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  1. devil667

    I need ADVICE [Serious Question]

    Hardest LINE to play [atleast for me] Old Soviet DD line. [since I grinded it back then]. British CLs [cause till then was too fond of angling against shells instead of making sure to dodge them completely] Oh and old KM CA line, old yorck.. nuff said. And about cvs I dont play much CVs & I played till tier 8 in US & 6 in IJN... But USN has Independence & Ranger...... Play through those 2 without PA and you shall suffer from inferiority complex for the rest of your life. :)
  2. devil667

    fix your damn game

    Ill agree with drakon here, the last patch really screwed over a lot of things, including shell mechanics & behavior in case of certain ships. Heck it also keeps crashing with a strange error message with WG logo and buttons saying "Report" & "Terminate. And bloody hell if you click that report button, takes you to WoWs page with everything in russian, the heck is that. Also since the last patch the game regained some of the memory leak issues that was previously present and fixed. Remember the FPS drop with lots of torps in screen? Its not as bad as it was back then, but still its significantly more than any of the last few patches. Furthermore the CPU since the last update is being stressed in strange manner, not throughout but occasionally from time to time, and trust me I have checked if it was any other programs, afterburner's ingame monitor doesnt show it however when I started logging it was apparent. But then again maybe its cause I am using an awkward combination of Phenom 2 x4 with Gtx 1060.... -_-'
  3. devil667


    Raider.. there are things that one can buy, and then there are things that one has to earn. I think WG made it quite clear that "Steel" is something that you have to earn, and their resolve is appreciable. If you're too incompetent to earn what is needed for the ship you want, well then you simply do not deserve it. Also about you being a "hard working kid", either you didn't work hard enough to earn the steel you need, or your insurmountable incompetence cannot be overcome by hard work, in which case you should just accept being the bottom feeder. Finally, the smugness in your claim of "WG HAVE TO SELL YOU STEEL" is incomprehensible. Smugness only works when you're funny or right. Not when you come across as a childish buffoon, you end up just reinforcing the image. That being that either you're just a spoiled incompetent brat or an individual with a double digit IQ.
  4. Well its French & the name has the word "Terrible" in it. I would guess anyone with a functional brain who bought it usually have terrible games in whatever ship they play, mostly cause their "functional brain" is the limiting factor there. :P
  5. devil667

    Topic Redacted

    The man with the plan . :P :P :P
  6. Well guys stop being so pessimistic about it, look at the good part of ranked! 1. Instead of 11, the max number of incompetent imbeciles you can be burdened with is just 6!! 2. Since its in TX, MM can only screw around with you upto a certain point, unlike tier 7s & 8s, due to existence of things like Belfast and such. 3. Gets you a few signals and other things here and there. o.o
  7. devil667

    Dude! I got a Zao!

    Ibuki isnt another terrible tier 9? That begs the question, what is a terrible tier 9 then? O.o Roon? Dm Donskoi? Seattle? Buffalo? Neptune? St Louis? O.O . Almost all of them are objectively better than ibuki.... -_-'
  8. devil667

    How useful is vigilance?

    Hell with vigilance, the force guides me through these treacherous waters, often right infront of torps. -_-' .
  9. devil667

    Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Got 14 days premium yesterday. O.O xD , one of the good ones in a looooooong time
  10. Well that doesn't cancel out the unfairness, rather makes it unfair for both of the Low Tier CVs. Basically the limitation of options for the low tier cv is simply by "Game Mechanics" and not skill, tactics or reaction time or whatsoever a "Player" can improve upon. Oh and lets not forget the reasoning they gave for this "Auto Attack Only CV" ; make them more appealing to newer players or something? O.O! . Furthermore, wargaming appears to completely ignore issues regarding CV, or just have a random roll of dice go at it. Guessing WG devs are a big fan of "No Mans Sky". -_-' .
  11. devil667

    Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    IQ must have dropped sharply if you think the poor guy whom you mercilessly slaughtered wouldn't atleast report you. -_-'
  12. devil667

    OMFG Colorado is so slow

    Slow and steady wins the race!! :P :P .
  13. devil667

    BUFF-a-lo(t) is underpowered and needs a lot of buff

    Wait till you get Seattle. :) Buffalo is a pretty good ship imho. Infact its rather fun to go peekaboo in. At best would have enjoyed 1kn higher speed, but then again I do not think WG will make any USN CA that exceeds 33kn, so its all good.
  14. devil667

    FPS drops

    Oi did you update your Nvdia driver. -_-' do eet. -_-'
  15. devil667

    Ship Speed Control From Full To Stop In One Click

    Just set up a macro for a button to execute S x 4. :P