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  1. humusz

    The Yamato Family

    uh....well They might need Torpedo protection and ASW suite conversion, regardless
  2. humusz

    The Yamato Family

    Shinano is actualy built, wdym she might be A-150 ? 🤣
  3. Flamu host comunity battle last week or smth. 3 Kremlin vs 3 CV - 2 Round, 3 Midway then 3 Haku Kremlins win both round convincingly, each kremlin have like 80+ plane kills, one even have 130 kills 🤣
  4. Russian server have Russian bias, but Bias against Them (no, serriusly it is) What Line ? French Most blatant bias according to them : Kleber - why ? - Speed Demon, basicly Twice the speed of Harugumo - 12 Torps, 77 second reload, stealthy, super fast, very high damage - They compared it to Z-52 which trait was "Fast reloading torps" look shyt in comparasion - Largest HP pool for DD at her tier, Gimmick saturated armor give effectifly double the effective hitpoint - Super Gun, high fire chance, good balistic, good reload, Great AP that can citadel cruiser - capable deleting "DD counter" smolensk light cruiser in seconds (apparently their concern) - Stealthy , manuverable, - hard to hit and kill, (while its true, or......... maybe to much Vodka cause blurred vision which lead to Aiming deficiency) They compared to Khaba, and conclude that WG have Russian Bias. as WG is Russian developer, and biased against the ship of their own Nation Another case to the french according to Russian server : French has Battleship that can outrun Destroyer, and Battleship that have more DPM than Cruiser (bourgone no reload booster DPM is higher than Moskva, and Stalingard) source : old man Jingles also according to Flamu, Russian CC always make argument why Kremlin is not OP by saying Kremlin is weak to AP BOMB and "not great" AA - (which like lol ?) and they nerfed Kremlin..................AA. is that a coincidence or they only listen to Russian Playerbase is up to the question
  5. humusz

    The Yamato Family

    the 5th of Yamato Class~ 3rd one is Carrier Conversion, 4th one dont carry 510mm but have the hull 30% complete before - scraped so.......... as paper as kremlin (oh wait, at least IJN have the gun made and tested 🤣)
  6. humusz

