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  1. Heavy Cruiser line that is MEH super cruiser thats MEH British Heavies is like inferior version of IJN, through and through
  2. humusz

    How to improve latency in China?

    VPN for gaming advertise themself is a GPN (Gamers Private Network). its kinda diffrent from regular VPN, mainly GPN dont mask your IP, re-routing, encrypt or modify the traffic. it provide straight, stable connection, as close to as is (your ISP) to game server. I used couple of them to play Japan MMO, WTFast is most popular GPN, while Kill Ping is slightly cheaper, and Mudfish is the cheapest AFAIK
  3. humusz

    British T9 Super Cruiser when ?

    You are wrong. BRitish SuperCruiser would be Hood Size ship with 20 Minotour Turret 🤣 I bet many of those shells would not even rendered, and you got hit by invisible bullet 🤣
  4. humusz


    ic, Mine was some weird Desync and stuttering. it esp made Dive bomber uncomfortable to use
  5. humusz


    is it the part when you drop your bomb and it dont do damage after 5 second latter ? 🤣 that one is the one that really destroy the experience, Its definitly not Connection lag, because if it is, the bomb would totaly miss
  6. humusz


    I think the current patch is the one causing lag. rather than your net I got 30ms ping, and Playing CV often cause weird stutter
  7. humusz

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    in 1 Year, you need to made same bullet point about "No Subs mean :" 😎
  8. humusz


    The reason Drakon is avid CV main. is because he wont ever get Detonated every 3 games or so 🤣
  9. The changes seems unintended. There is no way criss crossing torpedoes is intended. It just to wonky to be true
  10. humusz

    Captain downgrade skills.

    Potato game engine is Potato WOWs Run on game engine that build on architecture of 14-15 Years ago. it dont fully make use of Hyper threading so if you have multiple cores, the game just eat 1 core resources, and the game will still be somehow have weird lag and slow even if you have Top of the line PC thats like era of Unreal engine 3. and next year there already Unreal Engine 5. or for console peasant, its build in PS3 era. The game engine is 2 generation behind
  11. humusz

    Italian Battleship Branch has been revealed!

    They did have another Tripple Turret Design on Paper. its part of Soviet - Germany Arms Agrement The Triple Turret for H Class thats not on Paper is diffrent than The one designed for Soviets. The one That on the Kurufurs was the Krupp Turret design that intended for Export (for Soviets) so The Turret your talking about and what WG made for Kurfurst is Diffrent Design, WG even clarify it on some reddit post somewhere. so, Kurfurst use Triple Turret Design that was requested by Soviets as per their arms agreement
  12. humusz

    Italian Battleship Branch has been revealed!

    Well, on Tirpitz case. she did got Buffed German secondary, after long complain or smth
  13. humusz

    What if? (Hybrids Topic)

    Imagine Before any of those BBV and CLV out, WG pull the carpet and launch SSV first. AP Bomber and Ignore Torp Buldges Torpedoes. imagine the salt
  14. Depend on Map and Opponent composition. on Open map without cover, at early games with Heavy enemy presence. you would want for 19km-20km+ range. or you just struggle to doing anything meaningful at early games. and early games is the most important phase in battle, you dont want dawly dally not doing anything meaningfull while your Flank is slowly collapsing or struggle to get into position when its turned into snipefest
  15. humusz

    wows progress checker

    Thats like Pre High Tier Economy revamp. the days when if you BOTTING at high Tier you are Bleeding credits 🤣 good times, good times nowdays you cant get 5000 base Exp anymore, its immortalized per se