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  1. BunnyInTheMiddle

    MM Rant

    Also like to mention before someone says something, I do understand Win Ratio is no way to judge a person on there skill lvl hek some of the top players of this game are on 50 something %. Instead of this WG could introduce a system that they already have in a way. Calculate base XP earned over a number of battles, lets say 50 then every battle on that it then also recalculates over a 50 battle window. For example I will use my battle counter, lets say this system gets introduced right when I have my 4000th battle. Every game I have up until 4050 my base XP is then added up and over the 50 battles is divided into a skill ratio of sorts. Once I then have my 4051 battle that would then replace the stats of the 4001 whether I did better or not it then gets recalculated.
  2. BunnyInTheMiddle

    MM Rant

    I have a feeling that what people mean by this system is to have equal numbers of skilled players per team, not pros against pros and potatoes against potatoes. For example if MM que consists of the following. 5x people with a W/R of 60%+ 10x people with a W/R of 50%+ 7x people with a W/R of -50% The teams would then be divided equally so that each team gets 4, 5, 3 people of each skill lvl and the remaining will continue in the next que but then be prioritized. I honestly would not mind having to wait longer for a game if this was to happen as I know the game would then be a better quality of game.
  3. I have given up on the mods to respond to the tickets and the forums, I now have my computer in the shop getting an overhaul and upgrade to win 10. Its going to cost me $1200.00 au, but It is a 5 year old machine and the motherboard, SSD and CPU is soon due for the upgrade. Its a shame the WoW's mods couldn't get hold of me before I committed to these upgrades because I might have spent some of that money on Premium accounts and ships, Looks like you wont be getting any of my money anytime soon WG as I wont have any left. Sincerely Gonzzo
  4. Yea That has happen to me, go in game, then few minutes in... crash... I have also noticed that when in port when it does it and i swap ships, the ships hull turns bright red, this is why I am thinking graphics related. I have updated all my drivers, My DirectX, and a few other things in my widows to make sure it is up to scratch, I have even done a full game integrity repair and a full reinstall. For shits and giggles I downloaded the US Client and still crashes as soon as you change the window settings.
  5. This is happening to me as well, But it seams to be more so after I do something in the game or let the game sit in port for 2 minutes. then it crashes. sometimes without this message.