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  1. winpies

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Is there a way of knowing if rewards have been issued? I cannot remember how much coal I had before the date the awards were supposed to be issued and I should have received 20,000 coal. Can I check somehere in the game or on my account that shows transactions? Thank you
  2. winpies

    Update 0.11.3 Bug Report Thread

    "Visual effects - In battle - Wave textures - The white ribbon of wave textures appears around the warship as it travels" Yep, same thing happening to me also. Thought it was a graphics setting but nothing I do fixes it.
  3. Ok, great. Thank you Gummiheng. 🙂 Cheers Jeff
  4. Gudday all, What happens to all our temporary resources (tokens) earned? eg New Year's Night - Star Tokens are available until the end of update 0.11.0. Do they get converted into something after this update or should I spend them while I can? Thank you Cheers Jeff