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  1. leaky_tub

    WG staff have no Balls

    Lol, this is the Asia server, so the staff are all behind an island at B2.
  2. leaky_tub

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    why not experiment and start clan battles 2 hours earlier on Saturday nights only. Give the Aus/NZ clans a chance to show whether this is viable.
  3. leaky_tub

    Technical issues found.

    ditto for me
  4. leaky_tub

    Clan battle start?

  5. Seems only way to get stability is to exit after each game and restart client. Removing mods etc doesn't make a difference. Tried toggling the new alternative mouse controls (CV) off and still no diff. I played quite a few games on the PTS and never saw any problems in 0.6.3
  6. leaky_tub

    Update 0.6.3 Improved UI Feedback

    The only way I seem to get any stability in the UI is to exit and restart the client at the end of each game. If I don't do that and I exit a game back to port cannot select other ships.