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    Bugged in a match

    This has happened 3 times in game out of the 4 I have played in Random Battle since the patch. Everything seems fine when i load into the game but out of the blue, my UI would just freeze and glitch up and whilst my ship continues moving. The UI would also just remain in the location that it glitched up in. I can still fire my guns but i cant see where i am firing at and i basically am unable to play the game. I have tried ending world of warships in the task manager and then relaunching the game but i would return to a similar screen once i am in. Either that or i would be stuck in the loading screen. Also note that the game did not crash and there was no error log recorded. Obviously, i was probably reported a few times and have received the pink status twice due to this glitch/bug. This has happened both on my worcester and gearing. Please note that the screenshot that was attached was when i tried reconnecting to the game and was successful.