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  1. humusz

    Alternate reality Yamato

    NAZI drain the mediteranian sea, and turn it into fertile land which was given to Italian however a dispute brewed, as the new fertile mediteranian farmland allow Italian to annex and "cleanse" northern africa, mid east, and arabian peninsula from lesser race Germany consider what Italy do, was out of the line as junior partner in their relationship. so German just invade Italian and annex all of its possesion, effectifly uniting africa, arab peninsula and middle east into single rule, NAZI rule
  2. humusz

    What if Izumo was built like this

    The concept of Aviation Battleship is toyed by many Naval power, Izumo was one of such example one of many rejected design of Lion class Battleship was idea from Rear Admiral Bruce Frasher. he want a Hybrid Battleship bassed on Lion class hull in 1941, the initial spesification assesment, call for a 51.000 ton ships, armed with 6 - 16inch gun in 2 triple turret, sixten 5.25 inch secondary armanent and eight octuple 2 pounder mount. the Conceptualized Lion would have ability to carry 12 Fighters and 2 Torpedo bomber that can be launch by 152 meter flight deck. The Director of Naval gunnery despise the new Lion assesment calling it quoted "The function and requirement of Carrier and surface gun platform are entirely incompatible. the conception of this design is evidently the result of unresolved contest betwen a concius acceptance of aircraft and subconcius desire fot a 1914 Fleet, these aboration are the result of a psychological maladjusment" needless to say, the design was not pass
  3. humusz

    What if Izumo was built like this

    What Izumo design in game were conceptualize by Japan Naval designer, Yuzuru Hiraga. The things that many forget to mention, were the first draft of izumo also have 3 catapult in 2nd and 3rd turret. With crane behind the 3rd turret. Thats right, the Izumo that hiraga envisionage is actualy a concept of aviation battleship, the ship wide aft were dedicated for aviation while the forward section were for gunnery. You know which ship have similiar concept? It was cruiser tone, which also Hiraga brainchild. The aviation battleship izumo were designed to carry - launch and recover 14-16 aircraft. For comparasion Yamato can carry 7. While Iowa only 3
  4. humusz

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Dunno, they have their own reality grounding way of dealing things. Arc of fire might one of those things, if gk have better turret angle for example. It would have better survivability that wg dont want her to have 😕
  5. humusz

