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  1. Amberclad_

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.8

    Rudder shift stuck at 1/2 and could not go above that
  2. Amberclad_

    0.9.6 Bug Report Thread

    1. Sound bugs. in-game sounds disappearing after a few match, restarting the game seems to fix it, but the problem occurs again. 2. Graphics. Some texture on the ships are fuzzy/blurry
  3. Amberclad_

    Very UGLY graphics after 0.9.6 updating

    Please let this be seen by a moderator, i'm having the same issue too. I was gonna re-download the game from a new device because of this :<
  4. Are you going to add the newest hololive collab voiceover mod? PLEASE DO
  5. Amberclad_

    Anyone else? (game broken)

    Same issue here
  6. The game kicked me out of the server, and i can't log back in
  7. Amberclad_

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Game keeps disconnecting when accessing the armory.
  8. Amberclad_

    They had enough(?)

    Well, they went this war to oppose the idea of Naval Training Center. Pretty sure other stuff like this are coming soon.. 🙃 I mean re-grinding ships are not fun right? 🙄
  9. Amberclad_

    Log In

    I'm fine with waiting and letting WG do their work. Not even in a hurry or anything 😉
  10. Amberclad_

    Log In

    The real April Fools is the patch itself 🙃
  11. Amberclad_

    Sound tearing issue

    Same issue here. Sometimes the sound is just too loud or too low 😕
  12. Amberclad_

    Port Lag/Port Freezes

    I'm having the same problem here
  13. Amberclad_

    6.6 chat censorship broken again

    "pr" or "play" and "support" are the ones that censored for me so far..
  14. Amberclad_

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Just carried my team on the V-25 and got the first achievment ;)
  15. Amberclad_

    Advantages that USN BB have over other nation ?

    And with those 14.9/15" inch guns, they can be quite punishing too