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  1. generalhetzer

    Belfast 43 performance is excessively low

    Belfast T7 has can deal much more damage since T6, T7 ships arent well armoured as T9 and T10. Plus T8 variant is 43 not the 50s T7..
  2. generalhetzer

    Key Battle : The Betrayal

    I prefer alone than div with a stranger, even more soo with mutual benefit. Only div if your intention is for farming damage. If its about key, better a lone wolf, plus you get more moolah or whatever the B symbol is playing alone
  3. generalhetzer

    0. 9. 10 bug report

    My wows data is constantly corrupted by the new event, the game kicked me out to the Connect screen each time I entered big hunt. I check the game integrity and every time the game would download 60 MB of data to repair the corrupted data. Been doing this since the update is out. While playing random battle is just fine, coop and such. Just the big hunt has some corrupted data every time playing the mode. Its not my hdd or ssd drive issues as I already move them to another drive and even external drive to be sure. I prefer avoiding reinstall as I'm on mobile line/LTE. Edit: I just reinstall the game and its still corrupted every time I played big hunt mode.
  4. Hmm soo the reticle is a buff and nerf for some cv.. and some need new aproach to attack
  5. generalhetzer

    A Question for Veteran Players

    I cant say if its getting worse or better with the cv rework, the non stop introduction of new lines and bots, also have huge balancing issues for example CV and DD interaction.. i thin you need to play a game or two at middle and higher tier to get the hang of things now
  6. generalhetzer

    Playerbase... We need to have a chat... ...

    NAH, SIT BACK NO CAP GOOD, KKIIILLLLLL!!!!! - most of the player base Seriously though, most often we have to take things into our hands just to keep the team afloat, and do things above our capabilities.. and in the end of all that, I didn't even get compliment 😭
  7. generalhetzer

    Research Beeurrueau and Legendary Modules

    hey sorry to hijack your thread but i don get the multiplier like yours did, I only get once of the research points instead of double like you. Is it a bug?
  8. generalhetzer

    Malaysia WoWs Community Tournament

    Malaysia Wows Server (MWS) is hosting a tournament, Malaysia WoWs Community Tournament (MWCT). It's a 6vs6 team Tier 7 battle format and must include 1 BB ( Max 2 BB), 1 DD and 1 Cruiser in the lineup. The tournament will commence within 2 weekends period from 8th August 2020 and end 16th August 2020. Registration ends on Aug 1, 2020, 8:00 AM. Only 8 spot are available.Open to MALAYSIAN only! Further details in link below: https://discord.gg/xCKX8rH https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3689422748493889536/information However i advice you guys to read all the rules first. Prize as stated below: 1st Place: 2500 Doubloons for each member of the team 2nd Place: 1250 Doubloons for each member of the team So gather your team and register now!!!
  9. generalhetzer

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Its all HE now, AP has been removed. Secondaries now all bout the fires they make
  10. generalhetzer

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Georgia and yes Im USN Bias. Sure she has 6 guns, and tier 9 but she also has a PREMIUM SHIP thus making more creds. I dont know Thunderer but I give you the reason why you should choose Georgia. 1. 6 hard hitting 457 mm guns with 26 secs reload that soo accurate you can hit a citadel with a single shell should you miss. and you can use Artillery Plotting Room mod 2 which gave further -11% to dispersion 2. Great secondaries that melt anything coming close to her should you make her full secondaries build which is fun! also bonus to AA, shooting plane like it was made of paper. 3.She has Massat unique repair party that has faster CD, to keep you battle longer in the fight 4. Engine boost soo you can flank and disengage quickly, with top speed of 38 knots! 5.She can get match with Tier 7.. yep bully time heheheh 6. Shes a premium ship, more creds.. And now with the cons, 1. Iowa Armor anyone can pen you easily at T10 and T9, like don try to show your broadside too often but with speed boost you might get lucky and escaped unscathed. 2.Lowest DPM, since she only carry 6 guns, but she get compensated with amazing accuracy 3.457 equal heavier shell thus slower velocity, and with 6 guns, you need to get your timing right when shooting 4.Wheres muh torp protection wg??? But in the end its your choice, Thunderer is great but she cant bully low tier often, and shes a COPY of Conquerer with less effective Repair Party and carries DFAA. While Georgia is one of a kind.
  11. dont forget the molotov, donskoi gun on a t6 ship 🤣
  12. generalhetzer

    How to counter high tiers Italian cruisers?

    U cant do much against venezia, theres no counter other than trying to shoot her back and hoping it hits her citadel or cause heavy damage. HE cruiser has the best chance going up against venezia since they can burn venezia. Venezia is way too agile for a T10 cruiser, even des moines has cits all over her body while venezia is like nope, bounce
  13. generalhetzer

    Leaked - Game development

    I like, hehehehehehehe
  14. generalhetzer

    The CV issue(s)

    USN CV OP they say, yep in low tier. Try lexington, essex and Midway, its quite "OP" as they say. Hah, good luck in lexington and prepare your karma points, maybe you even get -90 karma points after you finish grinding to essex
  15. generalhetzer

    just curious......Why play USN CV?

    Basically USN CV is strong, yes they are, but WG or Lesta too afraid to buff up the planes too much while in high tier theres plenty of AA and DFAA. 013 in lex for example, sure they are devastating but they have to rely on your ally soo much that it makes you are not in control of anything. If the enemy is piling up or moving in a fleet, yeah good luck getting your planes near em. Another problem with USN CV is the long reload time and harsher punishment for losing squad and your squad is few. Saying USN CV in high tier is OP, try to play it solo not in div, then you see her weakness shines brighter than the sun itself. In low tier shes dominating, the reason is, almost no DFAA, AA arent that great on all ship in low tier except several of em, no manual.