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  1. A bit about Florida, its one of prelimenary design for NC Kansas Design were heavily influenced by their rivals Nagato and QE
  2. humusz

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Finaly, die Fraulein ist full Power
  3. humusz

    Discussion Time! Dunning-Kruger Effect

    There also some aversion, EGO or sense of superiority by people, when talking about player made/community guide. (like... what this dude trying to tell me, he is better and im not awesome ? Lie, Lie !!) People will be more acceptance if the Game directly display, "dude, you sucks" "Here how to be DD, 101". than having their peer player told them so. But having Game that mock player for their incompetence can ruin the fun (for fragile people ), modern game tend to make their player, no matter how shit , that they are that they are doing great. But when dealing with multiplayer (esp extremly competitive deep game), its......... not the best approach to say the least. Because Modern games tutorial and beginer guide can also spoonfeed its player to much. that they dont solve Dunning-Kruger problem themself, only amplified it. so, Its still hard to solve problem for multiplayer game developer
  4. humusz

    Missouri '84

    no no they will give you all, USS Texas 2020 Leaking oil, disarmed, barely floating
  5. humusz

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    not bad for swimsuit selling apps
  6. humusz

    Discussion Time! Dunning-Kruger Effect

    well, there 3 common Psychology term usualy in Gaming 1. Technical/Mechanical Skills 2. Game Sense 3. Tilt Management Technical/Mechanical Skills - related to Motor learning, Motor memory, Visual motor tracking, reflex and quick thinking ability to make instant snap decision - and follow through with it. Some of it aspect can be trained, but Mostly its determined by Talent. Some People just can easily see 1 pixel of Enemy head glimpsing in less than 1 second and put a Bullet so precise it will hit. in world of warship its less Mechanical demanding game, but you can consider like you can gauge where the shells would hit. This were usualy high brickwall of what seperate The good and the Best. Aimbot, Wallhack, Cheats were the shortcut to pass the wall for people that just cant accept that they have shitty Mechanical skills. Game sense, is general/specialized knowledge of the game. The Armor of each ships, the HP of each unit, knowing inside and out of your weapons, what opponent weakness, what my advantages, Where the best position to succed, Where your allied, where the enemy, whats your enemy thinking etc. Game sense can be translated to other games - (as many game can share same mechanic, but also even to diffrent genre) - Most player belive it or not, according to research lean heavily on this spectrum to succeed. as not everyone can be born gifted with eagle eye and Microseconds reflex. Tilt management is related to Psychological part, "If you play long enough, you bound to be good" this is however not always true, a Drive to get better, and acceptance of Own strenght and weakness need for Improvement. However, Gaming enviroment can be as Toxic as Nuclear waste. If you shit at the game, you will get trashtalked - no matter the game, especialy competitive one (Thats the reality, get freaking used to it). How you handle the Tilt, anger, Depresion and rage to get better, is the diffrence. Dunning-Kruger, can be caused Illusion that they know all about the game, But totally miss True scope of the game, "The great player sees every misstep and every missed opportunity for perfect play, and beats himself up over it. The novice bumbles along missing all that but getting the occasional headshot and thinks he’s doing all right for himself.". The false game sense where People missjudged His own skill and trapped in illusion of grandeur can be caused by Lack of feedback from the game itself - like the lack of Tutorial, Advanced mechanics, hidden game mechanics, or games may have been designed to make you feel more competent than you really are (like built in Aim assist for example). and it cause psychological combination that cause by Player themself being satisfied by how totally awesome they really aren’t.
  7. humusz

    i am once again asking for your....

    WG always being cheapskate when come to prizes for E-Sports 😂
  8. humusz

    2 things I'm curious about WoWs x AL collab

    I think its quite simple. The collaboration were mainly WG innitiative, to milk the "weeb" per se. both sides surely profited from this, The contract can be profit share or 1 time Royalty payment or both. the ARP is previusly also WG innitiative, so initiator is surely wargaming. as for Yostar, they didnt have to use WG names, for PR ships system. like Azuma, Kitakaze etc for example. They can made their own name, some PR ship name not even WG exclusive right, like Gascogne for example. call B-65 Supercruiser not Azuma but Nanaki or Hiroshi for example, it didnt matter - and being completly independent from WG. If you look from other AL collab, like Holo-Live, Kizuna AI, Neptunia - where they actualy sell ships and Skins. The one where Yostar give free skins like Glico, WWF (the animal one not wrestling one), stardust is prob the one where they get money from mainly licensing IP to Partners. which I think same case for WoWs
  9. an actual person that mean 1 guy, Totaly swamped by Reports WG should give him overtime pay 😂
  10. humusz

    How to make the FDG work?

    How to make FDG works ? weeb FDG version, guarantee works
  11. K2 seems better than J3. Bringing 18 inch to T8 😂
  12. humusz


  13. humusz

    A Question for Veteran Players

    I like when the game economy is brutal, I feel climbing tier is worthed and satisfying. There litteral weeks or months climbing tier. Now with flags and SWAG, you can grind to T7 with like 3-4 games, T8 with 15-20 games, all those low tier is made forgetable as a result. People used to go back to low tier to farm credits to fund their Yamatos or Zao venture. not anymore. Nowdays Climbing Tier is 2EZ, that WG artificialy made player RE-Grind for NTC points.... and since climbing tier is EZ, they made playerbase busy with Missions, Early access, also CW, and ranked with packed schedule Charm of mid and low tier was forever lost - thats WG primal Sins for me