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    No they dont why would they ayway, Real Ships dont weave left and right like Boxer
  6. so the question was, will Torpedo buldge can be damage saturated ? if it was, doesnt dmg saturated section result in 0 penetration dmg ?
  7. Even T1 belt can bounce Yamato shoot, you should shoot the bow of Moskva not belt
  8. its line that seems melted faster in radar 14km range in TX, and same gun with flatter arc (diffrrent ammo or something lol?) mean it cant shoot over island its seem horrid experience to play - like entire line of huang he
  9. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    its been pleasure to have the discusion too 🙂 Yeah, the way I see how IJN CL should develop would be 1. CLAA line (which US CL and brits alr same) which understandable kinda stale too, its clash with IJN gunboat line in game and IRL it also droped in favor of Akizuki 2. CLT or torpedo light cruiser line - which synonamus with IJN doctrine as Torpedo squadron leader. its will be as expected would full of scream Terror and Horror of Torpedo soup 3. Scout - Aviation Cruiser, the mechanism would be big question mark. but with new CV rework there might some fresh ideas involving the new system (gimmick? abilities?). such as inclusion of Tone in heavy tech tree as possible T8 with Mogami, Oyodo and Agano on other tech tree which made smoother progresion phase. if I made the Aviation cruiser mechanism, it might be like how you aim torpedoes. but when you press a Small Squadron of aircraft would travel along the line, automaticly attacking first target it encountered within line with bomb or torpedoes. The aircraft took half time to travel compared to torpedoes but it can be shoot down and there only few of them. but with New CV rework, well the possibility of player control aircraft can be possible, doesn't. which also open few interesting premium like Hyuuga - Ise aviation battleship
  10. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    it might suprise you but, WG in a sense keep some historical trait and progression into the game. IJN HE is better, because IJN bursting charge did release around 20% heat and energy compared to its peer, American smoke last very long because it actualy were - all modern smoke generator were based on them, The soviet did favor high velocity small caliber guns for their navy (and olbesk arms plant in WW1 sometimes reffer as Krupp of the east - so Ruskies did made excelent gun) or How republique took gascogne as base instead of Alsace is also true, as gascogne represent paradigm shift in French Naval thinking. sure WG took creative liberty on "What if" to far. which can lead into questionable decision (AP only UK CL, HE flavor UK BB ? its like what are they thinking). but most of the time they have some grounded in reality. as I post above, if you dont like the idea of CLAA the other more possible path that somehow more grounded would be Light Torpedo cruiser (or CLT subclasses of cruiser) path - which another Unexplored territory like Aviation cruiser which might end up interesting. And I did mention how Japan CL did bring more float planes right, thats also because they are fleet scout, as IJN CV do not partake in scouting role, purely for Attack, relegated the role to IJN CL/CA as primary eye of the fleet not just your suggestion were kinda stale tbh (as it just same playstyle with CA variant just with more shells in the air) - IJN CL have quite rich backstory that can make new fresh gameplay, as it was asymetrical approach differ from other nations on CL which basicly just seems to be cast aside 🙂
  11. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    The story basicly, when the treaty hit. IJN have hit their quota for heavy cruiser. However they still have around 53.000 tons cap for light cruiser. However Japan at that time already solidified their Light cruiser doctrine (where cl act as squadron leader for dd. A squadron composed of 4 flottila each with 3-4 ships. They would do skirmish and force in recon while doing mass saturated torpedo attack at night. The light cruiser will acomodate a rear admiral amd his staff in IJN version of american CIC (combat information center). So, rather than building 5.500 tons class to fullfill the quota and building more DD for their matured doctrine to work. They decide to build 2 class of 8.450 ton class. The new class would composed of 6 ships, heavly more armored and gunned. And can fullfill the pressing need for japan lack of heavy cruiser for fleet escort when needed. The 2 class were mogami and tone. However when Japan pull out of treaty, mogami got upgunned and due to fault, and upgrades during construction tone would be finished as heavies. Naval historian reffer this as lost generation of ijn light cruiser. As tone and mogami do and act as what heavies supposed to do, a deviation of IJN cl doctrine which fitting as both of them were intended to be heavy in disguise After the mogami and tone, IJN back into DD leader style of light cruiser, thats where conversion like kitakami were propossed. However after Japan lost much of her naval aviation, there pressing need to have AA cruiser, some kuma and tenryu class were readied for reconstruction. Tenryu AA upgrade were canceled in favor of akizuki, while one of the kuma class (i forgot which one) were scheduled to be converted into AA cruiser, but she got sunk on the way back. Infact One of proposed agano kai ideas was using 10cm akizuki gun, the new IJN 10cm gun is proposed to be weapon of choice for light cruiser - or more correctly specialize AA light cruiser of the future. But afaik, the IJN brass decide that building more akizukis is more efficient(which was a wise decision imo) In what if scenario, if midway doesnt result in pressing need for anti aircraft defence in fleet. A light torpedo cruiser would be most likely path of IJN line. Thats mean start at Kitakami at T8, and more wall of skills ship on T9 and T10. Or dakka dakka line both can be amusing in the end
  12. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    yeah, and thats why, it should not be on the line IJN light cruiser envisioned not as fleet escort as other navies do, but as Destroyer Squadron leader. you have DD leader on other navies like soviet alt DD branch for example. but not for Japan. they used Cruiser to do the Job. They prioritise Heavy Cruiser to acomodate their "Outgun" opponent doctrine. Destroyer squadron act as skirmisher and fleet scout, thats why Many IJN light cruiser way smaller and undergunned than their opponent but carry more Floatplanes than their size should suggest. Mogamin is exception since its designed as Heavy Cruiser first, with small caliber gun to Trick the Treaty limitation. its not designed as Light cruiser first, but as Heavies If you draw line on what IJN come up, the Anti Air cruiser - DD leader was their end point. you could say their end point is closer to Atlanta or De Grasse (the 1946 one). or an alternate take would be akin of Kitakamis line, Torpedo spaming Light Torpedo Cruiser line as possible alternative ( start scream in horror you plebs - tremble before wall of skill cruiser line). rather than Zao with 155mm guns. and ofc Torpedo cruiser envision to carry Kaiten as their end game weapon - like cruiser oi do, you know that Homing torpedo that aimed by humans on board (thats wont made the cut though)
  13. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    There always not enough daka agano kai only have addition of another turret in aft, it have improved engine and AA radar though
  14. humusz

    My proposed IJN CL line

    Oyodo dont have torpedoes launcher mate, You want better T9-T10 look the bottom of those From top to bottom : Mogamin, Tone, Zao, Oyodo, Agano, Agano Kai, and Mutant Harugu-lol-anta with 24 x 100 mm Daka guns
  15. humusz

    How do you judge the worth of Secondaries?

    Range and........... the ship basicly, its not sluggish, its got good angle so it wont expose the broadside and its important to have ability for closing in to made use of that secondary all quality that Grosser Kurfurst doesnt have (everyone see it coming from miles away, broad angle needed to expose all your little guns to target, its sluggish and have problem manuvering in closing quarter) caliber, fire chance is secondary. if the secondary is on bad angle (like jean bart) they cant fire at all (despite on paper its seems good on paper)