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  1. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Izumo is a very peculiar ships, I think many fell to the trap that she was clumsy, then adopt static, bow on only use 2 gun, thing well, the gun were decent, but not accurate or punch enough that if you only use 2 of them all the time its fell and was underwhellming. she also squishy against HE spam. just because she good at bow tank, doesnt mean she best played like unmovable fortress Yamato. (IMO conception that Izumo teach you play Yamato is wrong, she is very peculiar ships) she still horrid though, but compared to FDG. Izumo feel better
  2. 46k average damage is good?

    Yes, it was considered super unicum on Black Swan
  3. saying good bye to the kiev

    Old Kiev............................... stealh Firing railgun Firebote good time good time, I dont move into trashcan until she was nerfed to ground
  4. IMO for ships that have Ruder shift less or around 4s, propulsion were better well, prob only Akizuki in IJN line need steering mod, since her handling were horrid, and gunbote generaly put priority on rudder shift
  5. When it rain, it pour When it lost, it streak
  6. this game is beautiful!

    Well, as I usualy play with maximum setting allowed - Visual wise this game is nothing that spectacular imo - even with reshade. its the best graphic wise for its genre though (because............ lack of competitor prob) but its already dated for game engine. WoTanks already plan to move from it (and its seems a lot improvment) - so I hope WoShips can move it too this year However, I know your feeling. The first game I compared my newly build rig were Witcher 3. and the feel after geting new rig can only be described as Power overflowing
  7. My insight after passing through US ships that they were despite good overall performance they aesthetically not pleasing. especialy this low-mid tier ships (Texas, Wyoming, New York, New Mexico, and Colorado) only Arizona is somewhat better looking About new mexico spesificaly though, those guns have prob highest or second highest pen in the tier. the 35s reload is kinda restricted her to get better recognition
  8. Better for you sure. but for our TS here that said he is noobie with only 2000 battle ? he prob cant made proper use of radar on Mo I wont recomend Mo, Musashi is better IMO. (its always personal preference when recomending prem ships anyway) well.......... non T9 prem were actualy better
  9. Warships' nickname and fun fact

    some more Tirpitz called by their some german press "Königin des Nordens" - the queen of the north. However Norwegians jeer and give her counter monicker "Lonely queen of Ice" instead. since she was flagship without fleet, a queen without underling got caged by royal navy in icy region which made its sad and lonely All of The planned O class Battlecruiser (planned ship coded O,P,Q) is called "Ohne Panzer Quatsch" means "Makes no sense without armour". by the Navy Battle of Denmark Strait lead to HMS Prince of Wales being called " the coward ship " by the sailors. This kinda demoralizing monicker Forced Churchil to "washed" the shame. by using her for trip to meet with US president FDR in 1941 USS Hornet is also known by Navy by nickname "Shangri-La". this was originated by one of reporter asking FDR where Doolitle raiders come from (if you dont know doolitle raid was, go watch michel bay - pearl harbour). FDR reply half jokingly "Shangri -La" which mythical place from popular fantasy Novel - Lost Horizon. this mostly unknown their crew though. only for top Naval brass. then Navy decide to name CVS-38 Shangri-La prob to jab or nod at FDR jokes. or to just answer (jokingly) to public curriosity about some super secret carrier named "shangri la" that once bombed previusly unpenetrable Japan
  10. Sure enough if its 7km ibuki. but i talking about gun handling in overall, US have like excelent dispersion bellow 12km, while Japan have have modest but reliable one from short to long range I dont doubt you have succes in missouri, I also did. you are experienced player already so you know good positioning and prob being a bit more agresive to use radar but our lads here said himself he, was noobie with only 2000 battles, and prob half of it not even at high tier. If he cant made musashi work, he would also strugle on missouri since musashi gameplay is less demanding than the mo. Mo is better if the player have better understanding of the game, if not then Musashi is better and easier to play
  11. well IMO, Missouri can be harder to play. since you need to play a bit closer to made use of your radar - so its required to play a bit more agresive in positioning. and Missouri also cant snipe well, so even though the sigma is slightly better (0.1 diffrence), it wont blow your mind either Musashi at least have less punishing guns, overall better survivability, and easier to play effectivly. If you cant made musashi work, playing missouri would be no less chalanging imo
  12. Warships' nickname and fun fact

    well, I add some Yukikaze often got called as "shinigami" (ferryman of the dead) because every ship that goes with her all got sunk, but not her. and she often got to ferry (often dead) survivor home Ashigara got called "Hungry wolf" by the crew, because when she got to attend fleet review as part of corronation of King George V. one of British reporter critique the ships living condition by describing sailors there as ravanous hungry wolf, that hungry for battle. Its actualy sarcasm, but the crew took it as compliment and the name end up stuck Hosho is also called the fleet mother or simply mother, she is the origin of naval aviation for IJN also first purpose build carrier. The litteral term for CV by Japanese (Aviation mothership) have part where "mother" part reffer or used to honor the Hosho Kongo, got called by her crew "Old Bones" - because she apparantly got worked to the bone. she is the bussiest ships in the entire war, and she was very ancient by the time WW2 broke out Fuso and Yamashiro got called Disabled Sisters (disabled as to reffer person with disability) or defective twins. because they got flawed design - so they end up spending most of their life in drydock with repair than doing what warship does
  13. spec help

    Well this just my preference, but if you are heavy user. go for gaming laptop instead. if you like ASUS you should try get ROG series The main problem with non gaming laptop were, heat management and thortling. Gaming laptop series have better heat management, so you can use your laptop more comfortably, in some laptop even palm rest gotten hot to touch that made it very uncomfortable if in usage for very long session. then there is thortling, where non gaming laptop have lower threshold so they become less optimal than they should be. (you can bypass it but its can be risky) Laptop gotten hot fairly quick, especialy in hot climate like asia. in long work or gaming session they matter a lot even if the laptop have great spec on paper, if they have bad heat management. after 1 to 3 hours you wont got optimum performance, in game fps might drop, sudden lag, loud fan noise, palm rest gotten hot, random crash, etc
  14. CV Rework Ideas

    Well I prefer they overhaul everything not just AA, there also aircraft spoting that break or balance the whole coancelment mechanic so, I would like them to Start from sketch, with new game engine. and re-launch it at like Warship 1.0 or something. with all that restriction in place (those aura RNG thingy, UI limitation etc) they would prob just going to be shackled into same conclusion over and over. I would like them to Fresh start, for unicum CV and fresh player alike simply because, people that not play CV now wont going to play CV even after they fix it, (its prob only pleased returnee or mains) simply the population of CV would be not sustainable but a fresh start on whole thing would, attract new sustainable population. since it represent not just curiosity but also fresh opportunity
  15. CV Rework Ideas

    How to Fix CV : Step 1 : Move to New game Engine tanks got new engine Core in march, many of stupid AA mechanic were game engine limitation. the cartoonish aircraft animations, the whole shitty Aura mechanic, the interaction of AA, the pathetic Visual effect for AA, the laggy UI, everything Step 2 : Start from scratch ps. moving to new engine with that water dynamic would look stunning, and the ramming mechanic would be better imo