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  1. dropbear_2015

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Thank you for the reply lengxv6. I understand how the chat works via the team or all. In my case, firstly, my name comes up in white, regardless of whether I'm talking to my team or have tabbed for all to see, it's still the same. Secondly, the Bear in my name comes up as ...., so it appears as Drop_....2015. I tried purchasing premium as it was suggested it may change it back to normal, but that didn't work either.
  2. dropbear_2015

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Just a question. Since the most recent patch, anything I type in the in game chat box comes out in white text. Other players are now asking me why and as I have no idea, could you please advise me.
  3. dropbear_2015

    Loosing money playing high tier ships

    Just another point of view here. I love playing DD's. I am not keen on progressing past T9 for one simple reason. Too many times I've had other players try to press me to Cap, then go and hide behind an Island for their own safety. End result, DD gets smashed no matter how hard you try to play it safe. It also doesn't help being in a DD, when 2 CV's are are on each side.
  4. dropbear_2015

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    Half of my name is censored. Can some one tell me what is so offensive about the word B.E.A.R.?? I come up as Drop...._2015 in chat
  5. dropbear_2015

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    G'day. Have spoken to a few of you before and the od div. I love playing DD's and as such, have a natural aversion to Cv's. Of late, I've noticed an increasing number of games where two of the bludgers are on each team. That's not too bad at around tier 5 - 6, but IMO, it's a bit harsh when you have tier 3-4 boats up against a pair of them. Not to mention the expense when you lose a T9 DD from untold TB attacks and spotter plans allowing CA's to pound you in the first few minutes of a game. Just wondering if I'm alone in thinking that 2 cv's in a game is wrecking it for most people? I know I go off at times in a game, but it's just frustration on my part.
  6. dropbear_2015

    About Project R

    Cv's are a special breed. You're in better company by sticking to BB's, DD's and cruisers. The only good CV is one with a burning deck:-)
  7. dropbear_2015

    Looking for NSW players

    Look me up.Happy to do a div with you.
  8. dropbear_2015

    Australia - World of Lagships

    I'm on ADSL, no NBN here. I have played with the graphics and taken it down to just the basic format and things are now running much better. I used to suffer from crucial stage moments where the frame would freeze. It's not so bad if you lose a ship to this at Tier 3, but at Tier 8 and up, it's very expensive to be out before the game even gets going.
  9. dropbear_2015

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    At first, I would abuse cheats on the blue line, now when I'm in a DD, I love to see them there. I just drive my DD into the line and fire a close spread down the line. If the target is a Fuso ( and for some reason they seem to be the biggest offenders ) you stand a great chance of a detonation. Love the reaction from them when they explode.