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  1. _neppu

    KotS VI Asia Announcement

    Waiting for the announcement to show up on NA's forum. ...Nothing happens.
  2. _neppu

    Des Moines how to

    One thing to note is that you can still bow-tank 15 inch shells. So if you are facing ships like Alsace/Bismarck/Monarch then you can simply point your nose in and farm damage...as long as your flanks are safe.
  3. _neppu

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    O'bannon will instead have potato launchers which will neutralize torpedoes.
  4. _neppu

    Talking to the Enemy

    There's nothing wrong with him jinxing you. He was only wishing you have enough detonation flags to rank out.
  5. I'd vote for each winner gets three stars and each losers loses two, and all players lose one in a draw. Then make it so that it takes more stars to go up each rank.
  6. _neppu

    Went pink >_<

    Well, it happens isn't it. Broken engine, broken rudder without last stand in the most inopportune moment.
  7. _neppu

    Balanced matchmaking

    Heh 2 T6s vs 2 T7s you say? I have been in a lone T6 dd facing 2 T7s (one of them is Leningrad) in a T8 match, and among the worst I have seen is a solo Mutsuki vs Kamikaze + Shinonome.
  8. _neppu

    Went pink >_<

    It's annoying, sure, but you have to deal with it. It could be likened that 'pink' status is there to punish accidents. The serious cases are punished with a banhammer.
  9. _neppu


    The one to complete will show up daily and it adds to the Aftvent. Once that daily mission is completed it disappears. So, if you only see the Aftvent, then you might very well have completed the daily requirement.
  10. _neppu

    Went pink >_<

    For short term, avoid playing ship with torpedo and avoid dealing damage to friendlies (ramming included) to work off your pink status. For long term, practice the situational awareness and avoid risky drops (sometime you have to, and accept the consequence when losing the gamble). PS: mind your language, the banhammer is coming
  11. _neppu

    DELET this thread.

    Of course it's WASD HAX
  12. Another "[insert ship's name here] is the most useless ship" thread. I'm having a hard time taking the read for its face value...perhaps I shouldn't. *sigh*
  13. Oh and, don't forget the contest sections in the forums, you can win some doubloons that way, and it's also a good way to improve your skills (to match the contest requirements).
  14. _neppu

    montana epic 320k damage carry

    He wasn't as fortunate in a match with me in his Minotaur, though.