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  1. I highly doubt you would die within 2-3 salvos even when you will be angling and the concealment you have on the ship, I also don't want to start an argument but a good rudder is extremely helpful when you're up close for angling faster, dodging torps etc. Remember when they nerf the range you still have the option of running the 6th slot range increase, The ship shouldn't have all these benefits, nerfing the range allows for diversity between builds. I.E if you're a "Sniper" Player you can run range, If you're a "Brawler" Player you run reload its quite simple. Most other ships have to make a decision between the either and the or why can't Thunderer?
  2. Thunderer should of been an AP only boat period. But HE is now a gimmick for thunderer and WG isn't gonna touch it. Going for a HE nerf is pointless
  3. Nerf HE? CLs suffer as is how are they gonna cope and stay influential? or you directing the HE nerf towards BBs?
  4. 1. I could name the thunderer players that push in on 1 hand. Most of them aren't gonna get close the ship isn't built for that to begin with its honestly just built for sniping. The ship has so much going for it, Look at has the following things it has going for it. Cruiser maneuverability (All other BBs have to sacrifice something to get something similar) Amazing HE (Which basically does equates to AP full pen damage with the added 64% fire chance) Amazing AP (Honestly both ammo choices are good you can't go wrong) Amazing Concealment (Honestly unparalleled at the tier besides the Conq) Amazing Accuracy Good gun reload considering the calibre Decent AA And what the cons? Low HP > High Citadel > Melts fast cause of the armour (And you know which of those 3 = Its to squishy to push in early and will only be a mid-late game pusher anyways) The reason the maneuverability should be nerfed cause if one of thunderers insists on wanting to camping at the back it will be easier to bring them down I can tell you right now the Pros far outweigh the Cons, I'll add aswell the range nerf doesn't really matter, some people I know are already considering switching to range mod doesn't really effect the reload and then we are back at square 1 how do we stop camping? and incentivise pushing? (Look I'm mostly salty that thunderer HE rips off so much AA in acouple salvos so it doesn't allow me to push) So I'll pose a question to you, What is stopping BBs from pushing in the first place?
  5. Thunderer needed a manoeuvrability nerf change my mind
  6. Korrupt_Penguin

    Noob needs an answer..

    @Mr_Good_Citizen As others have mentioned above left is W/R and the right is PR (I can give you a link if you really wanted to get into how PR is calculated but here is the basic meaning) Here is why you may see other players referring to other players as a "Unicum" etc
  7. I'll be honest I've lost most of my interest in ranked I personally preferred the old system. I don't mind having new players in my team but its becoming more and more overwhelming. The biggest problem for me is there is no longer any separation between players at the start of ranked and you can't get "ahead" anymore cause you have to wait 2 weeks after reaching qualification for the same people to catch up just to struggle with you again. The old system was more forgiving for me. I just wanted to smash out ranked within a week but now WG want us to bang our heads against the wall for 12 weeks. But its fine we will get the default response of "You don't have to play if you don't like it" which is completely true but I honestly wish ranked was still catered towards more competitive players, for those who wanted to improve their play and not towards the casual side. There should be a 200-500 battle requirement or Reach a Tech Tree tier 8-10 before even being able to touch ranked in my opinion. And I will add skilled based MM won't be a fix you will still see the occasional player who is less devoted to the game they just want to play for fun which I don't mind I can dig that. But most comp players I know just wanted to get ranked done early or start away from the cluster f**k at the start of a season which is now at the start of each new sprint of the same season. (The old ranked system would allow you to start at rank 10 in the next season if you achieved rank 1) My biggest problem with the ranked there is NO sense of "relief" or "accomplishment" ranking out doesn't feel the same cause It takes longer and gives you more added unnecessary stress The rewards aren't even a draw for the participation that is required from you. You don't get the relief as per the point above. The gamemode just feels like random battles honestly. Sorry may of went on a tangent cause I'm tilted about the new ranked system and started ranting.
  8. Korrupt_Penguin

    Not a bug. But it does look realistic.

    @Reinhard_of_Avercland I used to be frustrated with those storms so I maxed out my fog transparency and was able to actually see the enemy ships alittle better. It shouldn't have nothing to do with graphics quality from what I know
  9. Can't agree more with moggy. 1. Have you played the Petropavlovsk yet? If not how can you formulate an opinion about a ship that is just showcased in a video?. also how can you compare it to a HIV 4 they have different roles? 2. Kronstadt is a larger cruiser that isn't even that powerful for the tier. I would consider alaska way more powerful then her. How can you call a russian cruisers OP when we have venesias running around, You should see venesia doing 10-15k chunks on stalingrads and whatever else they lay their eyes upon. Khaba and Groz? Haven't seen those 2 in awhile, why play those when there is a Daring and a Kleber? Kremlin is also not that great anymore the only reason why its good now is raw tankiness and that is the russian BBs traits no?
  10. Korrupt_Penguin

    Alsace the powerful?

    Really fun, if you want to experience old alsace get a bourgogne
  11. Korrupt_Penguin

    Alsace the powerful?

    JB > Alsace
  12. Korrupt_Penguin

    Alsace the powerful?

    I really enjoyed Alsace definitely not worth skipping it. The dispersion can be questionable sometimes but you will get use to it. Just some pointers from my experience playing it (Including bourg in my experience cause its the tier 10 version of alsace) - Don't be afraid to use HE after all you have the smallest calibre guns for a BB but make sure your switching to AP at the right times broadside ships etc.. - Never get stuck nose in your ship is built for kitting not brawling, I know the accuracy is frustrating but you'll find it will be better to kite then brawl. (You can brawl but wouldn't recommend) - Never spec for secondaries you have weak armour for BB standards just spec for survivability (I'll put my captain build below if you wanted it) - Good speed + Speed Boost use that to your advantage, team mates leaving your flank isn't much of a problem cause you can just easily get away unless you get caught in a bad position. - Try to be fluid with your positioning, basically always be on the move so you get the opportunity to exploit enemies weakness. (tied to the same point above but always keep in mind positioning is the key in french BBs) I'll leave you with my ship build and captain skills if that helps Captain Ship (I know its bourg but its basically the same ship and uses the same upgrades)
  13. WG art team never disappoint +1 😀
  14. Korrupt_Penguin


    I would argue otherwise, She is still strong on her own compared to its peers, seen it push down a flank all by itself and still manage to win 3v1s (I've also had first hand experience when doing it myself)
  15. Korrupt_Penguin

    Is AP even useful anymore at Tier 10?

    If I'm honest when I first started playing I hated playing against HE ships HIV especially I have even been chat banned once in game for talking smack about people spamming HE. AP is just very situational you can't sling it all the time unless you see 20° + (Give or take depends on the boat) But generally the only reason why people us HE over AP is 1. Their gun calibre is too small AP is therefore meaningless and forced to use HE (Still depends on what your shooting like smolensk AP is still good against broadside CAs under 10km) 2. Gimmicks, Hindenberg has 1/4 pen so put IFHE on it and your cooking yamatos 3. The enemy ship actually has a brain and knows how to angle "mUsT UsE He" 4. BS russian BB armour AP is very powerful it just requires the right situations and positioning