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  1. Pray to someone other than the Emperor!! HERESY!!! . Besides, your name!! Chaos Spawn!!
  2. That guy must be from Lorgar's lot. -_-' .
  3. LoL, almost 1.5 yrs back, around 3 months after WoW's public release, I got into a 1v1 game with my Pensacola against an Izumo. However my opponent was kind enough to let me have the victory by capping areas, with the condition of no hitting each other [back then the repair cost depended on the amount of dmg one has taken]. :P
  4. Though Back in Black steals the show, a whole lotta rosie does sound good in person. :P
  5. Never doubt the incompetence of thy team. -_-'
  6. In later stages USN BBs are a bit more balanced overall, specially from Tier 8 and onwards. Where as IJN BBs display a significant weakness against Air Attacks, and thats uniform throughout the line. IJN BBs on the other hand remains comfortable upto tier 8 I would say, where you can enjoy one of the best ships in the game. After that, the remaining 2 is quite frustrating to be fair, since utilizing them to their full potential is rather difficult.
  7. CVs are capitalist objects, must stop new CV players from developing. Russki propaganda ftw!.. Maybe instead introduce something like " Engine Malfunction" for CV planes, which works somewhat like the detonation mechanics.. Like from time to time during fighter engagement a group would simply die out immediately from some on air malfunction or something. xD . Such fun, much engaging.
  8. Because ships aren't land dwelling objects? O.o . I mean the max that could be added in a oceanic scenario is a few dolphins jumping here and there... Or we could go flyingdutchman like Age of Empires, then I see a room for landscape...
  9. Such smugness without any justifiable stats to back it up makes you come across as a childish bafoon. Smugness only works if you were funny or right. Not when you pointlessly rant about everyone around being inferior to yourself. That being that you're either a frustrated young child, or poorly educated frustrated adult neither is all too flattering just like your stats.
  10. Initial 10 [For joining a team] Then 875 [from those 5 pointer tasks over 3 weeks] Finally 500 [Top 100 in each catagory] 1385 Total I guess. -_-'.... Just bought the 2000 Doubloons and previously used up 225 for the +100% XP camo. . Guess I am gonna use the rest to stock up on those camos. ;3. . Got kamikaze long back anyway.
  11. Booted me in the middle of a game.... And it wont let me log back in, the hell.... However according to the website server is available..
  12. After 6 days of going with the flow, Team Water appears to be all fired up as Round 1 boils down towards a steaming finale.....; Will Team Fire have their blaze of glory? Or will they simply drown under the heavy stat shower from Team Water?.... .
  13. Well, I shall offer you the best advice in my arsenal... Sell it.... and just play the alternate line. >_>"
  14. Moskva .... ......
  15. Can anyone direct me to the nearest Slaneeshi pub O.o