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  1. F14TomcatRIO


    glorious Nippon steel! I have long wanted the 20in 510s in game. finally! Will this be research bureau? or another Dockyard PR fiasco grind
  2. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    completed Dir 4 and 5, now i'm guranteed a PR, at stage 34 of 36 already.. bought gorizia to speed things up, and using the returned doubloons to buy only 1 premium booster current challenge is to try to finish Dir 7 so i can get into hall of fame. As of now, zero people in the Asia server.
  3. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    i took a snapshot of my flags before the start of directive 2. will look at it again after the grind to see the net usage and if i profited from the gift crate boxes and achievements.
  4. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    completed directive 3. gaming time 0530-830, 1030-1230 total play time 5 hours. used gorizia in 11 random battles to get the 4 million credits and 100k commander exp. i have quite a lot of credit and exp flags so i just stack them on. some good games gave me 500k credits and 15k cdr exp for 3 kill 90k dmg game. then played 25 coop battles to get the 22 gorizia kills needed and 750k damage. finished off the 130 citadel/torp hit mission with my salem-desmoines combo. i had up to 10 citadels per coop against those poor bots. each coop game was quick, less than 5 minutes on average. game rewarded me woth 8000 doubloons and i bought the 1 premium booster for 6000. and when i opened the crates, i get back 3000 doub. lol.
  5. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    wow. the daily tokens assumes you didnt missed any. i already missed 2 , which means 20 tokens, and that means a set back by 1 day - and directive 6 and 7 in under 20hours seems legit in order to get the PPM going. and that's where too many variables are factored. but thank you for the spreadhseet, i saved a copy myself and will update once directive 3 goes online.
  6. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    Dir 6 at least 140 coop battles Directive 6 is where things get slightly easier if you know how to game the system I start with the Eu/ Russia/ Pan Asia DD 7000 main battery hit mission. If you read earlier, getting the Friesland or Byswalica will be quite useful here. Friesland is a dakkadakka spam ship. So is the Russian DD line, so if you grinded earlier, you should have mid to high tier Khaba, Grozo by now. 7000 hits in coop games should be easy. 200-300 hits with Fries, Khaba, YY per random game is not uncommon, more if you spam bot BBs in coop. Remember, a hit is still a hit, even if non-penetration or richohet. 500 hits is possible with a Khaba! 20 coop games will down this mission. The next mission i do is the 7300 secondary with US and German BBs. owning a secondary-spec captain Bismarck, Tirpitz, FDG , and Georgia or Ohio will finish this mission with ease. again 200-400 hits in coop is easy. Looking at 20 coop battles to down this. (get the Georgia for Free with Coal!) The next 2 missions i do will be the Soviet, Jap, Italin BB 130 Citadel, and the German, italian CA 230 Torps or citadel missions. Play this in coop. assuming 3 citadel or torp ribbons per game, thats about 100 games. But its coop, you can sail broadside and fire away those torps, and practice brawling broadside shots to get better at randoms. I will assume 100 fast coop games. and the kicker after accomplishing the four missions? the 20million credit and the 150k xp mission are still rolling. See which one is closer to completion, and work on it through randoms. Voila, 5 missions done. I will skip the 350k xp on soviet or US CA mission as it is a waste of flags , and the German/French DD 50K base xp will take eons because of CV rework and radar - you will probably take another month.. Dir 7 - this is the nigh impossible directive 150 Random battles (estimated, and with lots of flags and camo) Skip all the 350K Free Xp missions. it is impossible even with flags and camos. the common thread is Tier 10 UK ships. you should aim to have Mino, Conqueror, Thunderer, Daring. Here is why. I will start with the three 350k XP missions : UK, italian Cruisers (tier 8 and above) UK, US BBs (tier 8 and above) UK, Pan Asian DD (tier 8 and above) Slap credit flags on the tier 10s that you have in those classes. keep rotating them until you finish the 20million credit grind mission. By this time, you would have shaved of some of the 350k xp - if you had xp flags etc and good games, this could vary from 100-200k xp clean done within 30 games per mission and lots of flags and camo expended. THIS would also mean that you would have shaved off a lot of the 1.1million xp (tier 8 and above mission) . From here on, you could concentrate on finishing the three 350k XP missions and hence complete the 1million xp for the fifth mission. You can use tier 8 to tier 10 premiums from other lines, if you already finished the 350K xp missions.
  7. F14TomcatRIO

