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  1. LightDarkMaster

    Is aircraft carrier that big of the deal?

    Just a FYI on the types if you want to go CV. USS CV are easier to manage because of their small numbers of groups and large in numbers per group. Perfect for beginners to learn how to CV. They also have AP dive bombers at high tier to make a big sent to BBs. IJN CV is the otherwise with a lot of groups with fewer numbers per group. But those players with excellent resource and strategy management will able to play this line well. Their numbers in groups are their advantage even in high tier matches.
  2. LightDarkMaster

    Are you guys having good luck with Viva La France crates?

    3 containers with no mission in sight yet. Do want the Normandie and Richelieu mission though... Collectibles still in progress.
  3. LightDarkMaster

    Are radar cruisers the new DDs to target?

    Radar CAs/cls/dds/bbs are now the priority target for its utility to spot hidden ships from long range even from cover.If they give unrealistic radar to them, then an unrealistic method for us to deal with these island campers... If it is possible. Introducting Terrain Piercing shells (TP). A type of shells for tier 7-10 battleships only to pierce through island and mountains. It deals slightly more dmg than HE shells (around 100-200 more) Deals maximum dmg through overpens but minimum dmg through penetrations. Dmg is reduced when TP shells gone through terrain before hitting the ships. I know this is super unrealistic. But it does stop any ships from staying in a specific location for a long time and keep moving. But I'm afraid that it will lead to more passive gameplay of ppl shooting from a long distance without the guts to move forward. TP shells may also be exploited by bbs to take on dds for their thin armour and other things that I haven't figure it out yet...
  4. LightDarkMaster

    Unique and weird ship designs

    The weird ships in WW2 for this game are the Nelson and Izumo as far as I know. But with the French BBs coming we might see more unconventional designs.
  5. LightDarkMaster

    Dunkirk scenario return?

    Why yes we would want it back. It would help those who didn't complete the Dunkrik collection with container drops for every successful mission. We can also try different playstyle using different dd since it is restricted for dd only. And pls WG retaining the feature of getting a UK dd Gallant in the drops.
  6. LightDarkMaster

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    Give Santa Box Ploy to LightDarkMaster I could really use some new premium ships if I can get them
  7. LightDarkMaster

    what's the best way to drive CVs to extinction

    US split of the light cruiser with Cleveland at tier 8 coming soon... CV players will be even more frustrated for this.
  8. LightDarkMaster

    North Cape is over for me now

    You have my salute, fellow captain.
  9. LightDarkMaster

    Mission 5 of North Cape is unfair !!!

    As a casual player, this is a slap to the face. WG needs to give us some time extension for this mission as well as the new year raid mission.
  10. Ouch... I want premium ships too. But ain't getting any when I got my super container. My friend however got Ichizuchi and MK47... But that's very long time ago
  11. It's the 15th day of the aftvent calendar mission and I got those 2 super containers. What's inside there actually, are they the same content with the rest of the players or different?
  12. LightDarkMaster

    USN Cruisers split

    US main branch is the heavy cruisers while the sub branch is the light cruisers. However US light cruisers will tend to be more AA focused while heavies are gun focused with fast reload time compared with other cruisers.
  13. LightDarkMaster

    Where to put 19pt captain?

    Put the captain in a premium ship if you had one (preferably mid/high tier ones). It can grind elite captain exp and free exp too.
  14. LightDarkMaster

    What line do we want to see next?

    If possible, I want Italian cruisers and battleships. While their at it, bring in the UK CV and DD.
  15. LightDarkMaster


    When you want to enter the battle with the sub, it will notify you that ' One does not enter a battle with a submarine '. Memes, Memes everywhere