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  1. Solar_Tiger

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    I'm the same........fix it and I'll be back. This is hopeless.
  2. Solar_Tiger

    German BB coming !

    As a rule of thumb there are 2.5 cm per inch, therefore as a quick calculation a 16 inch equates to 40cm, or the closest metric value. You are correct stating 41cm as the correct metric conversion is 2.54cm per inch, 2.5 is only simpler.
  3. Solar_Tiger

    Toy Boats

    How come all of a sudden I have all these ridiculous toy cartoon boats in my port..........how do I delete them? Cheers
  4. Solar_Tiger

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Hehehe.....Mine is likely worse! :-)
  5. Solar_Tiger

    Gun Ranges

    Very true.....!! :-)
  6. Solar_Tiger

    Gun Ranges

    Thanks. It helped getting some improvements done.......I stilll need to work on my targetting tho.
  7. Solar_Tiger

    Gun Ranges

    Any advice appreciated. Great game, love playing, but so frustrated when my BB main armament range is about 12nm, and I have enemy DD's and CA's firing at, and striking, me before they come into my range?? I have all the ships improvements bought yet enemy ships appear to have far better range........ Cheers