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  1. What is this WG's dev recruitment circular? Looking for completely incompetent morons who think they are doing an amazing job?
  2. devil667

    The Massive Debate : Buyers / Whales Beware.

    Product description doesn't mention that additional "dice roll". This is a downright scam lol. Basically in legal terms its a "Scam", thus can be subject of a class action lawsuit. Im just surprised no one in NA or EU have filed one yet. And for the idiot who was saying "people should get over it cause every publisher do the same thing", well, I doubt they do it in this dumb a way. Gambling isn't an issue here, its about a completely misleading product description, infact the intent to mislead can also be proven in this case xD. Thus making it a "SCAM". Games like "battlefront 2" were ripped apart for not explicitly stating that they had a gambling mechanix for boosting, that they tried defending with " We do not consider it gambling". Here there is no room for ambiguity, they have listed the ships that you can get in the product description, while implementing a completely different draw rule.
  3. devil667

    0.9.11 Hits today

    What do you mean? WGC just got updated to 9.11 . Made me wait and download then install for no good reason. Could have just downloaded it later at night. Besides how come it was mandatory for me to DL but my friend beside me didnt have to thus far. :S
  4. devil667

    0.9.11 Hits today

    I didn't want to update in advance, well not right now that is, I wanted to play, could have updated any other time. However, for some reason it wouldn't let me play until I updated while my friend beside me has been playing throughout. What kind of BS is this? Wish the devs would just come to accept their incompetence and stop experimenting with this thing. Ridiculous.
  5. devil667

    Lag when firing guns

    Its not just desync this time, there is also stuttering everytime a ship becomes visible, also there is a massive delay between ships appearing in minimap and becoming visible infront of you. There are a countless other instances where there is stutter, and it is extremely disturbing. Why did they bother with messing about with the graphics parameters? Nothing looks any better and there are countless additional issues. Using a GTX1060 here, changed my settings to lowest possible with 1080p, yet there is that consistent stupid bug that causes a massive framedrop everytime something appears on the minimap, and add that up with the pre-existing desync feature during primetime hours and aiming is one less thing to worry about. They just keep adding poorly thought out content without giving a rats ass about the idea of "BALANCING" nor do they bother to iron out bugs that their messing about introduces. The team working on WOWs [as opposed to WOT] is comically inept and completely oblivious to the woes of the community.
  6. Started the Stage 4 Task 6 of the Epoch campaign, where I had to get 540k potential damage with Mogami or some other ships. Had a quick 48k damage game with a million potential damage, and the progress of that mission advanced by 39000 or so. Initially couldn't figure out how they got to that number, but it turns out its my main battery damage [rest being torp]. Seriously, why do WG keep shoving half cooked content all the time? They can't even be bothered to test and rectify simple bugs and errors, every week there is a new one, its either to do with some bonus code or some random desync/logout or random mission details. What are the devs so busy with that they can't even iron out simple bugs or erroneous captions? Not like they spend any time with balancing ship capabilities, nor do they seem to work in game optimization or improving any important aspect of it.. Only the designer section of Devs seem to do any actual work, thats basically the graphical design of ships and all. And rest pretend to do things that no one asked for or ever wanted! WGC for one, its a frigging nightmare of a program and a definite security hazard. Then the HD sound rework that I keep on reading about in every changelog, whats the point of that without fixing the core mechanics of the game first?
  7. Well I do expect WG to equalize the difference somehow, maybe by making an Asia specific code or whatever, so far I haven't seen any announcement regarding it, and as we all know WG is utterly incompetent at PR, so yeah the lack of any acknowledgement or official message is understandable.
  8. devil667

    Game abnormal(BUG?)

    Maybe we should explain the concept of "Testing" & QC to Wargaming. o.o .
  9. devil667

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.2

    There are a few general practices most developers/publishers tend to maintain, such as, "Testing" & "QC[Quality Check/Quality Control], it would be nice if Wargaming could integrate such practices prior to release. I am definitely not asking for devs to undergo additional crunch time, rather, just make the patches less frequent, take 5 or 6 weeks between them instead of giving us half baked ones. Its not necessary to go into rapidfire mode with contents, just fix & balance the existing ones first. Most new changes or additions seem to have very little thought given to them, about their wider impacts to existing gameplays. Rapidly throwing new content is only positive when the said content is desirable, not when said content is smothered in shit.
  10. devil667


    Doubt all accounts were banned, probably just the clan disbanded, and if that is true then that makes life worse, unpredictable number of bots in either team -____-.
  11. devil667

    How to fix the Research Bureau

    Well credits are earned easily once you have progressed beyond a certain point, it becomes a non issue. I have regrinded lets say 10 lines. Well nto 10 lines more like Soviet DD lines x 4.. and 2 other separate lines just cuz i got bored playing those 2. -_-'. Before RB came out i was sitting with 3 mill fxp, threw them at the RB lol. So basically resources like Credits & FXP become abundant once you are past 15-16k games or so, and happen to have Missouri Musashi & kron.
  12. devil667


    If this isn't enough reason for WG to mass ban their entire clan, then I cannot imagine what is... Also Super_zr is back.. zzzzz -_-'
  13. The top guy's IGN is oddly satisfying. I guess he changed it recently.
  14. devil667

    stalingrad not OP

    Game outcome is not a reflection of a particular ship being OP unless its a 1v1. Its not really possible for a single person to push a team full yard animals over the victory line. [Not saying its the case for this team]. But in any competitive scenario with somewhat equally capable teams, if Stalin pick was restricted for 1 team & pick of any other tx CA restricted for the other. In majority cases the team with the stalin would win. I am not even using 1v1 as an example since that would give stalin way too much advantage. But yeah calling stalin Balanced would be the same as saying the grind for PR is fun & engaging. :)
  15. devil667


    Well I meant the people responsible for in-game moderation, lets say the technical dept, how come they find the time to chat ban people but not the time to ban confirmed botters. -_-'