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  1. humusz

    I just want to talk about Public Tests

    WG already have something that working. "Community Contributor", something that works since begining for quite long time. People that play like 12 hours a Day on WoWs, People that I would say mostly Realy realy loved and Cared about the game than most of normal players. (even if its mostly rant) thats many element that PTS dont have. But AFAIK, and from rant of several CC like iChase, mouse etc. WG cut many of the CC programe elements so CC no longer help in developing the game forwards like it used too, but turned into *free marketing and promoting manpower. I would say, you cant expect to get serrious data from PTS. good rewards, big rewards didnt matter. you would need proper player, that the PTS demographic just dont match
  2. humusz

    Maybe DMG Records for SuperBattleship?

    Not Overwatch, but certain other Ship PVP game.
  3. humusz

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    The problem is people play diffrently when its on test server. Not just because no one play them Also, maybe it shown the overall reception of "new class". Maybe people........ just dont want it? 😕
  4. humusz

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    But Soon, you all become unwilling Submarine Tester. and whatever WG testing for future lol
  5. humusz

    Maybe DMG Records for SuperBattleship?

    I dont think Their game engine can handle 22 continously respawning ships. especial if each time you spawn, you play diffrent ships
  6. humusz

    Dutch airstrike in action

    Airstike Spawn 12 Aircraft. each carry 4 Bomb that deal 8500 damage with 46mm Pen You can stack 3 times, and have 36 Aircraft that drop a total of 144 Bombs, with Total Alpha damage of 1.224.000 (Equivalent of Eating all 15 Shimakaze Torpedo, 4 TIMES - most shimas player wont event alive that long to drop 4 salvo in a single match 😂) All 36 Aircraft spawn 4km away from the Target, and All ship Flak were stop firing after Those Aircraft enter 3.5km radius of the ships - its basicly surefire they will drop shit load of bombs even if you have all 10 ships cuddle together in blob Castable from 13km away, no Initial CD, from a Ships that have 13.1 km basic coancelment The general Idea of airstrike was Fine, but the Numbers was just too absurd. But we all know what WG Balans Division do with Numbers
  7. The Initial Deal was, Dutch offer to Buy Scarnhorst Full Design with all necesary essential Item like Guns, Armor Plate, Radar etc from German (The dutch in turn only assamble the Ships in their own dockyard - in Essence its like Technology Transfer). its comparable to Japan Deal with UK when building Kongo Class Battlecruiser. But unlike Japan, Dutch is seen by German is not fully commited - so For Germans the Project was Lukewarm, Speculative, and lack of Ambitions. Furthermore, Dutch was not truely in cohots with Germany which make it risk to release full Design of Scarnhorst So, Germany was Designing them a New Ship, bassed on Preliminary Scarnhorst Design. which made it closer relationship to ingame Odin. The Latest Definite Design was to Ditch Aircraft and Aviation facility in Entirely and Lenght was as Long as Scarnhorst. but the Ingame Model still have Aviation Facility and Massive Crane to recover Seaplanes (Smallboat and lifeboat can be ejected with smaller Davit and Rope - no need for massive Crane) - so its prob a variant or pre-removal of Support Aircraft (as There at least 26 Variations with designated with Alphabet with several sub variation each)
  8. humusz

    PC players, share your specs!

    Mine is Mid range from 5 years ago, except 2060 upgrade from 2 years ago AMD Ryzen 5 - 3600 - 3.59Ghz Corsair - Hydro H115i 280mm ASUS PRIME B450M-K 2x16GB DDR4 CORSAIR VENGEANCE ZOTAC 8GB RTX 2060 super Samsung 256GB SSD, SEAGATE 1 TB HDD BeQuiet 650W PSU Bitfenix phenom mini-itx Case A Bit Dated, but at least can still run Lot of stuff, like Cyberpunk with Ray Tracing DLSS is trash for most game though, it would need at least another generation for it to be viable
  9. humusz

    Is it MAGIC!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Water is excelent conductor for Shockwave. 31 kg depth charge will totaly disable 1000ton ww2 submarine, if it explode within 8 meter radius from the boat. And cause considarable damage up to 15 meters radius. A single 5Kt Nuclear Depth Charge will Kill Submarine within 410m radius. And disable any subs within shockwave radius up to 697m There many cases where Depth Charge disable their own Ships, due to improper usage. Mainly happen to Submarine Chaser which have less trained crew
  10. When you can make weebs getting whalled for no effort. Why do the extra work?
  11. Cruiser Aurora only very slightly Bigger than Elbing. (like 6-7% bigger)
  12. fckin OP T0 AA LOL
  13. I heard this one, kinda a while ago. but dismiss it as crackpot conspiracy theory. well it did exist :x dayum