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  1. FPS drops

    Oi did you update your Nvdia driver. -_-' do eet. -_-'
  2. Just set up a macro for a button to execute S x 4. :P

    [content removed] [content removed] [content removed] Violation shaming & insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  4. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    The frame drops occur whenever there are too many torps flowing around or other particle related things are all over the screen, it didn't cause issues previously.
  5. Ummm wait a sec! Other servers get 4 hours? O.O , but giving ASIA 4 hours would ruin the gaming experience? O.o . What logical progression did they come up with to justify that? O.O . Whatever it is, in these dark times we sure do need such bright decision makers to lead the free world. Amen. -_-'
  6. Oh really? +1 Hour would ruin the game experience? O.O .. How do they know? Gut Feeling? Any empirical evidence that it would ruin the gameplay or cause significant reduction in the number of games during that extra 1 hour? O.O
  7. They did the same thing as last time didn't they? Same exact timing? Then pretend to show interest in playerbase's concern, before flashing the middle finger at them? -_-'
  8. Just a little rant about Musashi.

    Why not get both o.o ! On topic: The only thing Musashi's introduction justifies is a buff for Yamato. Its literally a yamato in t9 with a better catapult fighter, the raised cit makes little to no diff whatsoever, if you're showing enough side to get citted to oblivion in musashi, then Yamato wont be any safer anyway. Its like driving off of a 1000m height in a car with airbag and in 1 without, surely 1 of them is objectively safer but you wont be feel it :P .
  9. I did use like 1500 Doubloons during missouri, cause I didn't really save any free xp before missouri's official announcement, however when Musashi came out a few days back I had 800k+ free xp sitting there. :P
  10. The Duke's guns dont work

    Really? I found it fairly easy to be honest. Also I seem to get Dev Strike in that ship often. Find a UK CL/FUrutaka/aoba/pensa[and similar things like atlanta, indiana] 1 salvo and its done. Also the ship is given a hydro & good HE, head into a smoke put a DD out of its misery, if you take a torp or two just use R and retreat to heal back up. -_-'
  11. Err dude its not about being a fanboy, and 7700k + 1080ti those config would run almost all AAA title maxed out at 60fps. I am certain the majority here sports something more along the lines of i5s or i3s and not the K series either, they are the ones who are likely to get affected much more. And about AMD taking to social media, they wont even bother, cause this issue will be taken by corporations to the court ultimately if intel doesn't provide a permanent fix for it. Though I doubt any bios or permanent kernel fixes would be provided for the commoners.
  12. Well the concern isn't a consistent 30% drop I would guess, cause if that was the worry that would be a ridiculous analogy. But the frequency of sudden momentary drops might increase and that by itself is hella annoying. -_-' . A pentium 4560 should be able to run this game smooth well over 75fps, however my friend using his kaby lake i5 still experiences random performance drops [ specially when particular settings are raised even though it shouldn't bother the CPU ] from time to time.
  13. Most games are GPU bound yes, where it shouldn't be an issue at all!! But don't forget this is Wargaming, when it comes to optimization they are literally the lawrence of incompetence. As I was trying to uphold earlier, for some reason this game does dump significant load on CPU instead of the GPU, thus some people might experience increase low 1% framerates or more frequent drops/instability.
  14. WoW, intel actually bothered to work on some sort of fix to the security issue. However, due to the nature of the problem I was certain it would also require some work from the MOBO manufacturers in the form of some bios updates. That makes me wonder about the long term validity of this fix. In order to get all MOBO manufacturers to fix their bios for all the MOBOs that fielded Intel chips for the last decade would take some serious effort from Intel's part; and honestly I don't think intel ever cared about anything except their latest couple of gens. I myself am using an AMD Phenom2 x4 955BE [from2009 xD] paired with an Nvdia gtx 1060 and 4gb of ddr3 :P . Even though my GPU should handle this game at max with ease I end up getting frame drops due to the game being poorly optimized and thus burdening the CPU instead. -_-' . Thus I am running it on mostly medium with a few highs[for the ones i know are mostly GPU bound] in settings.
  15. Race III - PADD Jianwei