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  1. Yaleling

    German destroyers and their 150mm guns

    Thanks Exiaa. You put far more work into that answer than I did the question. =) I think I'll try putting the 150's on a lower tier boat where the stakes aren't as high. (And the gun module is less expensive.)
  2. Hi everyone, From their base stats the 150mm guns seem like a downgrade. The lower rate of fire more than offsets the increase in base damage, so the 150mm have a lower DPM. But these guns have their fans, so there must be something to them. Do they have a fantastic armour penetration value or something? Yale
  3. Yaleling

    British Battleship Dreadnought

    Thanks BigWaveSurfer. :D I knew they had to have a practical use, but it was too hard to google "diagonal metal dealies on Dreadnought"
  4. Yaleling

    British Battleship Dreadnought

    This is kind of a history/naval architecture question. What are those diagonal dealies running down the length of HMS Dreadnoughts hull? Bellerophon's in game model has them too.
  5. Yaleling

    Speed boost and surface detection range

    Thanks PGM991! You dragged out an 'old' memory. About a patch before the detection range circles on the mini-map came in, I'd finally mastered the arcane art of remembering my surface detection ranges. And in one game got spotted while definitely out of range when I pressed Y. It was a thing. Thanks Hey_Potato. There was definitely a change, and it could have been that small. I'm not sure of the range at all.
  6. Yaleling

    Speed boost and surface detection range

    I don't think you fully understand the words "well fair enough". Do you want to try again? Maybe you'll get it on the second go.
  7. Yaleling

    Speed boost and surface detection range

    My sarcasm mustn't have come through. Let me rephrase that for you then PeterMoe: Perhaps he was mistaken in his mind. Better? And no, my irony detector was working then and now. I can't be arsed finding which video from the first few months of WoWS going live. But there was a long explanation on why you should never use the speed boost when trying to break contact in a destroyer, because it increases your detection range. He was likely getting it mixed up with the effect of a fire.
  8. Yaleling

    Speed boost and surface detection range

    Jingles lied to us then. Well, he'd be the first to admit that this isn't the first time he's gotten something wrong in a video.
  9. Hey everyone, When I started WoWS about 2 years ago, I was taught that using the speed boost consumable increased your surface by about 2km. The H key table of detection ranges doesn't list any change for using speed boost. And neither does the live surface detection meter below the cross hairs. Was I lied to, or has that mechanic been removed from the game?
  10. Yaleling


    Removing Narai seems so unnecessary. Just tweak the credit/experience earning potential and the problem is solved. I haven't used logarithms since high school, but I'm pretty sure even a rando like me could put together a formula to slow down credit/experience earning after a sensible amount is reached. Or do as Hermes did: limit the ships that can take part to thematic ones. No Japanese ships broke the operation. And we can pretend the Axis navies actually cooperated and throw in German and Italian ships. All small tweaks.
  11. I got my Missouri last week all on free xp. It was a long term goal to grind for, but I took some extra time by buying the Nelson first. I got kind of lucky with the re-work of the USN carriers, when all the modules were re-set I had a pile of free xp that I didn't need to use on ships I don't own and probably won't play again. That was handy. Just in case I didn't earn enough free xp I bought a pile of gold for last minute conversion. Was slightly horrified when I checked how much elite ship xp I had available and saw it was 2.1M. In the end it was signal flags + camo that I have been hoarding + operations that earned everything else I needed. The only downside in all of this is how much I suck in Missouri. (11% win rate so far...)
  12. Yaleling

    operation narai is back

    Agreed! By controlling her turrets, do you mean doing the turret wobble until you know which side the early enemies are on and then the usual positioning the ship so the turrets don't need to move much? I had a fantastic game with Miss Colorado too. It was fun to sail out in a ship I like, but rarely play any more. Can't comment on Hood as I don't own her. But the other tier 7 British battleships do well. King George does fine, but I think Duke of York is better for her improved AA rating and sonar. Nelson is brilliant. the mission plays to her strengths as one long push. Her normal weakness of not being able to fire well while retiring (never needs to happen in this mission) and being vulnerable to side citadels
  13. Yaleling

    How to earn credits without premiums

    He's also commanding my Mahan. That guy sure gets around.