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  1. MrFarknuckle

    Maintenance: 9/8 05:00 UTC+8

    so how much longer is the log in server going to be down
  2. MrFarknuckle

    [Maintenance] 2020/4/16 from 05:00 to 09:00 (UTC+8)

    So after the maintenance the clan trying to play Clan battles on the NA server thanks WG we cannot enter the games please fix ASAP
  3. MrFarknuckle


    Wargaming you are killing off any new players for DD play at Low Tiers! wake up do something about it or suffer the decline of the player base [content edited] User warned. Use of derogatory comment. ~Nya-gaming
  4. MrFarknuckle

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Hey WG hope you are happy with all the negative comments, DDS now suck big time blobs of ships everywhere and now you will have to call the game world of Aircraft Carriers cause that's all you are going to end up with in this game, such a lot of work to piss off a lot of people who ever thought this was a good idea needs to have a serious look at them selves and the massive amount of negative feed back you are getting, don't put your head in the sand either and hope it all goes away cause if you don't all you will have left is a cv player base. You have pissed of the majority of players did you really wont that.
  5. MrFarknuckle

    Technical issues found.

    took 9 attempts but got in
  6. MrFarknuckle


    In Australia an New Zealand the Clan War battles are on way to late have not participated in any battles at all yet I'm am old and need my sleep but I have a job and pay my money to wargaming so please try and help us get some early times for Clan Wars for the East Coast of Australia and our mates in NZ
  7. MrFarknuckle

    Problems with pacific cable again?

    Big lag at Gladstone Queensland oh well !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi WG 

    With the new update 6.10 my ping has increased from 107 to 178-290 can be quite frustrating I have checked my end all appears to be ok is this happening to any other users.

    hope to get some answers :)