes (as expect from that nation line) but also good AP (normal fuse to make sure it won't perform crappy like Conqueror AP, good pen value, high alpha - 100 higher than Yamato???!!!!!) - Of course those shells won't be problem if Thunderer guns is not one the the best BB guns in the game. Good reload, decent sigma (1.9) but with good dispersion if you compare it with other tier X BBs. And what are the trade off: 32mm plating + high citadels same as Conqueror .... pretty that all, fix me if i miss something. So with all of these, we obviously all know how to play that ship - engage in long range. And here come the issue - it performs "too well" and really frustrate to deal with in random battle. OK time to start my raging 🙂 : How the **** you can deal as a BB when you go to a flank and enemy Thunderer alr sit in there, normally ~17-20 km from you and your teammates to neglect the taking damage, alr in kiting position ??!! You angle, it load HE and gib you ~10k dmg + extra fire(s) per salvos consistency thanks to the "absurb" accurate. Your BBs will be drained to death even Kreml, the most tanky BB in the game right now, and only Yam (or Shiki) can deal actual dmg to it since the overmatch, other lower calibers can be mitigated if Thunder user did pay attention and angle a bit, and maybe if your aiming is good then until you die in fires, Thunder may cost half HP (I'm spechless if you use Thunder against Thunder, it work also lol). The only way is you try to not engage with it and find some otherways to makeplay, but really really hard especially in cap control battle, when you usually need to cover your cruisers and DDs contest the cap, if you stay far away from Thunder in that game mode, it will be freely and easily load AP and rekt your cruisers. Thunder just need to keep sniping like that for every 26s, and the outcome result for your team will be horrendous, big dmg, big rewards, less risk, is this somekind of balance?!!! I don't know how MM in other servers, but now in Asia, always appear 2 to 3 Thunderer in 1 side per game, I dont blame ppl for using it since it easy to buy with Coal for a "hard to master but easy to play" ship , who dont like accurate guns as a BB player and actually can deal with enemy Thunderer lmao. But be honestly, Thunderer in my opinion is killing the gameplay of other BB lines such as GK, Mon, Kreml, ... Who in GK or Kreml want to run in a game which has 2 Thunderers, few other HE spammers + Venezia 😞 You can argue that a lot other BBs also support long range engage but they all get fair trade off: Conque has shitty AP + troll dispersion, Slava now cant tank shit with 25mm armor, Repu only rely on Speed to dodge shells and sometime dispersion also very troll, Yam really slow and poor maneuver. All the time we just focus to complain about Russian Bias, CV OP, but seem we forget before that how cancer Conqueror be before the citadel raise, and not paying attention that Thunderer now even better (or worse depend how you think). I rather to run to 2 CV MM than dealing with 1 single Thunderer because as a decent player in this game, I still got PTSD thank to that piece of shit. Thank you for reading this wall of text, sorry if my gramma is not good, English is not first language, I just want to say NERF THAT SHIT PLZ
  7. _Armel_

    Contest Suggestions

    most citadel by tier 1 :v
  8. _Armel_

    Avatars for Moderators

    this is a badge for moderators.its easily recognized and it has a wows symbol and 6 tier X ships of JIN and USA to show that moderators are what newbie needs