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  1. there o7 member that chatbanned in those video "worth it" they said
  2. Yes, They have CV "hunting" party in NA apparently. they even have organized one for anyone who want to join. its so Bad, that WG warn them "to not do that" vid above is compilation of those "headhunt"
  3. iChase one of the oldest CC talk about Flamu from sideline, and how CC programe has changed. from "Community Contributor" the Idea that how CC role supposed to be Bridging the Community with developer. to, today CC which role is almost strictly financial oriented "we give this, Wg give that" aka sort of Influencer kind of things. and his take why community explode the way it is - (even if not all community support flamu) If Im sort of detective by the way, and IChase said the role of CC were "financial" side of things. you can get why WG being so Upset with Flamu. Flamu is the most influential CC in wows - By a Mile. Third of Daily watch on twitch, 100k subscriber on youtube, supported by thousand of Zealot CV haters. He is one of the Major actor that spread "Makarov"-gate dont buy Santa Crate Fiasco. and seeing How much money WG usually make you all open Wallet over Xmas. its quite a lot of straw to broke camels back, so to speak
  4. humusz

    Can SAP overmatch?

    When SAP hit....... first : the game check for 14.3 Caliber rule ( Armor thicknes < Caliber/14.3) it Armor thickness is less it will overmatch - ignoring any angle, but if armor thickness is more - the ricochet formula will trigger second : Ricochet formula (ignored if Armor Overmatched) If the Angle of impact is betwen 0° to 10° = it will 100% ricochet ( for regular AP shell the Angle of impact is betwen 0° to 30°) If the Angle of impact is betwen 11° to 15° = Shell have probability for ricochet ( for regular AP shell the Angle of impact is betwen 31° to 45°) If the Angle of impact is betwen 16° to 90° = the shell will not ricochet ( for regular AP shell the Angle of impact is betwen 46° to 90°) So SAP, Ricochet angle is 3 times smaller than regular AP Third : Penetration formula This where the similiarities betwen SAP and AP shell end unlike AP, which would explode after XX ms of Fusetime. SAP will immidietly explode upon impact if it was not ricochet. Futhermore, unlike AP which its Penetration Power, decay along distance traveled. SAP have the Penetration value Fixed - just like HE. For example, Venezia have 54mm Penetration her SAP. If the Armor, Shell impacted is greater than 54mm. The shell will shatter. if it wasnt, it will Penetrate and deal damage
  5. humusz

    Can SAP overmatch?

    Yes, 14.3 caliber rule for overmatch apply on SAP 380 / 14.3 = 26mm
  6. humusz

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    Shoot them to add it to your warcrime list
  7. oh yes, there is. the famous one was SirFosch . because he documented the threat there some other dude before him, which said "WG map looked like one of the designer's children had drawn it on a napkin with a crayon, and then had his nose wiped with it". He took down his video after the threat though, unlike SirFosch
  8. humusz

    The Zoupening

    "Look, I'm probably one of the most genuinely kind people you will ever meet on the street." 1 paragraph later........ thats..... uhmm, very kind of you
  9. it was, sir foch was threatened to put down his video or slapped with copyright strike. WG EU said in his statement said they were sorry for acting to hastly with strike. then WG NA jump to the fray, saying those WG EU statement were false, and roughly try to put all blame on sir foch "Toxicity" - and they right with all their action Jingles then asume, after talking to WG EU representative that whatever assurances of copyright strike by WG was worth jackshit. because WG is global company as Youtube is global company. WG EU might assure jingles, but WG NA / RU can still did copyright strike - with no problem whatsoever or disregard agrement altogether. because they can have multiple conflicting action, which made relationship with WG basicly not trustworthy so, its better for him, to just being no-affiliated with WG at all
  10. Also Lots of people seems to have conception that being CC got paid or getting in game goodies - that they envied they not get Also it come with leash, like Being restricted of What you can play and can not play. what you can say and can not say. Jingles mention that WG try to copyright strike his non WG games on his channel. which made him quit CC program. I know story of one of WoWs CC, that get severe warning because he ehem* Playing Warthunder "too much" CC required to produce content, Azurlane programe for example required their CC to produce like 1 hour worth of video every week - regularly you get ingame goodies in return, but its not like actual cold hard cash or smth.
  11. humusz


    its view range, not gun range ?
  12. AFAIK, its not succesfull. or not generating attention enough People preffer Funny Montage, Fails Clips rather than watching 1 dude bragging his battle so they changed the formula to that, and it resulted in WoWS Show: Funny Moments series
  13. Fun meme material, I should say
  14. WOWs, when the developer is to incompetence to organize E-Sport tournament that They bought the right to host one from Community. WOWs, when the High ranked competitive player vow to Leave the "official tournament" if the WG continue with their vision of introducing CV into competitive Excelent, E-Sport ecosystem - I must say when you want to have E-sport First step, you balance things according to Highest Celling (aka E-sports requirement). which they didnt. "We make deadeye, because many people request it" - for sure, I belive Dozen and dozen potato noob in A line is. but, if WG want flourishing E-sport scene. they should stop listen to wrong person, even if they are majority
  15. humusz

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    Imagine playing T10, 3 year ago you will sell your liver, then 🤣