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  1. Hi Everyone, This players group was formed in 2015 for any and all English speaking Australians & New Zealanders, seeing the need for such a group to form for all those players on the Asia Server that wish to play and div with others from their own corner of the world. Since formation we have enjoyed an ever increasing membership of players from both these two countries that meet up regularly and play in divisions together. The club has no official head, and it is understood that every member has a stake in the clubs success. Our club understands that all players are different, and that new players are the lifeblood of World of Warships, for this reason we frown upon those that wish to denigrate new players or detract in any way from other players the experience of playing this awesome game. Our members uphold and guard a fun, friendly and welcoming environment always for our players. Players interested in this group can find us on our in-game chat channel Taskforce44 (Danaussie), we also use "Curse" Comms for those that have headsets and are interested in a full team orientated tactical battle or simply want to chat with other players while you play. The club has also just recently formed a clan under the same title as the club if players wish to join in Clan activities. Look forward to meeting you on the water. Dan
  2. Yeah nup!!! Don't agree with the opening statement at all, TF44 members were playing a T6 div match yesterday most of what we faced was at T7 including 4 BBs, so assured of their (enemy) superiority most of them just camped and waited for us to enter their massed kill zone, and picked everyone off piece by piece hardly suffering any losses themselves. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. I have no truck with a tier higher for the challenge alone, but when an enemy force moves out with no fear whatsoever as to whether they can win or lose the match...well something smells fishy here and I don't think its the chicken. I remember saying to the chaps its at times like that you wish you could opt out of the match after seeing the match-up rather than putting yourself through the inevitable ass-ripping (beating) that is about to ensue. I don't like fore-gone conclusions in games, and I'm pretty sure that nobody else does either, everyone likes to think they have a good chance of winning. Its like setting up at a war-gaming convention with no constraints or rules set, having some cheesy guy bring out the cheesy army and sets up in front of you, you may as well shake hands and call it a day and save yourself from a complete and utter waste of your life. Because he has won after the set-up and even blind Freddy can see that, same here with playing games against ships that are two tiers higher. Cheers guys Dan
  3. hehehe, yeps well said Obi, for those of us that have been playing games since the days of Space Invaders at our local milk bar we know there was a time when you could pay your money once by purchasing a console "Atari" maybe and purchase your "River Raid" cartridge and have unlimited fun at no additional cost. In more modern times you could go to your local EB Games and buy a second hand PC game or even brand new game and pay no more than $100.00 for it, go home and play it with no additional cost. Perhaps one day this will be known as the "Golden Age" of gaming, before corporate suits began to pick-pocket us every chance they got. Great game....love it, to the tune of around $500.00AUD, that's a lot of money for the pleasure of being able to play a pretty great Naval Combat game online, I guess my point is...meh I guess I really don't have a point, more of a gripe really. Unfortunately you have to play for hours on lower tiers (not what you even want to do, since that's what you have been doing all along) to get the credits that enable you to play that ultimate ship you spent all that time effort and money to get to once or twice maybe. That would at least be worth it if they had, I don't know, the Royal Navy perhaps! Anyways their all Gods Children I suppose, I hope their children enjoy Harvard...and your very welcome for my contribution to that. Cheers all Dan
  4. Danaussie

    Cleveland captains share

    Yeah the Cleveland is a great horse, reliable, great AA can pack a good punch and sustain a fair beating if you find yourself in a bit of trouble. My advice is if you can persevere through the horrible Pensacola which is surprisingly underwhelming in all respects to get to the New Orleans which is a lovely cruiser and then onto Baltimore which is in many ways an up-gunned and up-armoured Cleveland then continue your way up the tiers. The T3 St Louis, Cleveland at 6, Orleans at 8 and Baltimore at 9 perform their duties of escort, DD & CA "hunter killers" really well and this is the type of cruiser skipper that I am and will most likely always be, I am also "puritan" which means that I don't use anything other than Allied Warships Soviet, USN and RN warships, I have heard great things about IJN Warships and Kriegsmarine Warships and I have faced them many times on all tiers and have to say they are probably superior to USN cruisers, or maybe that's just how it appears to me. I suppose I also wanted to mention that the Atlanta (Premium) makes a great alternative to the T7 Pensacola, she is fast but has poor turning speed, her fast turret speed and re-load and ability to rain down a large number of shells makes her a really fun ship to play but beware of her paper thin armour. Well worth the money though to avoid having to play the Pensacola at 7. Cheers guys Dan
  5. Danaussie

    Royal navy?

