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  1. blacknoheart

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    There's lowyat.net discord channel if anyone interested, mostly malaysian Please contact in game if interested I think there's also a teamspeak channel operated wowmy/wowma clan, i think🤔
  2. blacknoheart

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    How about 1. T8 US Light Cruiser, cleveland class or whatever 2. T8 VMF Light Cruiser, Kutuzov replacement 3. T6-T8 RN CL, also buyfast replacement 4. T6-T8 IJN Light Cruiser More T7 Light Cruisers as they are more to use in Narai and other T7 operations
  3. blacknoheart

    Expensive Exercise to Play Halloween Ships

    Never bothered buying ny upgrades too, got loads of 5 star anyway. Next week's sunray however woukd be different, guess we had to really equiped those ships for survival
  4. blacknoheart

    Hermes failed?

    very nice never seen ruan did that b4 must be a case of Crimson Tide inside the ship
  5. blacknoheart

    Well done WG

    with cruisers cornstadt and stalingrad, who need BBs anymore
  6. blacknoheart

    what do you think about removing CV in low tier?

    all the more reason to remove them altogether from the game than to sustain them
  7. blacknoheart

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I hope this currency cant be bought with real money like freexp and credits
  8. blacknoheart

    The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    Nice fairytail Yoloing is not a hero
  9. blacknoheart

    ultimate frontier failure

    I agree with you on this one I go to operation to grind some ships and have "FUN", something very hard to get in random anymore, too damn stupid and hard to win Ultimate frontier was the hardest one already before this, now it seems on another all together they should make it the final boss of ranked battle I cant play random long anymore these days, but with operations gone the way it is, I see there's little reason to stay in this game anymore We've been playing this game for more than 2 years and invested a lot of money already after all p/s: been spammed by atlanta or cleveland in a BB instead of killing them in operations is not fun
  10. blacknoheart

    Space ships,how to get?

    win battles is that even possible anymore? all I do is losing nowadays
  11. blacknoheart

    Clan Battle Statistic

    I know, wows numbers is the only thing that can do that off-game
  12. blacknoheart

    Clan Battle Statistic

    i want to see my clan's page to know what TX ships they have stats doesnt really matter actually
  13. blacknoheart

    Clan Battle Statistic

    So there's no official clan battles's player and team statistic page available off line?! the only one we can use is through wows-numbers one?! CW already into 2nd season but wows official webpage still not doesnt have any statistic available except in-game I'm just asking here
  14. blacknoheart

    operation narai is back

    ahwai, please ask WG to make a narai for T8 and T9 the state of game as it is I can't play random anymore without swearing and cursing my team, my keyboard or my mouse If WG make T8 and T9 narai, I'm sure not just me and The_Mighty_Jingles that will be happy, but most population of WoWs will be extremely happy and play the game more