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  1. :Black_Pantheras wheres the fun when your only DB squadron is being chased around the map by a fleet of fighters. I'm just sharing my 2 cents worth about the USN carrier tree. I really enjoyed playing the role of a carrier esp since its feels like playing an RTS interface compared to the others and can't bear to see the joy of playing being ruined just cause of one imbalanced build which spoils the fun of others in the process. No intention of talking down this game or whatsoever #nosourgrapesintended
  2. Just got the bogue tier v this morning, tried it and realized i just hit a dead end of this tree. In the mod upgrade, if i am paired to match with another bogue, theres a high chance he has full fighter squadron formation which usually ends up him destroying all my planes or whoevers planes in any match be it a jpn cv otherwise. I think this is an issue that the developers should look into to repair otherwise it be end up of such planeless matches which sucks up the enjoyment of this game.
  3. Realized that the US and EU servers seem to have newer ships in the modding process. What about Asia ? When will it be our turn?
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