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    Voices for reloading and other stuffs

    You should see second last point.
  2. Ramlal_ki_Beti

    Voices for reloading and other stuffs

    Just a random thought came to my mind while playing the game. there should be voices telling us about which turret has been reloaded which direction the ship is turing. in how many seconds torps should be ready spotted by aircraft or enemy ship. there is a enemy destroyer close to our ship. these can be turned on or turned off should depend on user. as we reduce engine power a voice should tell us. for example: reducing engine power to three-fourth. This would make gameplay more realistic.
  3. Ramlal_ki_Beti

    New era warships

    New era warships should also be included now. Those ships equipped with missiles and new tech. There should be a siren introduced so that players can blow it if allies are going to crash in. The map size should be increased. Gameplay recording with voice chat should be also brought in. Formations should be also brought in. Reinforcements should be also included.
  4. Ramlal_ki_Beti


    thanks a lot weather <3
  5. Ramlal_ki_Beti


    >indian origin ship....Have you heard about Indian Royal Navy class-pc69 : build year: 1911 like this there are many more
  6. Ramlal_ki_Beti


    Submarines should be included in game indian origin ship should brought in new planes should be included like f-32, B-2 voice chat feature shoud also be added for those who record or livestream there gameplay