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  1. Matsuo_Base

    Tone T7-8 IJN CAV

    Lacie_Inori,cruiser "Tone" is ready to be put into the game. No ezhё he must pass all test trials.The game is on it will be an amazing cocktail of cruisers, aircraft carriers, and DD.If you have played on the "Dunkerk" and "Izumo", then you will be easy to command "Tone".
  2. Matsuo_Base

    I want to get refund for Atago!

    "Shinano" there is a secret port "WG"! Good ship. In the test, even "Baltimore" ram them drowned.
  3. Matsuo_Base

    I want to get refund for Atago!

    Dear Topicstarter.You unfortunately did not seethis, "Takao"!About beenout of the game2 years ago.And thisis myfault.I'm toogood atplayingit.TheARP-Takao n obenefits.Compared with the"Atago"hepronounced,slightly worsemaneuveringandmost importantly,it does not bringsuch incomeas "Atago".So the "Atago" betterto farm silver.A "ARP-Takao"for the fan of the game For you to be ableto see the real"Takao"I spreadhis screen: google-translator is.....
  4. Matsuo_Base

    If you have $40

    No, I mean that the explosive volley of 8 shots for the destroyer has always been critical.A good maneuverability Dunkerk allows evade torpedoes.
  5. 尊敬されています injya ゲームのスキルの開発と改善のためのKRASNY KRAYM車。彼は非常に特別です。ロシアのサーバー上でそれは非常に巧みな選手を果たしました。私たちは、そのマスターになるために努力する必要があります
  6. Matsuo_Base

    If you have $40

    I'd rather spend 2,560 rubles ($ 40) at the girlfriend And if you compare Dunkerk and Warspite .....It's like someone stronger whale or an elephant?Both ships are good.But Dunkerk has 1 advantage in the fight against the destroyers. Critical. It and gives him a great location + towers of the main fire.No one destroyer fronted me in the attack on the test did not survive.
  7. Matsuo_Base

    What are some keeper battleships?

    On the Russian server, a lot of fans of the battleships left "Fuso" in the port to continue the game on it and earn game money. + Pumped captain."AMAGI" Battleship suitable for aggressive play in divizion.I have to maneuver very well, so as not to take unnecessary damage! Sorry for the Google translator
  8. Matsuo_Base


    In the Russian server was spotted incorrect operation of the automatic system of punishment. Upon detection of such a failure were asked to make posts in the special theme. In your forum, I do not see it. Poetomu this section and asked the moderator to move in the profile section. Error: This player at the time of the start of the battle already had pink tsvet.Znachit before our fight he inflicted damage, and perhaps killed someone in a previous battle. He began to cause damage on your team to respaune.Srazu his guns were loaded. Automatic system had banned his teammate damage when applied in our battle for relapse timdamag. But that did not happen! So I did and created a screen message. PS I do not pishu.Stranno red that you see red.It is possible that Google-translator distorts the text.Screen size is also allowed and the eye should not act.The keyboard I have the world's best-Russian.Works since 1998 and no complaints. I apologize if someone brought you from the inconvenience!
  9. Matsuo_Base


    If the topicis notthe creation ofthe rightsection,apologizeandmoderator,dragit to theright departmentplease!Today,in a battleon my teamI was veryinadequateplayer.Onspawnhe killed2teammate.Screenshot: And if it is good to remember the past, the nickname I've met pink. Warning issued for naming and shaming violation. Post edited. ~Twisted0ne
  10. Matsuo_Base

    Russian in English Client

    Наши моды и тут портачат! Non english. User warned. ~dead_man_walking Even when replying to a bug about a translation error, stick to the forum section language.
  11. Matsuo_Base

    Legal MODS.

    Russian client modifier can produce errors in the Asian server !!! So its installation can bring you unpleasant moments.I DO NOT use modes.But two of my friends used the official mods RU server in Asia.Result-were departures from the game during a fight.it is necessary to you?
  12. Matsuo_Base

    Orlan Fender Graphic Glitch

    Raid the barrel should not be so close to the ship.
  13. Matsuo_Base

    WG Official ModPack 0.5.3

    Net client a clear conscience! mods has not been during the war!My personal opinion is the lack of respect for the memory of those who fought.
  14. Matsuo_Base

    0.5.3 Team Battles. Why such a late session time?

    I do from Stalingrad, Russia.No time does not bother me. Let's try! A true fan of the game time will not stop!
  15. Matsuo_Base

    New game mode suggestion

    Your suggestion has already been proposed as earlier Russian segment.The developers have promised to consider the proposal.But later.