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  1. devil667


    Pfft Fools! What can your puny AA do against planes that can withstand hurricanes!. And even if it did manage to scratch a few of them, they will just pull more out from the limitless gaping hole called CV... -_-'
  2. So over the last 3 days, for some reason I havent been getting any of the Signals from the "Dreadnought Achievement", and probably some others too that I might not have noticed since they are abundant. But dreadnought ran out, so it became apparent from yesterday. And today my first game I got dreadnought, and yet there has been no signals so I know for sure its not the first time of the day issue. Please do look into it, not sure which screenies I am supposed to submit, but this is the one that makes msot sense I guess
  3. devil667

    Game Mechanics

    Well, regarding the very few players facing certain issues and the problem being with those players' setup is a bit too much of a stretch. The current team that is handling WoWs appears to be completely oblivious to any feedback from the playerbase. They seem to be hell bent on just adding content, shoving random things into the game no-one asked for, and honestly it would be fine unless those random things appear to bring in countless annoying bugs with them or completely turns the game upside down. And worse still, when people point them out they ignore, blame it on the consumer and just go on about adding more flawed content. Then about technical bugs, well after 8.1, a lot of people including myself faced horrendous glitches, port became a stop motion video nonsense, and ingame it would seemingly develop a desync type of effect halfaway through, with ships appearing much later than they appear on MAP, and torps that visibly miss you suddenly cause a random massive damage without any animation or whatsoever. The WoWs dev team kept putting it on the players system setup blabla, I have 3 drastically diff systems in my room with radically diff configs, tested in all 3 and detailed a general overview how the game behaved on the 3 systems. Did they bother to even respond? Or ask me or anyone complaining for additional info? Nope, they went on with randomly blaming 32 bit systems or whatsoever. Tried explaining to them that I tried shoving 12 gigs of ram to the game and it didnt pull over 3 anyway. I even specifically said that maybe some particle physx related issue is causing the CPUs to go into panic mode [ Ranging from a Phenom 2 x4 all the way to a i7-4790 ]. Basically processors went haywire. Instead of fixing problems like those which were affecting many people, they decided to just ignore it for the entire duration of that patch and instead invest their resources for new content. And I think with this patch they mentioned something related to the matter but also said it was not the objects/particles that were added that threw the CPU off the rails, though the CPUs were thrown off rails.. -___-'.. And seriously about the 32bit crap, can this game engine even have a 64bit version? Or Capable of running in 64bit? O.o ...
  4. Funny how one expects WG to respond to a valid argument in a sensible way..... This new WG approach of quantity over quality regarding in game contents is despicable. With the last patch I have gotten to a point where I can't even get to the thought of "Game Content Balance". I doubt they even pay attention to the large amount of in-game bugs people have been experiencing ever since 8.0 has rolled out. Well atleast I don't see WG responding to the complaints in the section labled "BUG REPORTS"..... Instead they insist on improving audio every other patch when no-one has asked for it, and not sure why, but now they have removed the option to disable music in port & battle, volume slider doesn't stop the game from reading the game files again and again. And with the last nights patch, now it has become almost unplayable for me in any of the 3 systems I have access to, why? I do not know. All of them are 64bit, and with varying configs. Oh and the game client is still in 32bit o.o . And logs me in 1 out of 3 times I try while giving random error messages saying " technical issues " & simple old "Unable to connect to server"... The more competent & capable dev team of WG is probably tasked with WoT things, since they seem to be getting nice game optimizations & massive stability improvement, while we get the bottom of the barrel .
  5. devil667

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    Don't bet on it, all hail the man with the plan!! -.-
  6. devil667

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    The most fascinating thing is, apparently WG have been testing these for months. And after all those testing, someone in WG looked at the current version and went "This is Perfect!!" and greenlit the rollout.........That individual peaks my interest tbh. Must be the 2nd coming of Jesus. -_-'
  7. devil667

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    Missed the best so rush for the rest. xD
  8. devil667

    I need ADVICE [Serious Question]

    Hardest LINE to play [atleast for me] Old Soviet DD line. [since I grinded it back then]. British CLs [cause till then was too fond of angling against shells instead of making sure to dodge them completely] Oh and old KM CA line, old yorck.. nuff said. And about cvs I dont play much CVs & I played till tier 8 in US & 6 in IJN... But USN has Independence & Ranger...... Play through those 2 without PA and you shall suffer from inferiority complex for the rest of your life. :)
  9. devil667

    fix your damn game

    Ill agree with drakon here, the last patch really screwed over a lot of things, including shell mechanics & behavior in case of certain ships. Heck it also keeps crashing with a strange error message with WG logo and buttons saying "Report" & "Terminate. And bloody hell if you click that report button, takes you to WoWs page with everything in russian, the heck is that. Also since the last patch the game regained some of the memory leak issues that was previously present and fixed. Remember the FPS drop with lots of torps in screen? Its not as bad as it was back then, but still its significantly more than any of the last few patches. Furthermore the CPU since the last update is being stressed in strange manner, not throughout but occasionally from time to time, and trust me I have checked if it was any other programs, afterburner's ingame monitor doesnt show it however when I started logging it was apparent. But then again maybe its cause I am using an awkward combination of Phenom 2 x4 with Gtx 1060.... -_-'
  10. Well its French & the name has the word "Terrible" in it. I would guess anyone with a functional brain who bought it usually have terrible games in whatever ship they play, mostly cause their "functional brain" is the limiting factor there. :P
  11. devil667

    Topic Redacted

    The man with the plan . :P :P :P
  12. Well guys stop being so pessimistic about it, look at the good part of ranked! 1. Instead of 11, the max number of incompetent imbeciles you can be burdened with is just 6!! 2. Since its in TX, MM can only screw around with you upto a certain point, unlike tier 7s & 8s, due to existence of things like Belfast and such. 3. Gets you a few signals and other things here and there. o.o
  13. devil667

    Dude! I got a Zao!

    Ibuki isnt another terrible tier 9? That begs the question, what is a terrible tier 9 then? O.o Roon? Dm Donskoi? Seattle? Buffalo? Neptune? St Louis? O.O . Almost all of them are objectively better than ibuki.... -_-'
  14. devil667

    How useful is vigilance?

    Hell with vigilance, the force guides me through these treacherous waters, often right infront of torps. -_-' .
  15. devil667

    Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Got 14 days premium yesterday. O.O xD , one of the good ones in a looooooong time