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  1. musashi dont have enclosed 25mm AA on her side
  2. lol wut, 5000 AFK battle ......... crazy
  3. Atago is da best
  4. I thing You need more experience. get to mid or high tier battle, strenghten your basic by try playing every class so you can get what makes them tick At high tier, Battleship is arguably strongest class overall on one on one scenario DD would still kill BB easily, but from overall match standpoint. playing DD on high tier is harder compared to low tier with Radar, Hydro, comander skill like vigilance, improved ship speed and manuvertibility etc this just my Oppinion get out from Low tier, if you want to better yourself
  5. if montana showing stern sure, if its bow in, its better trade for yamato though
  6. Donskoi is the one that feel like crap to me. maybe thats because IFHE not a thing before then. it realy feel like downgrade from chapayev Ibuki and saint louis are similiar. well IJN and French is basicly same gameplay with T8-T9 seems stale, and with not noticable improvment after advancing Roon, Baltimore and Neptune is the strong cruiser at T9. and have noticable Improvement from T8 ships After gruelling edinburgh, which feel like have 0 improvement over Fiji. Neptune feel like the moment you step to Fiji from leander. its like 50% moar firepower Same for Roon, the improvement after Hipper can be realy felt Baltimore never feel strong until the 10s reload buff. which I can say realy made her feel enjoyable. and big improvement from T8
  7. Well, if it was me some people seems to have pattern even before you pull the trigger. like they pre-emptively dodge or turn into same direction almost every time
  8. Well if Yamato player is decent, he can still aim the nose or softer upper belt for decent pen damage. at bellow 15km its like guarantee minimum 5k dmg not all yamato player can be baited to shoot the belt
  9. French bb also seems gonna use quite a lot of fire.
  10. more like she, was weaker compared to her peer (Iron duke-Konig) she prob still on par with Kongo though. if you compare each tier against their peer. Colorado pre-Buff might seems weak, if you put her against Nagato, KGV, Nelson, Scharnhorst-Gneis, Asitaka while T8-9-10 were strong, a very strong if I might add however T4-T5 American BB is just weak, in comparasion of their peer and at 2016, T5 matchmaking is of preferential quality on it hehehe if you drive iron duke on old T5 matchmaking, imagine the bloodbath of using just HE to citadel every cruiser lol
  11. DD at low tier is strong, due to many factor mainly player at that level is not have enough experience which made great for torpedo hunting ground at high tier,1 DD alone can lock or halt large number of ships from the objective but this is more of a exploiting strategical strenght than inherit class to class advantage In general. at higher tier, people know how unchecked DD is pain in the but and respect DD enough that they would drop whatever they doing to shoot them whenever they spotted thats single behavior alone, is the one that made the major diffrence
  12. I got this error last patch. Its random though. once I got this error. I cant back into the game - however after restrating pc WoW can be played again so, Im not sure what went wrong either
  13. given enough time though, uncontroloble fire can cooked up munition behind door or walls Especialy in ships that covered with metal. you can find story how fires burn tables, clothes without direct contact. There is a stories my dad told me (he works at shipping industry), some singaporean freighter carrying coal was burned. and the survivor cling to the stern of the ships at the other end. being slowly cooked off The deck is heat up, melting their shoes sole, wooden tables got burn after a while, they need to step on corpse of other people to not get cooked. if you touched the hot steel wall or deck your skin will burn and stick to it the ship basicly turned into frying pan before they decided to brave themself burned their hand into railling and jump to ocean the story points were, ships without damage control can sunk no matter what protection she have. due to Thermal conduction HMS Sheffield is one of the case when the damage, passes ship damage control capabilities. causing uncontrolable fire to almost reach sea dart magazine a decision that made captain opt for abandoning the ships the one that keep ships afloat on combat were always sailors on board
  14. I did say IRL doesn it ? anyway when your ships sunk by fire in WoW, well you can pretend that you ship damage control and crew destroyed or killed as your HP ticked down and when it tick to 0, the fire reach the magazine and BOOM but you dont get detonation medal
  15. Lol IRL Fire can sink a Warships Russian Battleship Borodino sunk, when Uncontrolable Fire on deck reach her secondary magazine - causing Chain of Detonation According to Admiral Beaty, 3 of the Battlecruiser lacked Antiflash protection that resulted in Fire started by incoming shells to reach the powder magazines on more modern era Iranian Frigate Sahand sunk after heavy strike left her heavily aflame, dead in the water - after burning for hours, fire finaly reach her magazine and finish her off