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    derped it
  2. I think they are pretty well balanced, they encourage a different play style and if played aggressively like I like too, you can easily get deleted or inflict mass damage its a very fine line witch way it goes given just ONE yamato shell kills 3/4 of your health pool even bow on, you cop two or three and kiss your arse goodbye. As for the BB's welcome to the royal BBQ but if you know how to hit them they go down pretty quick, there also rather allergic to RN crusier AP Cheers Crusin
  3. I am noticing that the abuse of blue lining seems to be on the rise again particularly in T10 games, as they have the range to still affect the game play while being much harder to hit, because of the mechanic the strange drift takes a few volleys to zone in on them. Perhaps we could bring in a damage penalty for blue lining say half the rate of being on fire, so if you accidentally hit it, its not a game ender but will encourage you not to travel half the map on the blue line. Cheers Crusin
  4. Crusin_Rage

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Battlefield 5 is out in a couple of months WG can go suck the big one for the shit way they treat their clients down under. Even EA will put heaps of servers based in AUS/NZ for us. Every other decent game puts an oceania server in, and the player base argument is shit so don't bother, if they treated the AUS/NZ gaming community right in the first place they would have the player base, instead my contacts list is full of people that use to play warships
  5. Crusin_Rage

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    doesnt matter, if they want the game to grow they should give people the resources to enjoy the game, I know so many people that have stopped playing the game because they like to play on low ping servers with out lag and all the buggy stuff even when the damn cable isnt broken
  6. Crusin_Rage

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    That because WG wont pay for a dedicated server in AUS/NZ region, so basically the AUS/NZ captains are getting screwed over for any hard earned we put towards this game. Every other major PC game can manage to have an oceania server, look at PUBG from their menu I can play on any server in the world if I choose too, Same with Battlefield franchise. I know this is a server based game and needs a dedicated server but it seriously cannot be that hard when start up games like PUBG launched with select able region servers and quickly added more regions within months of launch. WG have got a couple of years under their belts. Give us a break guys
  7. Crusin_Rage

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    thats why you should be able to select from the servers before game, still the same WOWS asia player base but during peaks times for a region you can join that server. Clans battles could then be at an appropriate time for AUS/NZ players on the oceania server, if you want to play later press the button play Asia server lots of other games have this function
  8. Crusin_Rage

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    Been getting some jumpy pings so I thought i'd check looks like THAT cable is on the blink again, this time its an intermittent fault. WG - an Oceania server PPPLLEEAASSSEEE it would fix so many issues and whinging on here even make it so you can pick the server you want to connect too so everybody can always play https://subtelforum.com/perth-singapore-subsea-cable-down-again/ Cheers Crusin
  9. Crusin_Rage

    Overabundance of Radar ships ruining games

    I play a lot of British CA's from 7 -10 every time I play I run them, Radar is part of the game same as HE battleships and unfortunately CV's, only the 13k radars are really a problem but you just need to adjust your play style. the Akizuki has suffered a lot with the changes this year, itself was massively OP ( i loved it) the taking away of invisi fire, the smoke nerf, and the lots of radar all affect the DD gun boats but I have changed the way I play them and they can still be a very effective member of a team Cheers Crusin
  10. Crusin_Rage

    Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    this is exactly what i mean, if it wasn't broken you should get random shots of bad dispersion and good dispersion throughout one game not have to change ships or wait a few games for it to fix itself. And i have been noticing a correlation between this happening and my ping going up Though i'd mention it so others would look and maybe it is something, maybe i'm just mistaken Cheers Crusin
  11. Crusin_Rage

    Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    With the cable to asia still broken or broken again whichever from Aus, I am noticing that when I have a poor connection (140-150ping) I am getting very poor RNG. It doesn't seem to be just lag and missing where I see the rounds are going, the spread of the rounds is all over the place, landing on all sides of aimed target. When the ping is down around 100 the RNG seems to improve and a number of volleys are coming in true again. Has anybody else noticed this? Maybe a glitch in the way RNG works Cheers Crusin
  12. Crusin_Rage

    Problems with pacific cable again?

    Not just talking about Australia but rather an SEA or Oceania region rather than a Asia Region. Even when the game / cables is running normally the ping difference between Northern Asia and Southern Asia /Oceania is huge. I mention northern Australia because I know a lot of other gaming companies run Servers out of Brisbane for this reason. (i don't work for or have any interest in server companies) It provides negative game play both ways, even if MM was introduce a location matching variable that when possible you MM with other players from nearby. I just want game play without the negative effects of server distance.
  13. Crusin_Rage

    Problems with pacific cable again?

    I dont think it is yet, my ping seems ok around 100 but Im getting a lot of visual lag in game, rounds landing perfect but not scoring hits. Apparently only one cable of the three fixed. WG - How about a server in Northern Australia to serve SEA region
  14. Crusin_Rage

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    I'm sure they could work a way for MM to pick the closest pings to match together. Even host some servers in Australia or NZ and let MM place people depending on player base at the time.
  15. Crusin_Rage

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    If wargaming would let people pick servers like other games do I would, but there is too much invested to leave all the premium and hard ground out ships behind. 2013 was a long time ago in the gaming world, there has been three battlefield games, a star wars game, GTAV and god knows how many others between now and then. in 2013 I didnt even know WoW's existed. I know of enough Aussies and Kiwi's playing to give it a go. Even if they brought a ping cap into the mix, the lag factor for high pings can mean the difference between a triple citadel shot and just a couple of thousand point hit, even thou it shows perfect on your screen. if they want the game to grow they need to do something. Maybe if they kept the Oceania server it would be pumping with more player that have left because of the poor lag effects on the game