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  1. ARP Yamato doesn't worth the amount of doublon they put at, it is basically reskinned Yamato with nothing to it's name, not even close to the anime they collaborate with, ARP Yamato is highly advanced ship and Flagship of Fog Fleet it is more advanced than Azur Lane Siren or Kancolle Abysmal, it basically has every consumable imaginable in the game but none of it was added, I know there is Klein Field consumable in the game because of halloween event but being typical WG they give ship handicapped it doesn't even have the consumable it deserve, heck if you follow anime the captain herself can have Nikolay Kutnezov skill, it is probably one of the worse deal I've ever seen for playing this game for so long, other premium ship has gimmick while this have none, it just reskinned like Roma reskinned as Littorio. It is Yamato from the line which you can get for free the only different is the camo, same flat 32 mm 410 mm belt armor layout, same not so great AA, same lousy repair, same Legendary mod, same dispersion, same AP/HE damage, same cheek weakness, same horrendously slow turret traverse, same potato consumable and same horrible secondary it is true testament of lazy game design just copy paste and put it for sale, buying this ship is irresponsible act and endorse developer lazy attitude. Unlike MAYA even though it is same copy paste from Atago, the ship itself is premium ship great when you are into seal clubbing, thick belt and annoying HE also have one of the best Concealment in the game, her torpedo is viable for kiting and one of few tier 8 cruiser that have repair party.
  2. Cryzhentia

    Typical bb game of today's meta

    even Russian BB cannot withstand HE for long they have limited damage control party you wont see that many kremlin in the game because it has 19km MAX range non negotiable it cannot be extended it is way worse than T10 german BB with 21km normally but you can add range to 24km, the only answer now us to play as cruiser with smoke or play soviet cruiser, if you like BB play Yamato and shoot from far away or easiest path is to play as thunderer or conqueror or you can try to play as Montana with legendary upgrade montana can be tanky it has decreased duration to fire and flooding but still you take full brunt of HE damage because the deck is not thick enough to withstand 457 HE. new player will grind for the ship they like if they make every ship good or even decent I think that will give them cash flow, many premium ship now is just lazy copy paste existing ship it is extremely disappointing to see, example is like ARP Yamato, there is nothing special about it beside fancy camo and they put in for sale for 30K doublons, it is lazy ship that doesn't deserve to be sold, it doesn't even close as real ARP yamato in the anime, no armor variation, nothing special beside fancy looks.
  3. Cryzhentia

    Typical bb game of today's meta

    nothing can be done beside trying to out range it, it is a problem since the start of this power creep, most of old ship is not even adequate enough to deal with other newer ship, 32 mm armor used to be great and 30 mm armor used to be enough but now there is a cruiser that can pen this thing, most HE will get through it, it is basically no armor whatsoever, German BB in lower tier is tough nut to crack but when it becomes tier 10 it is just big target with basically no armor with thunderer Meta, Yamato still can deal massive damage to it, not to mention getting rained by HE from Worchester or Smolenks it is no longer has it's former glory, to get closer meaning first blood, and like you said armor means nothing vs 457 HE or 460 AP or 510 AP, tier 10 BB HP is not enough to tank the damage two cruiser could easily and quickly destroy a BB, it used to be enough when only 406 in the game and 460 but now it is not enough, few cruiser even have HP pool that almost rival a BB like Stalingrad for example and have thick belt to deflect most AP. what WG need now is revitalizing old ship to make it great again or at least in playable state or else player will shoot further and further, in real battle shooting like 20 KM would yield little result unlike here it can deal considerable damage to enemy ship if they doesn't evade or you have great aim, ZAO used to be great but now not so great it has very low armor and HP pool compared to newer ship it is already past it prime, now it is Soviet cruiser meta thick armor and slim ship hard to hit by most unless again thunderer or conqueror, HE oriented BB. for a BB Thunderer and Bourgogne probably one of the best ship to have, a HE spammer doesn't need great aim you just need to hit the enemy for chance of fire, for a destroyer you just need Halland or Smalland for that sweet hypersonic torpedo and great to ward off CV.
  4. Cryzhentia

    ARP Yamato etc

    it is another copy paste just like how they smack Roma with Littorio different names same ship, right now I only want the captain for collection purpose but to buy basically another Yamato deal that is no different from the Line IJN ship might as well pass it lol. I am willing to buy if it has something different about it not just camo BTW, buying this ship is irresponsible in my opinion the dev is so lazy buying it support their laziness and it will bite you later as customer, it is exactly Yamato from the line, nothing changed nothing added, it doesn't even have laser of fancy animation or sound when shooting. at least if they do this in the name of collaboration put something from the anime as it's skill or maybe improve something because ARP YAMATO is highly advanced ship it has shield, cannon, missile, torpedo and stuff but none of this was added, heck it is using nano material for repair, if you want this ship for cosmetic purpose might as well find ARP Yamato mod, it is free and no fuss.
  5. Cryzhentia

    ARP collaboration

    From all Premium ship they sell this one basically just another Yamato camo, unless they put something different I think it is not work to buy, MAYA is just another Atago nothing different heck if you have Takao I don't think there is any worth buying this unless they add something different.