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  1. https://wg-playtest.com/en/ well, cant say much with NDA - but if you want to try world of "infantry" lol
  2. WG currently in development of new ambitious FPS game. (which they actualy looking for tester right now) I would imagine, that they are in need of some Cash - that would explain their monetary decision lately
  3. meh, I already expect they will go that direction The Modes is plagued with people just "Feeding" for Supership tokens. it wont be long that they will be come to Random battle They have been run out Content. I mean Whats the point of having Pan European if There also DUTCH and SPAIN. it wont be long before Pan EU be renamed pan IKEA or smth They have been thinking of Implementing MISSILES for YEARSS now. You all must heard it once in a while. they have been itching for that, but it wont fit current T10. and Im quite sure, WG will Gaijin-nify by going to follow Warthunder path and have Missile Slinging ships in Future Unlike Submarine where they once said "NO", They never said NO to Missiles
  4. No, its experiment to prove shortlist and how it works. Did you even read the post. I litteraly wrote in diffrent paragraph about shortlist. You have 1% chances listed, but if you have not fill the shortlist. Your chances to get those 1% rare on the list is less than that stated The first 1000 crate give no T9 ships (twice). It proof that 1% stated chances were less than they are. If you roll 2000 times, with 1% chances to get Rare T9 ships and above. Statisticly you bound to get some if shortlist is not existed (just type 1% multiplied by 2000 roll in calculator, it would give expected more or less 20 Rare Ships). Thats why people outraged, because that 1% chance is RIGGED. thus its far from "FAIR" Its not proof how to get doubloon, its a Conclusion of his experiment. Beside, if you get copies of same ship now. WG give you steel instead of doubloon.
  5. Its the same Any Gacha Game also have Chance to Get ROLL ANY non SSR Character. (did you even play any, before making comparasion ?) SSR rate Character is equal to Best SHIP. and SSR Ships in World of Warships also not always T10 (so, WTF you talking about - Did Musashi is T10 ? Did Enterprise is T10 ? DId Missouri a T10 ?, Imperator Nikolai is T10 ? - Those are the RARE in WG short List) Each roll in Mega santa Crate (1%) cost you around $8-10 - Thats expensive. Most Heartless Gacha Game is $1-$3 (and if you pick $1-$3 Roll, it give you 0.1% rate) if you FEEL ITS FAIR RATE, its up to you - DId I ever tell you to tell how you spend your money ?. I give comparasion of Infamous P2W PREDATORY Mobile Gacha Game and that un-surprisingly have better Rate. (Also the Pic, is even a joke that Even chance of getting Corona Virus kill you is Higher) because you arguing its "FAIR RATE" if you get triggered, That you Need to feel better just for justification of your whalling - thats NOT of my concern :3 ---------------------- Also there is Shortlist, that 1% rate is not as rossy as it seem. because if not fill the "NoN-RARE" List bellow. the chance you get is even lower than 1% Say you have 0 ship in shortlist, and you Open 1000 Mega Crate. the chance you get is actualy 0 iChase made a video about it, He open 3000 Mega Crate. the first 1 Thousand. have not single drop of "Rare"Ships. He retry the test and again the First 1000, chance is 0 This is only PSA, I didnt give aff what you do about any of it. "This is a Hole - I told", if you fall, or if you happy with the hole, or if you decide to burry it, or if you want to fill it with money. thats not my concern - everyone take responsibility of theirr own action ----------------------
  6. 20 Pull on FGO cost you 28-30 USD at bundle Price. 20 Mega Santa Crate Bundle is like what ? 90-100 USD ? They both at 1% rate, and you said the drop rate is Good ? LOL Not To mention, Even Cruelest Gacha game give you Free Roll daily, and/or Daily login "Doubloon" and thats "F2P P2W" Mobile games - Infamous Predatory Practice. LOL Now, weirdly somehow I feel glad MiHoyo is not the at the bottom of Gacha Hell. because it seem the new Gacha Hell master candidate is here
  7. 0.1% Super Rare rate drop lol Even Heartless, Cruel, Mobile Gacha Game like FGO or RAID SHADOW LEGENDS. give 0.8% - 1% (Genshin impact is like 0.6% ) Azur Lane is like 7% Super Rare and 1.5%% for Limited Ultra Rare lol
  8. Old Concealment formula is : ship detection range + (Caliber of main gun x 0.03) Basicly even BB can stealth fire (with spotter plane). Back then Mogami is the BEST Stealth Firing cruiser - BY MILES. Since its 155mm gun - With AFT back then she can reach range up to 18.4km ish - and old expert marksman grant the Gun that handle like DD with Max Concealment, you have Stealth fire window - comfortably shoting anyone above 14km. with 4km ++ leway of spewing 15 shells at a time without retaliation its ridiculusly powerfull Stealth firing get nerfed 2 times before eventual remove. on German DD and USSR DD. WG put artificial "Addition" to Formula. so they can only have 1km - 1.5km ish stealth fire window. Kiev was freaking manace when people get it, only to get nerfed few days latter. a Speed Demon that have balistic to hit 15km accurately, and have like 5km stealth fire window. Kiev kiting slow BB like New Mexico, being totaly invisble, and even if you spot it - you cant hit it anyway. Demon, total demon - and also my demon (because I enjoy torturing people so much, after it release)
  9. I already lost faith, in Balans when they made "Total Number of Battle Played - over 5 YEARS" is included
  10. humusz

