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  1. BBcaptain008

    Access FAQ

    Hi, today got warning, acknowledged at the button, but still cannot reply / quote / open new topic.... How long does it take after acknowleding until restriction lifted ? Regards BBcaptain008
  2. BBcaptain008

    What's your worst experience in World of Warships?

    yep - know that problem - especially with the smoke [content removed] Discussion illegal content. Warning issued. Twisted0ne
  3. BBcaptain008

    torpping friendlies

    good idea, though I agree with the other posters too, first of all the one launching should ensure no friendlies in vincinity, and secondly, all Captains top priority is sit-awareness. Why not show friendly (and detected enemy) torp-salvos in Mini-map ?
  4. BBcaptain008

    Hopeless matchmaking

    yet in training room also, even with enemy bot disabled and just floating, try to get a citadel on point blank range (300 m) - U ll be surprised about the lack of those...
  5. BBcaptain008

    fail tactics

    in principle I agree, its the same principle as "Kesselschlacht" (encircling on opponent) - as the circumreference of the outer circle is bigger, a higher weapon-density per sector is reached and therefore there is an advantage. Nevertheless the old rule to attack only upon an advantage equal or better that 2:1 isn´t without reason too.... From my experience (not in game) idealy You build three mixed Task-Forces -> 2x (BB/CA/CL/DD) defensive pushing on the flanks and one as buffer/defense block/tact reserve in the center (BB/CA/CV+ 1 forward scout/sniper DD) - just requires that the divisions cooperate accordingly. But that is an ideal which U even (if introduced) will not find on clans, so philosophiccaly only Additionally for improvement of gameplay (from what I have seen so far, mainly in Tier 2 - 7 though) a better sit-awareness of most of players would have much bigger impact, loads of are fixed on their picked target (e.g. kongo with 85% HP left) instead of quick shifting target as CA with 15% left sailing straight line by - foremost plight of each Captain is to reduce enemies firepower as quick as possible !!!
  6. BBcaptain008

    What's your cursed ship class?

    uuups - my bad, thought i clicked properly
  7. BBcaptain008

    What's your cursed ship class?

    +1 to that. for me too, i discarded CVs after trying 2 weeks - not my world
  8. Had that the last two days too..... until I realised - ITS MY PROBLEM One reason - I always try to play all my tiers until all 1st win XP are collected. If U then (for which reason ever) have to play a ship 4 times until win, the next one U win immediately, it by mathematically neccessity drops Ur average win-rate... Second - playing my DDs & BBs (throughout Tier 3- 6 mainly) I got used in med Tier to the fact that at least some players do know what they do and how to cooperate as team (communicate, adapt to tactical situation etc.). There U develope Ur own style of play (feedback-> Ur succesfull in grinding XP & silver) and trained risk-ratio which U then transfer to Ur low tier games. Bad idea. Also here situation awareness is priority number one. If U have newbees on team situation will definetly evolve different than with a majority of guys with 3000+ games. As a Captain it is my (Ur) resposibility to adapt to that situation and make the best out of it BTW - back to topic, 9 straigth until now is my highest
  9. BBcaptain008


    actually, yes and no. RADAR, as used here in Game, is defined as 3 to 10 cm wavelength (X-Band, S-Band, L-Band 9GHz-3 GHz), and so far, yes electromagnetic waves in that wavelength (10-3 cm) is partially absorbed by water - microwave, but to majority reflected. That is why if You U use an old analog radar, around the center U always see that "scatter" area where the reflections of surrounding waves are displayed. The problem here is that the angle of impact between the border surface of water and the air above is simply not steep enough, so the radar gets reflected and cannot detect the torps. Vice versa, a radar antenna mounted 5 - 6 m under water (although range reduced due to higher density and wavelenght adjustment needed, e.g. to LF/VLF) might be able to pick up torps (not likely as reflective square area below wavelenght U could use under water) and ships hulls, it would not be able to detect planes, as waves get reflected at the same border surface, only the other direction.... Similar effect U see on hot days above the tarmac of streets where there are layers of air with different temperature and hence different density, light gets reflected between them too (fata morgana principle). Militarily this effect is known and used in signal intelligence, as those layers produce a channel following the natural curve of earth´s surface, hence signals can be picked up far behind their "natural" horizon, or from submarine warfare (saline sound channels) where temperature and/or salinity gradients cause such a reflective layer under/above which a sub can hide against hull mounted sonar, with Dip sonar - Helo -, and VDS (variable depth sonar - DDs & CA) and in some cases even Sono-Buoys it will only work if transmitter is in a different layer....
  10. BBcaptain008

    What how is "bear" worth censoring ?

    Yep funny sometimes Yesterday wanted to chat some containing " BBs excepted" was censored " BB***cepted" because Bot thought I was writing "sex"
  11. BBcaptain008

    MM & Div Fail

    agreed, also U have to rely on Your Div-mate to cover U....
  12. BBcaptain008

    MM & Div Fail

    OK, Orlan is no great choice, but why should MM excluse me from div with my minekaze with some Tier 8 -10, as long as I am knowing what I am doing and I deliver my share (usually sink 2-3 enmies) ???
  13. BBcaptain008

    Japanese Destroyers + Torpedo Acceleration.

    for me that skaill makes sense for Mutsuki Captains only, it will reduce the range to 8km (6,2 km dectect range) so U have a comfortable buffer zone, during 8 and 10km range most targets zick-zack out of torp aim anyway, so U have to set a spread-shot, combination of smaller launch distance and higher speed significantly increases probabilty of hit....
  14. BBcaptain008

    TK working as intended?

    yep, had that in my first game in 5.5 too, with my Imperator touched another teammate (really only touched parallel running) and as I didnt hit any enemy before, my team/enemy damage ratio was 100% hence I turned punk immediately. Done some enemy damage during game (incl. 3 sunken) Then next game i hit enemy 3 times and suddenly I turn yellow again. On the contrary some 10 games later a teammate runs into a full spread of torps (we were knife-fighting in torp alley), blows up - but no reaction by TK. Seems it works OK so far, only in beginning (depending how often U played in 5.5 already) its easy to break the "pink"-treshold
  15. BBcaptain008

    Why there no penalty of teamkill

    not quite really just got flagged TK because other noob dd captain in big race - torp alley (G4) ran into my salvo, although all three of us DDs communicated to go there for knife-fight. Geez with 13 (i think) DDs on both sides You smoke and soup - dont You ? And every Captain going into that situation knows bloody well that sit-awaresness is priority one. Lesson learned the hard way - in future in snipe on my own