    The Yamato Family

    They have it already modeled too There Russian Plastic model manufacturer that release it based on World of Warship 3D model (its a collab) --------------------- also, as the 3D model shown its A-140F6 not A-150
  7. Only Fubuki, Akatsuki and Hatsuharu were in need of Buff. - Not Gun buff but Stealh and speed adjustment Shiratsuyu is OK, Shinonome is strong, Akazuki is GOD, harekaze is Great, Asashio is good and Planes basicly DD problem as Whole not just IJN, low-mid tier french DD without smoke even have most horrid experience. T6 above, IJN DD Gun were all viable to use, T8 Gun were Good enough. but T5 and bellow Gun is just decoration at T5 bellow, no gun strong enough to carry you from Hell 6 CV matchmaking.
  8. You are the one that Quote me. My Answer to Nejiko, is basicly The Gun is not Sole decider of DD-Fight Harugumo, or Khabab have excelent gun. But are they Good at Close quarter Knife fight ? There Manuvertibility to dodge Close fight Torpedoes, There concealment where Those 2 are never the Ambuser he talk about bigger picture, but still Tunnel visioning on Gun 🤣
  9. No, Its weakness in Knifefight. But how approach the DD fight with Shima. 1. With RPF, you can always pre-Emptivly Turn your gun to Direction of Threat First 2. With High stealh, you can SPOT the enemy FIrst. and Decide if you can gunfight him or not 3. With Speed, you can somewhat Flee if you misscalculated
  10. here mate, I never say its a Ship fault - I asking "is it realy your SHIP FAULT ? or YOUR POOR DECISION ?" Your quote : " a Harugumo is fighting a Shima who is reloading's torps, whos worse off?" - is it Ship fault ? or your fault of picking fight with Harugumo 🤣 Like you said, there area that ships weak at. Shima never good at bruteforcing with Gun Firepower. so Why Shima picking fight with Harugumo in knifefight, when Her Torps on reload ? is it ship fault or Poor decision making ? 🤣 Shima have advantage in speed and Stealh, so she always can plan ambush and Initiate fight. If the condition is "Shima got ambushed" by Kleber-harugumo etc. Even for Kleber and Harugumo itself woud strugle to fight back and Die. - let alone shima 🤣 Everyone undervalued, how Concealment, Innititive and Surprise in Gunfight Kleber broken-es is not about the gun. its Combination of very high Stealh and Reload booster. You cant fight enemy DD properly if you spotted from 10km Away. even if you have DPS of Colbert
  11. If Harugumo able to surprise a Shima - thats mean you are outplayed the question is, with way superior advantage in Stealh, and Speed. you can avoid the fight easily, you can even perma spot Harugumo for your team to Kill her off. With RPF the chances of competent shima to get ambushed by "Fake" cruiser is preaty much slim. All of argument here, is preaty much : WHEN SHIMA IS ALREADY AMBUSHED. SHE CANT FIGHT BACK (because enemy is somehow prepared, while shima gun facing wrong way, or Torp is reloadin) IN ALL THAT FREAKING CASE - is it realy your SHIP FAULT ? or YOUR POOR DECISION ? DID you aproach fight wrongly ? IF Gearing, Yueyang, Daring etc caught in same situation, with Kleber or Harugumo. they practicly as dead as shima - thats not very convincing argument 🤣
  12. Shima have high advantage in alpha, speed, high concealment. that means you can almost always get the first shoot You always have a choice engage and disengage at will. not to take Prolonged fight where enemy ROF is king in long skirmishes, Guirrela fight. Where you only need to fire one or twice before run - aside from Kleber gun, you can whitle any DD you face With advantage in Stealh, Speed (with exception of Kleber or Khab) and (optionaly) RPF. You have initiative to picking the fight - Prepared - picking the fight you can win If you got ambushed, outsmarted or caught in the bad position. How is it the ship fault ? are you sure, your potato decision making ? are you sure its your playstyle not wrong ? are you sure its ship that let you down - the RAW Stats. Are you sure you utilize the ship to its most potential ? Harugumo have Fast Turret Traverse - Godlike ROF - Fast Shell, But its notoriusly Bad in Knifefight. Why ? Its big, Sluggish and it have "special trait" to eat BB AP Pen. in DD knifefight Torpedoes is usualy involved (and some Supportive fire - when Team is not stupid). same with Khabarovsk - fast turret traverse - unmatched railgun, but Khab and Harugumo is floating brick begging to be torpedoed in very close knifefight. (not to mention very bad torp angle on Harugumo) beside, How many DD Fight involved 1 vs 1 from Full HP to 0. thats preaty much super rare so................Are you sure you not being tunnel vision to the gun to much. when proclaiming bigger picture and what not ?
  13. or...................... You only need RPF, and you can train your gun PRE-EMPTIVELY 🤣 skill investment for RPF with stealh build is like only 14, thats very cheap. most gunboat require even heavier investment. even Harugumo 19 skill pts is not enough 🤣 You want play gunboat shima ? you balancing ideas were preaty much a MEH. and there HAYATE and harumeme for that too 🤣
  14. Huh ? IJN Gun these days are great, wdym Z52, Have same DPM with Shima now. and Shima even have way higher Chance of causing Fire than Z-52 you can gun duel in Shima with Famous "DD HUNTER" (lol) Z-52 and have decent chance of winning Shima gun is not the worst anymore. but people just keep making asumption its the worst - just like Izumo is considered trash, but it was significantly way Better now (the worst now is Z-52 lol) you can ask, the shipJesus flamu himself, did Shima gun is a Joke - well, its not for a while now
  15. Well, jingles said in his vid. That Russian cc and playerbase belive there bias by wg. But its french bias, and 2 french bias ship was kleber and hiv. There is no Russian bias, only french. They all madlad overthere. Always pressing for french nerf but For them Kremlin is as balans as it can be And which ship got ban hammer instead? Yikess