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  1. Ethan_Haagen

    Turrets (Edited)

    I agree with the turrets idea, but anchor... uh.. nope, I don't think WG like that
  2. Ethan_Haagen

    Storms, currents, surge, 6 degrees of movement

    Ohhhhh... I like the current idea (^ ^)b
  3. Ethan_Haagen

    STOP putting specific ship requirement for mission

    Agreed, but maybe not totally remove the requirement, but somehow change it instead
  4. Ethan_Haagen

    UI Things to do Check List

    Hi Guys, I'm new and Idk if this is the right place, sorry Anyway, I just have a game, and being quite furstrated cause I see this problem many times. The problem is, maybe DD are buff too much or something... Okay so I'm in a CA, and there is a DD 5km away, he was showing up on radar even though there is an island in the middle of us. I was aiming my guns and wait for him, then we both exit the island, NOTHING between us and he DISAPPEAR (ofc no smokescreen or anything) , I go like 10km more and almost get behind another island then bullets and torps start to come (almost dead, phew~). Anyway... so it's because of me or WG have some issue with that? Cause I think DD can't just disappear like that without smokescreen. Once again, sorry if this in the wrong place...
  5. Ethan_Haagen

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Hi guys, i wanna ask, when will wows have phone application like wot and wowp? I mean the assistant application
  6. Ethan_Haagen

    Loving leaving WoT to go to warships

    I don't know if this is a right place, but when will wows have mobile application? I mean not the game it self, but like a place for any news, events and stuff.... Sorry if my english is bad