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  1. ro500_rocks

    Inconsistent Ping on Asia and bot like players

    TLDR =Use ping plotter to check If your connection routes through HK, if it does and was giving you crap ping, and if you have a VPN (paid ones should be better), try connecting to Singapore VPN servers before playing So after bickering with WG support, did what they ask, used pingplotter and giving them the results... WG's answer is that their server is fine, the problem lies between the origin (my isp) and the server (destination) And the pingplotter shows that my connection to the WOWS server was routed through Hong Kong, and from there the ping start going crazy! As I have a paid VPN subscription, so I tried to connect to various Asia location to see if it improves anything...and it does! Connecting to HK, Taiwan and Japan did nothing as the connection still goes through HK, but Singapore works fine! So maybe you can try this to see if it did anything for you.
  2. ro500_rocks

    Inconsistent Ping on Asia and bot like players

    Well, at least you manage to get INTO a match... Try spending 10 minutes joining battle and got shoved "Server overloaded" message in your face each time. And the ping is like out of control if you even manage to get a match, Before I was getting 6x ping and plays smoothly, right now 1xx ping is minimum, add in the random 4xx ping spike and the desync problem...Maybe it is time to play some Steam library games sitting there for a while... And the bot problem? man I don't even know if WG is doing anything...
  3. Seems to me someone's heart is broken by a game's virtual flag on those ships...Man when will they learn to keep politics out of this? I have seen enough of these in real life...and some people just have to ruin the day. Because you are heartbroken by a virtual flag, you wanted to take it away because politics? Come on. Get over with it. Oh, and just in case someone want to say I don't understand, I live in one of the SARs of PRC China, and I have seen my fair shares of what the PRC's citizen doings, which is just nasty. And before someone marches in and yell about your politics, I will just leave this quote here - It's always possible to wake someone from sleep, but no amount of noise will wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.