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  1. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Revolutionary changes to USN Cruiser Tech tree

    Cleveland at Tier 5 - Please WG do this for next years April Fools/
  2. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Thank you wg for making atago an awesome ship

    Atago is a great ship.
  3. UnasSinkerOfShips

    ranting in chat = =

    I rant every game - but normally humourous Rants, not disparaging rants.
  4. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Toy Boats

    Play them! - Some of the most Fun I've had in WoWS for a while - plus the premium consumable and 50K in credits is nice
  5. UnasSinkerOfShips


    I have to admit - the Battles in these ships are some of the most fun I've had
  6. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Taking the narrows

    I wish I had some of my epic Troll Replays on that map
  7. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Whining actually made WG change something!

    Without full details around this - if someone ground their way up to Tier 10 with the standard experience rates received from a ship line, then the test ended and they had to do it all over again - yeah, I'd be pretty salty too.
  8. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Taking the narrows

    you can do it - the trick is you need to do it slowly, instead of charging up the middle. Sometimes I've succesfully done it and had epic games (5 kills, tons of XP etc.) other times I've been instasunk by a Torpedoe.
  9. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Taking the narrows

    Get you and a friend in a Cleveland - its about a 50-50 strategy, but nothing is more fun than nuking all their DDs, and then running rampant in the back field
  10. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Minekaze Rebuff Suggestion

    That is a Strawman, and not what I said nor what I implied - some ships could do with something to make them more competitive: take for example the New Mex vs the Colorado or the Cleveland vs the Pepsicola Given all the relevant factors, the New Mex and the Cleveland are simply better ships - its not to say I haven't had good games in the Colorado or the Pepsicola, but overall they are poorer ships than the their predecessors.
  11. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Minekaze Rebuff Suggestion

    Not so true - the Kongo has better range, Speed and Accuracy compared to the other ships at her Tier. Yamato has much better Guns and range at her tier By your implied logic - should any of those ships receive a buff to their stats?
  12. UnasSinkerOfShips

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    Fighter plane can also scout enemy DDs - Spotter plane just encourages sniping.
  13. UnasSinkerOfShips

    US Battleships Mainguns Despersion too High!

    If they want US BBs to Brawl then it is simple: 1: increase range/accuracy of Secondaries 2: Increase Accuracy at sub 10km Ranges 3: Decrease the Detectability of the BBs 4: Remove the Spotter plane as an option 5: Decrease fire chance/damage.
  14. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Minekaze Rebuff Suggestion

    She's still just as potent in the hands of a skilled player - leave it as is.
  15. UnasSinkerOfShips

    Russian vs U.S. Standards

    In many ways its the difference between an AK47 and an M16 - one is higher maintenance but more accurate, the other is less accurate, but more reliable. In the hands of an Expert with the proper experience - I'd pick the M16 everytime. In the hands of an Amateur - well History has shown us the results.