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  1. generalhetzer

    Leaked - Game development

    I like, hehehehehehehe
  2. generalhetzer

    The CV issue(s)

    USN CV OP they say, yep in low tier. Try lexington, essex and Midway, its quite "OP" as they say. Hah, good luck in lexington and prepare your karma points, maybe you even get -90 karma points after you finish grinding to essex
  3. generalhetzer

    just curious......Why play USN CV?

    Basically USN CV is strong, yes they are, but WG or Lesta too afraid to buff up the planes too much while in high tier theres plenty of AA and DFAA. 013 in lex for example, sure they are devastating but they have to rely on your ally soo much that it makes you are not in control of anything. If the enemy is piling up or moving in a fleet, yeah good luck getting your planes near em. Another problem with USN CV is the long reload time and harsher punishment for losing squad and your squad is few. Saying USN CV in high tier is OP, try to play it solo not in div, then you see her weakness shines brighter than the sun itself. In low tier shes dominating, the reason is, almost no DFAA, AA arent that great on all ship in low tier except several of em, no manual.
  4. generalhetzer

    Leaked - Game development

    Hahahahaha, nice one and its true too. Come on BB, keep sniping!!! Jeez, dont they know that maintenance cost is now fixed, not variable?
  5. generalhetzer

    BB North Caroliner

    Lel, NC as a sniper lol!!! Have fun waiting the shell to land. And NC is a freaking beast, she commands your full attention. And pliz don snipe, its a bad idea with NC.
  6. Slavmarck stronk ship. German engineering good build, 6 kills with mayonez shell

  7. generalhetzer

    Matchmaking is BROKEN

    MM not broken, just ask you to git gud plus MM is random, if you fought against the same tier for most of the time you will get bored of it fast. Plus, it gibs the new player of the that tier the taste of how strong is that ship against you and you know how to avoid getting shot next time... Get mayonez too..
  8. generalhetzer

    RB, what to do when having a lose streak

    Get mayonez and butterbrod. Increase slavship accuracy by 100 slav and MM give the most gopnik ally to boost your chance to win. Don forget vodka for increase rng citadel even on DD
  9. generalhetzer

    Meanwhile in the asian server

    Hahahahaha, what are they talking about?
  10. Hehehehe, Slavkaze, good Slavtorp boat
  11. generalhetzer

    These models are next lvl!

    DAAAAYUUUUUUMMM, now thats a ship model..GG wallet and time..
  12. As a USN BB avid player, USN are more towards teamwork and support. Giving fire support for cruiser(yeap, not cruiser giving fire support), tanking (best USN BB feature), and AA. (A command center too) Maybe WG should add support badge and increase exp for shooting down plane. Much pew pew pew
  13. generalhetzer

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    From my very vast experience with NM and america BB, NM meant to brawl, defend, tanking, or just simply battery support. You often miss with Murica BB but it makes up with armour atleast until Colo, then afterwards its all about versatility. NM, has high dispersion, but the damage are just freaking amazing with 12 guns... You holding a dangerous weapon there, son... The only BB that I know to one hit delete a Nagato too!! and Kongo and numerous cruiser! I love USN BB, especially NM! Fire, pfffttt, whats that?
  14. generalhetzer

    Completely rigged, WR is completely out of our control.

    I didn't care about WR at all.. All I care is that me and my team did good in the match and try to win... If not, well atleast its a fun game!