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  1. Who would have thought that Australia be the laggiest place on earth hey? I just can't believe that public is so stupid and voting in that stupid liberal, but hey, they're all the same when yOU BOIil it all down. 

    I'm currently in conference with Admin and hopefully I'll be able to login again soon. Haven't played for 3 days and counting. The tickets are not too bad, I thought it would take longer. Hopefully they'll be able to come up with a solution soon. One can only hope.


  2. TheLesserWeevil

    How to encourage team

    I've noticed people often resort instantly to insults to try and get their team to do things eg. "Retard Kongo sniping at back" or "Idiot DD not capping". When I receive insults like this I just switch off, completely ignore the person, and feel like doing anything BUT what they want. I've noticed using the word 'please' in chat goes a very long way. Sounds cliche I know, but it really does work. Also, telling someone why you want them to do something helps as well. Instead of "Kongo please stop sniping", say "Kongo please push forward to support our cruisers so they don't get targeted and killed". If people can see the logic in your polite requests, they will rarely refuse them. However, this is the square-speaking server so ignore everything I just said because language barriers are fun.
  3. TheLesserWeevil

    Anyone else from Oz can't connect?

    No issues here in Melbourne for me or my mates. Got any other games running Asian servers that you can test? Good luck.
  4. TheLesserWeevil

    Royal Navy Cruisers screens from PT

    Getting pretty hyped. Only been waiting for this since WoWS was released. My Warspite captain will have a field day in a tier 1 ship.
  5. TheLesserWeevil

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Hey world, As much as I love this game, I am constantly plagued with ping/lag spikes in games, occasionally resulting in me dropping from the server completely. Nothing is more frustrating then lining up that crucial torpedo spread, only to have the game lag for several seconds, after which you have missed your chance and been torped in return. My question is, are other Australians having these issues? Trying to diagnose whether it is the Wargaming servers to blame or my own hopeless ISP. I'll admit that I have been having problems with my ISP recently, but I am not having such severe problems with any other online games.