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  1. Kindle version is always Digital Amazon Kindle is eBook store for Amazon. its have less digital selection, but can be quite cheaper than paperback Conway is more detailed, but its like ensyclopedia of sort, detailed but Bland somewhat . I prefer Norman Friedman book
  2. you can buy it on Kindle
  3. Nope Indonesia however did Intend to Buy 2nd Sverdlov Class Cruiser with Soviet Union. in part of 2nd Buying spree to add their Naval Inventory from first buying spree (1 Cruiser ( KRI Irian) - 7 Destroyer - 7 Frigate and 14 Submarine) but Coup happen, and The new Goverment was hostile to communism. so all Soviet weaponary were neglected and scraped instead. The 2nd Indonesia Sverdlov Cruiser was even recorded in Conway Ship Encylopedia. Including Possibility of Indonesia Aviation Cruiser source : Conway's All the Worlds Fighting Ships - Robert Gardiner - Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1947-1995
  4. humusz

    IJN CL tech tree?

    If you follow doctrine there several gimicks - Destroyer Squadron Leader concept = extremely Stealthy, no Citadel, Light Armor-Light weapons, Seaplanes Airstrike wielding Gimmick - dutch cruiser wannabe but on German Destroyer Leader line Chasis (prob with torpedo airstrike instead) - Submarine Flagship Squadron Leader = Midget Submarine / Kaiten human-Homing torpedo Carrier (haha LOL). - Surface ship - Submarine blend of Ping Ping gameplay lol - What IF missing Generations = 155mm Mogami-Tone-Ibuki. Quite Basic, Non Gimicky, well known fun
  5. humusz

    Speculation on drop rates and China

    The shortlist have 107 ships. if you have 80 Premium as the Example stated. its decent chance you already fill your shortlist with lots of filler trashy ships Nah, it doesnt. IChase make a Video. where he SOLD all his premium in his WGCC Press account. open like 1000+ boxes (3 times) the chances you get Rare T9 premium, if your dont have any premium - in first 150 boxes is NONE (heck the first 1000 boxes iChase open have no T9)
  6. humusz

    Speculation on drop rates and China

    Well, wg use shortlist. So, it will be imposible to swindle Chinese regulation. Because say..... if you have 0 ship on Crate shortlist. And you want to know your chances of getting T9 Musashi from 150 box. The answer is litteraly 0 %. the Chances is unequal Variable in favor of Whales. If they publish the rates of 150 box. The player with 80 premiums ships will have like 10% of getting ultra rare SSR legendary Epic Musashi. And people with 0 premium ships on their port will have 0% chances of getting it. Im fairly sure, even most lax gambling regulation will find the practice..... Questionable. Let alone China lol
  7. humusz

    Torp fix....

    After like 2 Patches (roughly 3 Months) and 7 Days after, WG calm the player of the "QA of the torps Fixes" it still failed to deliver fixes, it realy highlighted tury comment on how WG developer not actualy play the game, Prob they test the bugs by looking code spreadsheet instead of playtest it lol
  8. humusz

    Torp fix....

    The best thing about the Torpedo Bug is........... "....while the torpedo bug involved game logic, and even though it was technically fixed within a week, it had to go through all regular quality assurance processes. Deploying such change through a hotfix is extremely risky for the game. This should have been communicated transparently and we will do our best to do so in the future" "we will do our best to do so in the future" - WG
  9. humusz

    Torp fix....

