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  1. JuicyLilBee

    Quick Message Voiceover?

    What happened to all the quick message voiceover modifications (ones that are included in the game client)? None of them works anymore.
  2. JuicyLilBee

    T10 Ranked?

    IMO, people should only be playing ranked if they have enough experience and know what to do with certain ships. By making ranked for T10 only somewhat filters out players who are new to the game. However, it does suck for players who are at T8/9 but not T10 yet. WG can always put premium camouflages on sale
  3. JuicyLilBee

    T10 Ranked?

    As I said, "for most people". If you've spent all these time grinding up to tier 10, I assume you should know what you are doing and what you are supposed to do with the type of ships you are playing.
  4. JuicyLilBee

    T10 Ranked?

    I'm a DD player, it does suck when you getting rotating radar scouts by the enemy team, but as a DD, people should always pay attention to positioning (not just themselves, but also enemies with radar/hydro). Which makes it more challenging and fun(I suppose? For me at least)
  5. JuicyLilBee

    T10 Ranked?

    Why wouldn't WG make ranked battle for T10's. We worked hard up our way here, and it would really nice if we can have the same treatment as WOT. Being a T10 means you have more experience and know better about what you are doing (for most of people), doesn't it also improve the over all ranked experience for players?
  6. JuicyLilBee


    You deserved it