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  1. Kimberley8

    WoWS Update 0.7.8

    Graphic display not working after update 0.7.8 , screen resolution 1920X1080 used to be working perfectly is wrongly displayed and is regarded by game client as "low resolution" and can't even display the 4th carousel. Problem solved after resetting many settings and reinstall drivers..
  2. Kimberley8

    Frequently disconnected from Asia server

    I experienced similar problem and it hasn't improve yet.
  3. When will WOWS start to care about the OZ players? It has been a long time. My cable internet is fast and stable everywhere else except WOWS. Server lag and disconnection maybe tolerable for randoms but during Ranked battle it becomes unacceptable. My team mate were about to report me AFK as I was disconnected and can't log back in for a whole 8 mins during RANKED! I had to stop playing so not to disadvantage my team.
  4. I have been experiencing extreme lags (600 to 1000+ ) almost every night around 9pm to 11pm in Sydney in the recent month. And it goes back to normal randomly without any intervention. I have tested my internet connection many times and speed are fine (<10ms ping and 30+MBS) to everywhere else except to WOWS game server. Has anyone else experienced the same?
  5. Kimberley8

    Radar for cruisers

    Too many ships of a particular class is mainly a matchmaking issue WOWS should improve on that. And isn't it true that the rise in DD population is due to WOWS very own introduction of new DD branches?
  6. Kimberley8

    Radar for cruisers

    Every DD player knows you shooting torp at 10 km is like winning a lotto... I guess it is a goof thing that I stopped playing DDS and pickup chap and German BB early lol
  7. Kimberley8

    Ping issues

    My cable connection is consistently 100ms+, really hope they can setup a server in Oz
  8. Kimberley8

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Just had a few games in both US T8/T9 and JPN T8/T10 DD(all 19pt captain with CE and RL) and noticed RL is always used by one or more enemy ships. This skill made sneaking behind enemy line unsuspected impossible. I think the biggest winner from this skill are the CVs or camped BBs, because they don't have to worry about unsuspected trops from behind anymore. My 19 pt T8 kagero with engine boost managed to chase the running away enemy CV to 9.8km before i am killed by returning Russian DD. Is this what WOWS want? game play with no surprises?
  9. Kimberley8

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    This skill is too powerful. Imagine a DD or those premium ca in smoke and a shima with this skill and 15 ready torps near by... especially those small caps, everyone would know exactly your entry point and direction you are traveling... and I think it will encourage torp spamming to minimise risks. As a DD main I don't think I will be go in the cap first.. radar is already scary enough ...
  10. Kimberley8

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    Would have thought the new economy will encourage a little more aggressive play style, but.... Everyone is different, there is no uniform right or wrong, after all it is only a game supposed to be a fun place for everyone, relax and try to enjoy
  11. Kimberley8

    Suggestion to penalise "lazy"players

    Maybe it is time for wows to optimise the loading process...however starting 3 mins after the game start is a burden to the team in anyone's language and I guess you don't play the ranking games to notice any complaints
  12. Kimberley8

    Why are people like this allowed to play?

    Relax...that's life. I main in DD, I am expected to cap, to reveal enemy ships so my team can shoot, to deter BBs and to detect incoming torps... and too often and especially when I am dead I found my team have retreated or shooting safely behind island cover.... but do I too find warmth and comfort when fellow CA and BB follow me in so my effort or death is not wasted... and I thank the CVs every time for sending a plane ahead when capping..
  13. Kimberley8

    Suggestion to penalise "lazy"players

    I do, but if it takes more than 2 minutes after the game started to load then it really need an upgrade. Btw Until mid 2016 i played with a 6 yrs old i5 laptop for more than a year and never had issues starting the game on time
  14. Kimberley8

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    Agree, we see more and more ships equipped with radar and some even upto 11.7km radars and already have skills and modules to boost torps detection range and combined with last year's DD nerf(both torp range and torps detection increase upto 2.5km for JP t10 torp), There is very little stealth left for DDs. And soon every ship can know precisely which direction DD is at... I imagine 2017 will be a good year for DD hunters... Derogatory. Post edited. User sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8251-notice-on-the-abbreviation-of-japanjapanese/
  15. Often encounter teammates that are not moving in the first few minutes of the game and that first few minutes can mean win or lose for an team especially when it is a DD or CV. This data can be easily collected by the game developers. Suggest to introduce an penalty system for repeat offenders or anyone that don't move that say 2 minutes after game start.