    WG Submarine Survey

    Up next !! WG Spreadsheet would say, playerbase very satisfied with submarine.
  11. humusz

    So many "broadsides" in Western servers

    http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/tableofaccounts.html Asia server avrg skill is indeed seems higher. As you can see from link above. The Avrg Borderline wr for player with more than 100 battle globaly is 48% (the so called avrg and bellow avrg player, a Median value - so to speak) . And playerbase in Asia that have Equal and/or less than that median WR ratio is 48.0444% of the server population. While "Bellow avrg player" from RU, amount to 51.53% of population, EU is 49.57%, NA is 49.89%. Asia seems to have more people that "Above Avrg" in wr relative to the player population. Disclaimer though WR didnt directly translate to "better Skill", but a good indicator nevertheless
  12. Balancing with Popularity Metric be like : "You all dont enjoy submarine ? it must be not because the gameplay is sucks, borring and garbage but because its not OP broken enough"
  13. The Old Economies are always better back then you will run into deficit if you constantly battle in T9-T10 without getting Good result. so people alternate playing T7-T8 and even T5 Premium to Feed their Shinny Yamato unsatible hunger for Credits Nowdays After Economic Revamp, you litteraly can Botting at T10 and do exactly 0 damage. and have no problem playing 7895 games with T10 in succession without shortage of credits - Great game economy ! thats economic revamp is one of what I realy hate back then. Because Accelerating Economies, they also need to keep Introducing "New Currency" like Coal, Steel, Tokens and etc - instead of say "ops, bad move" they double down and lead of a spiral of bad decision in economy now back to 2021 : Missouri nerf, achivement dont gib flag anymore , NTC
  14. humusz


    There 3 Main types of Assisted takeoff in WW2. 1. Gunpowder - almost all Catapult in WW2 use this design. especialy in small deck of cruiser. Reliable, widely used, but. It have big problem when used on Fleet Carrier. it cant generate enough flight volume. as Fleet carrier need to be able launch 5 dozen of aircraft in quick succession, which This system cant provide 2. RATOG - Rocket Assisted Take Off Gears. is fancy new immature technology have very serious realibility issue. the rocket can fail to ignite, the thrust is not stable, it can be sudenly turn off midway, left and right rocket might not provide equal amount of thrust and the aircraft will veer sideways in crowded flight deck. etc. A Fleet carrier required to sustain takeoff operation of Dozens of aircraft at once. a system that unstable and unreliable while also took long time for take off preparation. Say. if 1 Aircraft with RATOG require just 3 min of Launch Cycle, it would required 3 hours to launch 50 aircraft. while in comparasion current modern CATOBAR - on paper can launch 1 Aircraft every 60s-90s. with 4 catapult - angled deck, a fleet carrier can launch 1 aircraft every 20s - roughly the same as what unassisted Takeoff Volume of WW2 Fleet Carrier Flight Volume is the main point. it was placed above all in requirement of Carrier operations. its useless if you have carrier that can carry 200 aircraft but can only launch 1 aircraft every 3 min 3. hydraulic is the most interesting concept. In early days, the Japanese and British envisioned a Catapult to launch aircraft directly from Hangar deck. The concept was proven to be feasable, and implemented in Furious, Courageous, Glorious, Akagi and Kaga. but They failed to find Assisted Mechanism to fit it, so they using Unassisted Takeoff instead. but its proven to be to complex, Un reliable and unsatisfactory. and the whole Take off from hangar deck concept was abandoned The American put 1 step further and try to experiment with hydraulic catapult on Essex Class on hangar deck. Because American was desperate to launch As many aircraft into the air as fast as possible. It run into reliability issue, and the Hydrolic catapult itself not strong enough, that the carrier can just sail headwind and provide better lift than what Hydrolics system can provide Essex sideways catapult
  15. humusz

    Do you sell your LOW Tier Premium ships?

    You want trash ship to fill WG Shortlist so when you open santa crate, you dont get Emden or whatever filler ship