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  1. Bullet_Force

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.3

    I enjoyed the previous brawl (3v3) although the amount of P. Heinrich and Scharnhosts appearing in every game got pretty boring after a while but at least it was fun both solo and in a division. Then came Savage Battles with their 3 teams of 3 and that was really both fun and fresh. Then came this patch and new "brawls" consisting of one team of 9 players in a division against 9 randoms on a normal size map. Tried it a few times then gave up. Nearly every game was a boring one sided blowout. I even had several games where our team didn't even have a carrier or a radar ship... This new "brawl" mode seems to be the very worst of everything - take the normal random battle mode and very slightly reduce the number of ships while keeping the same map size, allow for a giant team stack, allow for one team to have a carrier and the other not and then top it off with a requirement to win 40 battles in 4 days?? Very disappointed at this to say the least.
  2. They should allow Tier 4 CV's to use the defensive fighters to support allied ships. Currently you have to wait to Tier 6 to use them but this teaches CV bad habits and as a result many CV players never learn to use them.
  3. Bullet_Force

    Team Work Improvements

    In addition to what I said above I think the map we get could be made more interactive. Maybe allow players to mark locations on it such as draw a lines or another way to signal to allied ships where to move.
  4. Bullet_Force


    I do those things but I also have the Friesland and in comparison the Orkan feels inferior in every way except it has radar and one torp tube. You can do well with it but for the same effort you can do a lot better with other DD's.
  5. Bullet_Force

    How to be...good?

    Cleveland is a great fire starter and can really hurt BB's but yes its a support ship you don't want to be caught out in the open in it.
  6. Bullet_Force

    What is the Historical Reasons behind Gimmicks?

    With regards to SAP shells for the Italians they actually did use them and they used far more then HE shells especially for their battleships.
  7. Bullet_Force

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    Sit back sailing around the map boundary, priority target low health enemy ships that will die to fire/torpedos anyway and occasionally help your team? That is what most Tier X BB players do. Oh and make sure to demand AA help when you in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the map doing nothing.
  8. Bullet_Force

    How to be...good?

    Look don't get me wrong there are players that have really bad WR's and are actually genuinely bad at the game (and probably most games) but apart from that WR mostly just shows how often you play in a division with competent friends. You can get the Kraken in a game and your team still gets smashed, WR's aren't something you can do much to change other then by playing with good players in a division and by having the division choose the best ships ie have one of the players in the CV, another in a Stalingrad and another in a top quality DD.
  9. Bullet_Force

    coal grinding

    Georgia and Thunderer are the two best options atm. Georgia is a fairly unique ship too which makes it worth buying.
  10. Bullet_Force

    My struggles with Orkan against CVs

    This ship under performs with AA compared to the description in the premium shop. Definitely misleading.
  11. Bullet_Force

    Tier 4 Matchmaking

    Those CV's need live targets to shoot at to improve their training. Battleships at that tier are basically cannon fodder so that new carrier players can improve.
  12. Bullet_Force

    Are people enjoying Friesland?

    It's a great boat one of my favorite DD's and probably the only true gunboat DD in the game. It's a great all rounder without any real weaknesses able to counter all enemy ship types except for radar cruisers. It's AA suite is also really strong. I like to think of it as mini Smolensk. High rate of fire, decent fire change, compact, has smoke. Great at killing battleship that come within 10kms of you. By the time they see that blizzard of shells coming at them and try and escape you will have lit multiple fires on them.
  13. Bullet_Force

    How to be...good?

    Winning in this game mostly comes down to your team, I've had plenty of games where I have done really well but our team has till been massively defeated. There is not much you can do if your team are idiots or cowards, just do best and try and earn some extra coin before the defeat looms. I think the most important thing is to know your ships strengths/weaknesses and be able to analysis the game, see opportunities where you can gain advantage and also know when to disengage. Try and think ahead and workout where the enemy may do because in this game it takes a lot of time to move around so you want to be thinking forward. Also I wouldn't worry about WR's they aren't really reflective of much and if you play in a division with decent players your WR will be higher but it's still not relevant really. Battle damage is probably more useful but even then its not entirely reflective of skill either.
  14. Bullet_Force

    SEA Server Horrible Ping and Server Overload

    I also have been getting games where my ping has been going from 100-500 up and down the whole game making it impossible to play. I presume its the server because my division buddies were also getting the same thing.
  15. Indomitable This is easily the worst Tier 8 carrier in the game and probably one of the worst premium ships in the game. It's an Implacable with its torpedo bombers removed and nothing really given in compensation apart from faster planes. You would think that if you remove the torpedo bombers then either the fighters or the bombers most be really good to make up for it but its not the case. Both are weak and the bombers in particular are a real let down, relying almost entirely on RNG and fires for their damage output. Against ships that have strong deck armor they do next to no damage. This carrier really struggles to output damage, which in turn means you are disadvantaging your team everytime you choose to play it. In addition it has very few reserve planes, so all up it has terrible planes and very few of them. How to fix: Allow more reserve planes and give the bombers more powerful bombs that can damage ships with strong deck armor so its less reliant on RNG for damage. Le Terrible A fast DD that sucks at just about everything. It's guns are decent but with no smoke and a 10km max range its still hard to dodge incoming fire while shooting back and dodging constant plane attacks at the same time. It torpedos are too short ranged to be good at anything but ambushing around corners or suicide runs. How to fix: Improve the gun range or torpedo range or both. Orkan A gimped lightning with less torpedos, no smoke and a joke secondary gun. Only good thing going for it really is the radar. It's a sluggish ship that doesn't really excel at much. How to fix: Give the secondary gun a lot more range and up its fire rate so its actually useful in a close fight. Improve its AA to match its description. Currently the gun is just for show and has no practical use.