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  1. Kurfurst, Splited into 406 and 420 - ala Thunderer 🤣
  2. There SemiFinal and Regional Final and International Final there is 4 Region. (EU,CIS, ASIA, NA). they fight each other (in 4th and 5th) for Slot in International Final that held at 12th where each Finalist of each region fight for the Win
  3. humusz

    T10 CV (and FDG) Size Comparison

    Yeah, comparable displacement but smaller in dimension. British CV is designed as Armored Carrier. Its like the little stubby small guy, but actualy heavy and muscular.
  4. humusz

    T10 CV (and FDG) Size Comparison

    Nope, Taiho-Kai and audacious is comparable in Displacement. Midway is however is noticably Bigger audacious have smaller Air wing. But its to be expect as the Space and Displacement goes to Passive Protection (Armor)
  5. humusz

    Chad T5 Battleship and Virgin T8 Battleship

    Dont Buff ODIN plz Just drop her tier to T6 Historicly accurate, as how Pre-Scarnhorst is at Higher Tier than Scarnhorst ? did cart is put in front of Horse too ? its build around the concept of same as Dunkerque class, but better
  6. humusz

    IJN Cruiser Turret Armour...

    I remember Furutaka Roof turret was actualy very paper thin. one of IJN officer jokingly said, His handgun can penetrate it from range of 3 arm lenght (around 5 meter) ofc its actualy cant, but possibly with 13mm Machine gun can
  7. Now ? now you level up her skill
  8. humusz

    Upcoming German Carrier Tech Tree

    Man, German CV is ugly AF. as expected of Muggle breed Conversion rather than Pure blooded Fleet Carrier. Manfred looks like Europa conversion aus F
  9. humusz

    YouTube Container Collection Code

    All code work for me  except this one. CL0CKWORKCAP70000 Delete one 0 at the end and it works
  10. From the mind of Game Developer it is. but from Viewpoint of game Publisher it is not. Game Publisher have many titles. If one title is fail because they push further and further into things that playerbase dont like, they can make the game studios under them do another game. or Alocated the resources for more profitable title. and They can resurect it after the hatred die down. (like Mass effect dissepointment, did people still eagerly waiting mass effect game ? oh fcking course they does. or Command and Conquer after the unspeakable pot of shit that C&C4. they annaunced they will remaster the classic C&C. and you know what, Every one is hyped for June when it will launched) Giant game publisher like EA can afford to do that, They can experiment and end up kill the game. let it die and resurected it with old formula that works latter. Because they have much reserve they wont go down just by Killing 1 or even every game title they launch that year Because Some Publisher never intend the game to last longer. they want to people to buy sequel every year. like old Assasin creed that have 1 sequel every year, FIFA series, NFL and NBA or Battlefield and Call of Duty Unlike game developer, which only have limited resources and reserve. if they Fcked up then go bankrupt just because their one game and their only game dont sold. Giant game Publisher just SWAG it off like it was twig
  11. Game Publisher not equal to Game Developer the destroyer always game publisher, some of them like EA (ofc) buying it for acquisition of Intelectual property, Human resources or to kill Competition. for example EA buy Bullfrog Studios. but EA dont make the acquired studio making sequel of their established games (like theme series : theme hospital, theme park etc). they make ex-Bullfrog dev develop Harry Potter series. which truthfully bring EA more wealth than every Bullfrog Studios portofolio profit combined. at that time, well even now. experienced skilled Developer is quite gem. so often they buy the people behind the game not the game themself
  12. humusz

    2020 April fools is a letdown

    Imagine if there soviet CV at the port after patch hit Homing rockets, Laser Guided bomb, Captivation aerial torpedo as flāvor
  13. Well, lets see how EU also facing clusterfuck from Asian Migrant. on this KoTS : 2 of 4 EU slot in semifinal were occupied by Asian Clan. VOR-EU and GKD. if they win on Saturday, Ego was Rubbed, Pride was Shattered, salt was thrown.