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  1. Dude! I got a Zao!

    Ibuki isnt another terrible tier 9? That begs the question, what is a terrible tier 9 then? O.o Roon? Dm Donskoi? Seattle? Buffalo? Neptune? St Louis? O.O . Almost all of them are objectively better than ibuki.... -_-'
  2. How useful is vigilance?

    Hell with vigilance, the force guides me through these treacherous waters, often right infront of torps. -_-' .
  3. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Got 14 days premium yesterday. O.O xD , one of the good ones in a looooooong time
  4. Well that doesn't cancel out the unfairness, rather makes it unfair for both of the Low Tier CVs. Basically the limitation of options for the low tier cv is simply by "Game Mechanics" and not skill, tactics or reaction time or whatsoever a "Player" can improve upon. Oh and lets not forget the reasoning they gave for this "Auto Attack Only CV" ; make them more appealing to newer players or something? O.O! . Furthermore, wargaming appears to completely ignore issues regarding CV, or just have a random roll of dice go at it. Guessing WG devs are a big fan of "No Mans Sky". -_-' .
  5. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    IQ must have dropped sharply if you think the poor guy whom you mercilessly slaughtered wouldn't atleast report you. -_-'
  6. OMFG Colorado is so slow

    Slow and steady wins the race!! :P :P .
  7. Wait till you get Seattle. :) Buffalo is a pretty good ship imho. Infact its rather fun to go peekaboo in. At best would have enjoyed 1kn higher speed, but then again I do not think WG will make any USN CA that exceeds 33kn, so its all good.
  8. FPS drops

    Oi did you update your Nvdia driver. -_-' do eet. -_-'
  9. Just set up a macro for a button to execute S x 4. :P

    [content removed] [content removed] [content removed] Violation shaming & insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  11. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    The frame drops occur whenever there are too many torps flowing around or other particle related things are all over the screen, it didn't cause issues previously.
  12. Ummm wait a sec! Other servers get 4 hours? O.O , but giving ASIA 4 hours would ruin the gaming experience? O.o . What logical progression did they come up with to justify that? O.O . Whatever it is, in these dark times we sure do need such bright decision makers to lead the free world. Amen. -_-'
  13. Oh really? +1 Hour would ruin the game experience? O.O .. How do they know? Gut Feeling? Any empirical evidence that it would ruin the gameplay or cause significant reduction in the number of games during that extra 1 hour? O.O
  14. They did the same thing as last time didn't they? Same exact timing? Then pretend to show interest in playerbase's concern, before flashing the middle finger at them? -_-'
  15. Just a little rant about Musashi.

    Why not get both o.o ! On topic: The only thing Musashi's introduction justifies is a buff for Yamato. Its literally a yamato in t9 with a better catapult fighter, the raised cit makes little to no diff whatsoever, if you're showing enough side to get citted to oblivion in musashi, then Yamato wont be any safer anyway. Its like driving off of a 1000m height in a car with airbag and in 1 without, surely 1 of them is objectively safer but you wont be feel it :P .