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    This kind of player

    haha....the most notorious team killers are the players in Japanese cruisers....coz they have the same range of torpedos like the destroyers(7km).....nd I have been teamkilled like 20 times in that manner...nd there's nothing you can do about it....
  2. ololololololololol....calm down bru.....u realize dat we get dried turd in Asian seervers as compared to d na servers dnt you???.....(Edited) General Insults, Post Edited, User Warned. For future reference, Please type in correct english and not "shorthand" that you are using, your posts are hard to read, and for the most, do not make sense. ~lengxv6
  3. super secret .oooooo...I wonder if its ever gonna come dis year
  4. true....lol...true..if I had known dis...I wud have played war thunder instead f dis..coz though steam is a money hungry (Edited)........atleast in steam events r celebrated wrldwide Profanity, Post Edited, User Already Warned ~lengxv6
  5. bru....we have 1.5xp on normal days .....so2xp is nt a big deal.....u know wt I mean by events .....dnt u??
  6. now dat we got a separate page for events in Asian servers....I wnted to know when r we gonna get one....coz many f ma friends in north American servers have dis cool Halloween event....while we got none......(Edited) Insults, Post Edited, User already Warned ~lengxv6
  7. I know ders new german nd Russian ships to b added....bt ​ Duplicate Post, Closed. ~Madiba127
  8. I know ders new german nd Russian ships to b added....bt will they be available on Asian servers ...nd will they b available fr use by standard account holders???.....pls do reply​