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  1. Has anyone sold off the british cvs for xp using the inventory ? are we able to?
  2. F14TomcatRIO

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    had a few good games with a 10pt capt.. including this monster kraken game where i took out 1/2 of enemy.. could have been 7 kills but alert teammates helped to kill a gvenny that was rushing me and a aoba that was double cit with 500hp remaining... i run a normal 10pt captain ..ar and ce. put fire prevention flags bcos german bb is firewood.
  3. F14TomcatRIO

    What if Izumo was built like this

    no 460mm. how about 500mm 20 inchers..8 of them
  4. F14TomcatRIO

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    allow us to choose when we want our Premium time to be activated. eg when we get crate or reward with 1 day, 3 day premium time, let us choose when to activate. Makes no sense when they drop a random container and I am able to use 3 hours of that premium time because I need to work and a life outside. Remove OCEAN map please.
  5. Anyone facing facing the same issue tonight? On login page, Error Connecting Server. Server Busy. Unable to login. was in the middle of a match and got logged out.
  6. F14TomcatRIO

    US Cruiser Collection not available?

    ok thanks!! mods/ admin can delete. I have found my answer. now to get a american freedom container
  7. Hi, i tried to find the key to US Cruiser Collection under my 'Collection' page but it is not there. Do I have to unlock the collection through some special mission first like completing first mission of Indianapolis? thank you.
  8. F14TomcatRIO

    Winrate is Meaningless

    hi interconkw! met you several times in battle. sometimes on the same team, sometimes on opposing team. win rate can be disappointing, especially when u end on a lousy team - like that battle where i massacred 1/3 of the your team which scurried and did nothing, or one where i was on ryujo and tried my best to cover everybody and we won a hard fought one. good days, bad days.
  9. F14TomcatRIO

    Battle of the North Cape - Mission 4, Task 2

    task 1 and task 2 are bugged. i did 80k damage to BBs .. none of it was recorded. even destroyed a main turret of a iowa - still not counted.. whyyyyy
  10. battles wont load and my whole display card and laptop went bananas. flickering screen with garbled code.. restarting doesnt work and now my whole laptop is kaput