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  1. Conq has pretty weak DP mount, I doubt manual AA would help her much anyway.
  2. He just forgot to put in "/s" didn't he?
  3. เรือทุกลำมีตอร์ คุมทิศทางได้ด้วยน่ะ ดาเมจเท่ากับ HP ของเรือแต่ละลำ เสียแต่ว่าระยะทำการมีแค่ 0 km และดาเมจสะท้อนกลับตัวด้วย
  4. Ahem, Even then would still be underpowered would it? Give it 4x quintuple launchers with pre-nerf 20km shima torps per side. I can assure you it will be balanced. Once the game has gone down to 12 conquerors vs 12 conquerors and no one bothers grind up other line or classes, that is. Good heavens, is this what it is like what we called "a thread has degenerated"?
  5. Well that would neuter BB completely. We had an era around 0.5.x where underwater penetration did not work at all due to botched patching. Guess what happen? BBs at that time could only seldomly score any penetration damage against cruisers, let alone citadels. Beforehand it was all penetrations that hit the citadel roof, bounceable or not, becomes citadels so that change came through. The outcry was so strong that it was fixed immediately in the next patch which enabled the underwater penetration.
  6. I doubt shooting DD is a "bad" priority target for BB players, overpens only or not. DD gets killed, more freedom to you BB players to do your own things and rekt faces.
  7. To be fair, Khaba deserves every bit of it, don't know about the sims though.
  8. Pensacola: 2246 EXP
  9. It was, But I'm now more satisfied with raining 5k every 8 secs plus a crapton of fires. Burn 'em. Burn 'em. Burn 'em.
  10. Hakuryu Crappy TDS?? check AA mount easily wrecked?? check Sluggish (not as much as other T10s, but still..)?? check Low HP Pool?? check Can't heal much citadel despite the awesome heal?? check
  11. Alternatively, if you have multiple spare modules. Mount Sell Mount Sell Rinse and repeat.... Then you find yourself needing the 3M credits modules you just sold
  12. Go buy Black Swan and seal club grind some money T1 Ships can be bought obtained for free, but they will be in the stock configuration and no upgrades mounted.