    They spent 3 months to fix prev bug. and introduced new bug, that can be detected if WG have actual "Quality Assurance" testing or Developer that actualy "play the game" ps. aim the center of your camera. so if your camera is off center from the Direction of aim. the torpedo will veer off course -
  10. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    https://kotaku.com/wargaming-community-manager-quits-alleging-toxic-corpo-1847648136 https://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/news/72467/ex-wargaming-community-manager-accuses-company-of-toxic-corporate-culture/ Kotaku and pc gamer pick it up lol
  11. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    after Yukon, he did post his departure from Ships https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240702-premium-ship-review-yukon/?do=findComment&comment=5498993 and get transfered to Tanks. only to be fired a week ago - followed by protest from aftermentioned WoT Senior Manager I think, Community alr has moved on, and put their collective pitchfork down. because he took responsibility and get transfered out - so, when The second Detonation of Yukon/CC exodus happen. many people including the CC involved think it aint fair to put all blame on His shoulder. - I mean the 2nd Incident is more severe, where instead of Olive branch extended to close things out. insult was broadcasted, Abuse were exchanged, and Tonedeaf apology were initiated - (and thats after Gnei were alr in transfered). HR of every company is always internal problem. but I clearly think, that WG and Community not see this problem from same lens
  12. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    No No I get what you mean. But, The community and the CC involved think he was the WG scapeGoat. He alr made public apology, that Stuff was clossed - the end-. The LWM post highlighted this "I am deeply troubled by how this has been and is being addressed. One of the cardinal rules literally beaten into Community Contributors with a ban-hammer was never to place blame or call out a specific employee(s) of Wargaming. @iChase was removed from the Community Contributor program for doing exactly this in late-August of 2017 because of his video about Graf Zeppelin. We were instructed to treat Wargaming as a collective whole. We were told: Wargaming's employees represent the company and any such grievances or criticisms should be levelled at the company as a whole, not upon the individual employee. So you'll have to forgive me if I am not willing to accept laying the blame at one employee's feet just because it is now convenient for Wargaming to do so. Chobi and I were dealing with Wargaming. We were not wrong to assume we were dealing with Wargaming. You don't get to tell us after the fact that 'you were actually dealing with this one employee so you have to blame them instead of us'. If this is the new normal then any interaction with Wargaming needs to be second guessed and the credentials of the employee in question checked. This will get really silly really fast, especially in community outreach programs like moderation, the wiki-program, Supertesting, etc. where every announcement or project needs to be approached with a trepidation that 'this time it might not count because maybe Wargaming as a company didn't sanction this'. Can you not see how this is a slippery slope? Specifically in our case, other parties made very troubling mistakes, including gas-lighting poor Chobi and I when we tried going through the proper channels to raise our concerns -- these are channels Wargaming themselves insisted were in place for our benefit. Do we get to place blame on them too or is it only Gneis? How about the tone-deaf offer of reconciliation Wargaming made earlier this week, which once again proved that those in charge still hadn't reviewed the chat logs that we made available nearly two-weeks before this article was originally published? Do their missteps fall on Gneis' shoulders? That's not fair to him. That's not fair to us. I appreciate that coming forward as Gneis did is difficult, but it's as insulting as offering us the chance to design some temporary camo for you (again) as a reward for dealing with all of this. " So, WG makes no concrete offer that has real substance, showing they are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to fix internal misscomunication issue, or the problem within Community program. and just sacrifice one fall guy. Gneisenau013 is only a Project Manager. The Tone Deaf reconciliation reffer to. After early Yukon shitstorm, WG offer to put at least the Community Camo for Yukon. only for LWM and Chobbitsu to be bammbozeled - again. because the Yukon camo alr done by art department, but Someone Higher up, didnt give the new Contact person the memo (or he didnt even read himself - since its in basicly discordchat history - according to LWM and Chobitsu). and basicly offerr another bullshit they cant keep. (and this unrelated to Gneisenau013) so, The Problem is not stem from 1 guy. and Firing 1 guy is seen as just scapegoat to avoid fixing the real internal rot - Thats what I get WG see, this debacle is happen because of 1 guy. Fire 1 guy - problem solved
  13. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    You remember this post ? its like, Follow up of that post 23 days ago. They did offer a Scapegoat (the Gnei Dude - followed by His supperior resignation) - and that what set the current dramaa.. and the Bigger dumpster fire one at RU is diffrent altogether lol
  14. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    That just pushing the Narative, I think WG narative is pushing that this whole drama is about Yukon and Missouri Bundle. While every CC (that out) said its not about Yukon, its about WG CC program as a whole. Yukon is just straw that broke camels back so to speak Depend on where you stand. Perspective might change. Im in favor long term damaged relationship, from CV rework, NTS, review embargo, CC feedback etc, the smoke alr seen like from 2-3 years ago. WG try to make it seems it just isolated recent incident. But I belive it was not - I mean the Dumpster Fire and War in Recent Ru Forum is not about Yukon. Yukon afterall is just NA project. But aside from calm seas in Asia looks like we can hear explosion of rage everywhere from beyond the sea
  15. humusz

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    Based on Victim testimony, both LWM and Chobbitsu seems to coroborate that Whatever Geni-guy didnt partake in whatever that make situation escalate beyond repair. I dont deny that He might have something to do about Yukon misshandling months ago. but the stuff that make CC Exodus - and LWM losing faith seems to be diffrent altogether (prob the one LWM mentioned about WG commitment to repair relationship, and recent abusive "relationship" betwen CC and WG)