    Thread for tips to completing PR Directives

    it will be a grindfest Here is my own strategy for the grind, with what ships i have. I have plenty of flags and camos accumalated over the last 4 years, hence it might be a little unfair to the newer gamers. But, i have done the below based on my personal skill level. 49% wr hahahah i am average not unicum nor potato. Directive 3. up to 40 Coop games and 25 random battles For those with Gorizia - grind the 4 missions. There is synergy with the 48K base cruiser xp. I estimate with flags and good games, i could finish in 25 Random battles with the Gorizia. Make up any shortfall of dmg with coop mission. For the remainder of the cruiser xp, play COOP with cruisers to get 130 citadels or torpedoes. Good to have UK , german and Japan line for doing both ribbons at the same time, US Des monines and high tier soviet line works well too for citadels. Assuming 3-6 of the needed ribbons per game, you are looking at 40-20 coop games (about 400 to 200minutes (6 hours to 3 hours) if each game is 10mins get the remainder balance of the 48k cruiser xp through Random PVP battles. and you are done with the 6 missions needed. For Directive 4. 100 Random battles its impossible to aim for 950k xp or 9,3 million damage. These should be "by the way" kind of goals. instead, focus on 5 countries to grind 27K base xp. For me, i am still mid tier for CA, BB and DD lines for German, Russian, French, Italy, and Pan Asia. This means that i can take the opportunity to grind up my T6, T7 to T8 and beyond, which will be very important and useful for the later Directives. 27K base means about 20 battles per country (1.2k xp per battle), for total of 4 countries. 80 battles. you won't win all and won't lose all either, and each might be 10 to 20mins long depending if you die early or drag out. If you die early, dont waste time, move onto another country's ship. If you are bottom tiered, there is an advantage by hitting higher tier ships- thats just the mechanics of how xp works. I also have 1.5million spare Free XP. Getting the Friesland with Free XP or Byslwaica with Coal is a good choice as you can easily knock off the European mission with 14,500 Base Xp (about 15 battles of 1K xp each). Do consider converting Free XP. Friesland will be useful in the next few Directives also. This means about 100 battles for Directive 4. If you are good, you might shave off about 5million damage (50k dmg per game). The remaining 4.3 million can be carried over and finished in later directives. For Directive 5. 100 coop, 140 random games minimum i would start with the French, Jap BB 1700 main battery hits in coop. with a normandy, Lyon, Jean Bart, and the entire t5-t10jap line plus musashi, this could take about 60 games, assuming 30 hits per coop game. (you need to account for loading, and how fast the bots get sunk by your teammates). The trick is you need not sink ships, overpens, ricochets, torp belt hits all count as hits. Fire away at those DDs and CA to your leisure. A hit is still a hit. next i will do the US, Soviet and EU DD grind for 50k base xp in Randoms. keep rotating , dont stop. I expect that CVs will still sink dds easily so maybe 500-800 base xp per random game. hence looking at maybe 80-100 games in Random, but life will be short if there is radar and cvs, you wont last 5 minutes a game. following that, do the Jap and Pan Asia DD 200 fires and flooding ribbon mission, in COOP. load my flags and shoot away. keep getting those fires. assuming 5 ribbons per game, that is 40 games. If you have to ram a bot ship to get a flood. Ram. a flood ribbon is still a flood ribbon. next i will do the Jap/ italian 47 million potental dmg, (or the US German one works as well). Personally I've grinded out the Jap ca line 3 years ago, and boy the mogami, ibuki, takao , atago and zao can dodge rounds. Apply rudder shift and kite. torpbeats will help too. 1 million potential dmg per game is not uncommon in a Tier X fest. 40 random games should do it. And while you are doing all these 4 missions, the 20milion credit and 150k base xp missions are still rolling. By the end of achieving the earlier 4 missions, see which of the 2 is closer to completion, and work toward finishing it then. Personally i have the Missouri, so this is no issue for me. A few flags and camo and a few randoms should close the credit gap. Or, you could ignore the two 47million potential dmg missions, and focus on the 20million/ 150k base xp missions..
  8. i thought i start a thread on those who intend to grind the PR directives and finish. Sharing tips and tricks, and time taken. Directive 2 finished using 33 random battles and 7 coops. I run premium time (bought it last year when they had the year long sale - so its for long run benefits). Bought a Gorizia and had 20 battles on it to complete the 4 missions. Following that, i used cruisers only in randoms and coops - T10 Salem, Des Moines , Zao and Smolensk to get the fires, citadels and torps needed to hit 150 ribbons. There is synergy with the Cruiser exp because Goriza grind gave me about 70k exp. Using flags on the T10s, this qucikly brought me past the 135K cruiser experience needed for the last mission to complete directive. I could have completed faster but i had a few lousy games in Zao and Des Moines with potatos.. total gaming time spent: 8am-11.15am, lunch, 1pm to 4.30pm (6.5 hours)
  9. F14TomcatRIO

    dockyard tokens reset to zero !

    issue resolved. server working again
  10. F14TomcatRIO

    dockyard tokens reset to zero !

    server having an error logging in, and all my dockyard tokens reset to zero (100 before 2000Hrs, then became 0 at 2015Hr)
  11. Has anyone sold off the british cvs for xp using the inventory ? are we able to?
  12. F14TomcatRIO

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    had a few good games with a 10pt capt.. including this monster kraken game where i took out 1/2 of enemy.. could have been 7 kills but alert teammates helped to kill a gvenny that was rushing me and a aoba that was double cit with 500hp remaining... i run a normal 10pt captain ..ar and ce. put fire prevention flags bcos german bb is firewood.
  13. F14TomcatRIO

    What if Izumo was built like this

    no 460mm. how about 500mm 20 inchers..8 of them
  14. F14TomcatRIO

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    allow us to choose when we want our Premium time to be activated. eg when we get crate or reward with 1 day, 3 day premium time, let us choose when to activate. Makes no sense when they drop a random container and I am able to use 3 hours of that premium time because I need to work and a life outside. Remove OCEAN map please.
  15. Anyone facing facing the same issue tonight? On login page, Error Connecting Server. Server Busy. Unable to login. was in the middle of a match and got logged out.