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  1. kidjoe73

    Looking for NSW players

    thanks guys!! i will look out for u all... i wanted people in NSW so we could do some sort of NSW WOW club... but it does appear not many aussies play WOW so i might have to give up on the club idea
  2. kidjoe73

    Question? about red circle points?

    oh thank you so much. I wasnt sure what i was doing.
  3. kidjoe73

    Looking for NSW players

    Thanks Tiapan and Moganite. Can you pm me ur in game names and i will add you all thank you...
  4. Sorry i didn't know how to write this question so i made a video about it. I would appreciate any advice here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y17AQOfsHls
  5. kidjoe73

    Looking for NSW players

    great... ur name in game is dropbear_2015 right?
  6. kidjoe73

    First sub to sink a ship.

    Awl that was a great post thanks!! loved reading this...
  7. Hi Could you make the damage on the ships more realistic. Maybe blood. Bigger noises when u get hit and different noises when you get hit. Look either way this game is EPIC so thank you!! I know this isnt a suggestion but i didnt know where to put this. I want to say thank you for making such a awesome game. I have to say i am sorry for being such a huge sponge and not paying for anything. I promise to pay. The graphics are awesome. The explosions are amazing.
  8. kidjoe73

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    there looks great i want in lol... i am aussie...
  9. kidjoe73

    Looking for NSW players

    Hi, I am new to WOW. I have tiers 2 - 6 I cant seem to find anyone that plays it as much as me... SO please add me in game and mention ur from NSW and lets play? I am not that good or even pro, i am just an average player. I was looking for someone to play also in the ranked battles. This is my first post here and wasnt sure if i can post something like this here... cheers kidjoe73