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  1. blacknoheart

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    I agree with everything and everyone in this topic Definitely need to remove the nation restriction Only play current ops all the time is kinda boring Never thought I would say this, I even started to miss that stupid Ultimate Failure ops So please bring back the ops faster, wg, you all have been working so hard this year but we still want to work harder and bring them back One more thing, any chance we'll see a T9 ops in the near future?!
  2. blacknoheart

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    No way! Belfast need buff! Dpm buff or torps! How hard it is for wg to make a Town Class copy paste to replace belfast anyway
  3. blacknoheart

    Has the premium shop officially hit rock bottom?

    So we are milk cow now
  4. blacknoheart

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    Does georgia's have us tech tree dispersion or worse? I dont have massachussettes either so please dont use it as an example
  5. blacknoheart

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    This is the 1st time ever they are giving a T9 ship for free, so this is some sort of a test how much we are willing to sacrifice our live to get it! Hold on! Did they ever give us ant t8 ship for free before? Cossack doesnt count bcoz we still need to pay for it I like free ships but dont have the time fo grind it and dont have to money to buy it Probably I'll grind steel to get black to satisfy my dissapointment later
  6. blacknoheart

    WoWS Dev Blog's bundle of new news #10 - OH HAI OH

    being wg they can make full class of RM heavy cruiser. but yeah you're right, real ships is the priority for us fans. but for wg, they did say paper ships are much easier to do than real built ships. and I did heard/read/watched somewhere, think it's Drachinifel's drydock, ru made lots of cv design studies and a cv line is actually very possible. not that i want it!! (i don't play cv) wg "owe" us RM line long ago, so please wg, pretty please actually, I do mean ca as in heavy cruiser, lol. wanna look at how zara looks like in the game.
  7. blacknoheart

    WoWS Dev Blog's bundle of new news #10 - OH HAI OH

    why's RM CA's not in your plan? and you forgot RU CV
  8. blacknoheart

    Georgia is very hard to play properly

    what about credit gain?! is it misery level? musushi level? jonbat level?
  9. blacknoheart

    georgia is out

    Hehheh you guys think its unhealthy now? Wait till coulbet got release. 1 encouter against that stupid ship and I already wanna uninstall
  10. blacknoheart

    georgia is out

    oi they pulled out sushi not jonbat, jonbat is still in the armory, you got it all mixed up but i see your point, exactly what i was wondering frankly i dont mind salem gone eventhough i dont have it, its a manly dm but is the flood of t9/t10 prem ships healthy for the game? wg must be think so
  11. blacknoheart

    georgia is out

    lend me some freexp please !!!!!!!😫 still plenty of ships incoming that can be purchase with doubloons but why bother when all the goodies are now at t9 and t10 and didn't wg used to say they dont want a flood of prem ships available at t9 and t10? thats the stated reason for pulling out musushi and krongstadt isnt it? bcoz jonbat and alaska will be replacing them? does this mean some older t9 and t10 prem ships will be pull out of armory and tech tree to make way for upcoming new ships?! please enlighten me on this, wg so i can spend more money to get the ships i havent bought yet
  12. blacknoheart

    Single player senario idea

    Single player? Maybe you're logging in into the wrong game here? 😂
  13. blacknoheart

    georgia is out

    How the hell can you guys see all those details in that small picture?! 😬 Back to original topic, i'm probably gonna wait what currency they will sell 1. Siegfried 2. Smolenks 3. Coulbet And did wg just selling us alternate us BB line instead of making us one? Right under our noses? Surely next will be a 9 or 12 guns 457mm T10 us BB which will sell for steel obviously
  14. blacknoheart

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    There's lowyat.net discord channel if anyone interested, mostly malaysian Please contact in game if interested I think there's also a teamspeak channel operated wowmy/wowma clan, i think🤔
  15. blacknoheart

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    How about 1. T8 US Light Cruiser, cleveland class or whatever 2. T8 VMF Light Cruiser, Kutuzov replacement 3. T6-T8 RN CL, also buyfast replacement 4. T6-T8 IJN Light Cruiser More T7 Light Cruisers as they are more to use in Narai and other T7 operations