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  1. Where the BB can go through is where these torpedoes can go through and hit BBs.
  2. Torpedo Defense System, a mechanic that reduces the torpedo damage whenever the torpedo hits the designed torpedo bulges/belts. The reduction can be next to nothing, or up to 55% for the Yamato.
  3. Would be PTSD inducing if the torps will only be spotted after it slide out of surface detection range for 20 seconds, and being immune to plane spotting (due to having less wake and being deep underwater). This might spark an even bigger blue murder screaming from BB players if these torps also ignore TDS (IDK if the keel of the ships are also protected by TDS or not).
  4. If that happens, I think the ones who get the highest level of PTSD would be the DDs themselves. Imagine a dd firing two types of torps at the same target: 1st wave: Oh shi--- hahaha deep water, thank goodness! 2nd wave (that comes immediately after): Whatev--- Booom! Back to port...
  5. Colonize on sight!
  6. He meant: GG, WP. Where the WP are being (mistakenly) interpreted as the Warpack, a supposedly heavily frowned upon illegal mod.
  7. ก็ไม่แน่ บางทีเจอฝั่งตรงข้ามหัวร้อนกด Report ใส่รัวๆ หาว่าโกง โดยเฉพาะตอนเวลาเล่น BB แล้วยิง DD ตับเดียวระเบิด
  8. Quote updated. ~amade
  9. QE -> Queen KGV -> Gulag (KGB) Monarch -> King 8 (Homage to @THAI_THIEF's KGV -> King 5, but Monarch is the King at tier 8)
  10. Say if I get 3 flags, do I get 3 ships with 3 port slots or I only get the Iron Duke?
  11. ^ สิบสองนัดสิบหกนิ้ว ยิงอัดควัน เรือของเรปบนกลายเป็นโกโก้ครั้นซ์
  12. Which will soon become; Sailor sets increasingly lower standards and consistently fails to achieve them.
  13. It would be a solid strategy if all of the the ships going into A make it to the other side around 5 minutes into the game. Successfully achieve that and the enemy will melt quickly to the cross-firing. Too bad, the plan will most likely bust because the lone shima can pretty much ruin this strat with the wall of skill.
  14. ก็ฝึกดริฟหลบตอซะสิ
  15. bug report

    lol Did you tried taking her into the battles to see if its the real 406mm?