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  1. #metoo This is ridiculous. I free xped to tier 4, and played my first game without even fully upgrading the ship... kraken... And this is coming from someone who genuinely sucks with DDs.
  2. Gulag? What Gulag! Who to send to Gulag if there are no living teammates in the first place. !!
  3. I'm guessing the missions will require massive amount of Team Killing, keeping in line with Wargamings aim of attaining historical accuracy. :P :P :P .
  4. devil667
  5. Connection Bandwidth usually isn't the cause of lag, unless ofc you're using those old modems which scream for 30 sec everytime you connect to the internet. -_-' . The connection stability is what throws things off in most cases along with things like packet losses. I play from Bangladesh with a 3 mbps line, and when in my pc its always smooth. I do get some occasional lags when I try to use a wifi on my laptop, however, no self-respecting gamers should be using wireless for gaming anyway. While I am well aware of this game having poor optimization involving inefficient usage of RAM & CPU, it shouldn't really cause your OS to crash and do all kind of funky things, unless something is messed up with your pagefile/registry/other part of the OS. Trust me for the last 1 month or so I have been playing this on my frankenstein PC [ AMD Phenom2 955BE x4 @3.40ghz, 4GB DDR3 & GTX 1060] as I await my new parts to arrive, and its mostly flawless in High dets. So the 100mbps line you're using might be massively bottlenecked by some other component in your PC or you've been hoarding on bloatware, other than that nothing can explain the 1 min delay to get report. Since you've heard about Windows 10 already, kindly learn more about Diagnosing & Debugging.
  6. Are they good? O.o ........... Nagato is "The Battleship" - and that holds true for both her historical self & ingame depiction/characteristics. Just to put things into perspective, "Yamato" with her fancy things popped like a balloon from torps & bombs. Nagato took a nuclear blast and remained in working condition, and pfft Castle Bravo caliber blast. In game, lets say when judged by their respective tier, Nagato - Outguns Colorado before it gets in its effective range, makes British BBs look like Swiss Cheese, and usually treats Gnei like a pesky DD or a harmless Otter. Yamato - While boasts the range on paper, wont be able to utilize it to destroy its peers before their effective range (like Naga does to Colo). And is definitely going to get outplayed by monty due to lack of guns and moblity even with the overmatch advantage. GK, once its within 13-14ish KM will probably enlighten Yamato what a BB's endurance is... and about conqueror.... I don't know since I haven't played it yet, .. Oh and about AMAGI? O.o... its the iPhone among android flagships. ;) . Rest I leave to your imagination.
  7. Orion 88k
  8. Iron duke!
  9. All that rant about KS? O.o... No-one asked you to go "leeroy jenkins" all the time. Its important to analyze the condition of every match and then to act accordingly to bring your own team/or yourself on top. If you're doing whatever is being told and not putting your own brain to work, then the problem is within your own self. Also about hanging back as BBs/Long range CA's : BB's weren't given such thick armor belt to spend 20 km away from enemy ships while teammates with no armor face the enemy in frontlines, and cruisers need to be effective not just float around the edge with 25% MBH ratio. Finally about Teamplay? Don't expect others to sync in with your playing, try to sync your playing to suit the teams need. As history have shown, failure to adapt & evolve accordingly simply leads to extinction.
  10. Pray to someone other than the Emperor!! HERESY!!! . Besides, your name!! Chaos Spawn!!
  11. That guy must be from Lorgar's lot. -_-' .
  12. LoL, almost 1.5 yrs back, around 3 months after WoW's public release, I got into a 1v1 game with my Pensacola against an Izumo. However my opponent was kind enough to let me have the victory by capping areas, with the condition of no hitting each other [back then the repair cost depended on the amount of dmg one has taken]. :P
  13. Though Back in Black steals the show, a whole lotta rosie does sound good in person. :P
  14. Never doubt the incompetence of thy team. -_-'