    hehehe...love the Trademark next to the answer "soon" guys that's awesome, had a little giggle on that one. There are most things that make sense to me in this game, but one of the things that makes little sense to me at all is why the Royal Navy would be released after Germany or the Soviets (respectively of course). Ill wait as long as I have to guys, but I must say this would be the second naval game I have played where the Royal Navy has been treated like some third string entity. Cue Elgar's "Nimrod" : For a Navy that ruled the seas for over 500 years with a proud history and tradition that no other nation can claim, the question is....why? Should appear in the top 3 not bottom 3. If I were a sensitive man, I could be quite offended. Yes I bleed Royal Blue. Long Live The Royal Navy.....Hip Hip Huzzzahh!!! Dan
  6. Danaussie

    Something Needs To Be Done About OP Destroyers

    I think it has been a fantastic thread, I put it up because yes I wanted to point out (what I feel to be) an issue of unfair advantage so brilliantly demonstrated by Rebalanced' s Youtube Video (so thank you to Rebalanced for providing that and adding that to the discussion), this is precisely what I have been up against and precisely what I mean by OP. This is talking about game mechanics and I am also appealing to realism as well. OK so some guys don't think one has anything to do with the other, but to me it is important in the way the game feels when you play it, hehehe that's why I play it guys....lol, because it takes me there. Everything else (to me) feels right BBs, CVs and Cruisers, but not the Destroyers, it just makes no sense that a Destroyer cant be seen at this range no matter what ability he has. That's all I'm saying guys. Im fine for it not to change....sheesh Im one guy, I don't expect that things should change because of anything I say. Lastly (and very lastly) I think it has been a fantastic thread because I have learned a lot from it, so thanks to everyone that has responded (even if they were having go at me) at least I learned something. I will try all the suggestions made but I don't think that will change the fact that I cant shoot what I cant see. Yes I am a fairly new player, so my gripes may seem unfounded by more senior members, still doesn't change the fact that a Destroyer can sit in a Capture Zone and win the game singlehandedly without being seen or shot at close range. No need to even have any other ships in his team even, if he has that ability, and that IS Over Powered. Thanks guys, nice talking with you. Dan
  7. Danaussie

    Something Needs To Be Done About OP Destroyers

    I hear what your saying guys I honestly do. And I have sailed Destroyers and appreciate their plight I understand their strengths and weaknesses but that's no reason to give them an ability that makes them a "Game Changer". Destroyers are highly manoeuvrable that is their strength, they have the ability to pop smoke that is another strength, they have the ability of launching multiple torpedoes that is another strength, I have seen great Destroyer skippers out there that can zig-zag right up to a target and torp it to death. Maybe the simple fix is that Destroyers do not have the ability to Cap at least it removes the game changing aspect of them, either that or the proximity restriction to the concealment of Destroyers as mentioned above. Camouflage does not make something invisible on the water guys, and you cant hide wake. In smoke yes, in fog or squalls yes, but not on open sea and not at close range, what this game is suggesting is that over 600 crew (St Louis) could not spot a Destroyer at under 6 miles that they had already spotted moments before without the use of a smoke screen on a clear day. I think most people would cry "Bollocks" to that. And to those guys saying that destroyers don't have concealment at under 5 miles, I have been launched at by a completely invisible destroyer at under 3 miles, I know because he disappeared right in front of me (without a smoke screen in open water) while I was trying to stop him from Capping our base. If screenshots are asked for Im sure before this thread is dead Ill be able to provide some. But I don't think proof is necessary since Im sure everyone that plays WoWs knows that this happens. Not angry, but it is a little frustrating to spend most of a battle chasing after something you cant see, Im sure you can understand. Dan
  8. Danaussie

    Something Needs To Be Done About OP Destroyers

    Im sorry guys my intention was in no way to start a flame war, the guys that know me best know I would never do such a thing intentionally. I just played yet another game that was won by a DD capping a zone while being completely invisible at close range after being spotted and shot at on numerous occasions, time runs out, and the opposing team wins the game in spite of heavy allied presence. I have some guys here telling me Im not playing right to approach the destroyer, but I have little choice but to close range and hope to see the destroyer to fire on him. There was no smoke in the zone he had already popped that as I was approaching and had since dissipated, he pops up again I fire, I hit, he then disappears again before my very eyes, changes course (as he should) pops up again I fire, I miss, he disappears again. He successfully Caps the zone we lose. You guys tell me if this is fair? As far as this is concerned, in this situation or scenario there is no way the Destroyer should be able to save himself, save movement, he has already played his card of concealment by using his smoke screen, it dissipates, he should be able to be seen now even at 6 miles, 7 miles even 10 miles. I mean forget realism for a sec and lets just use common sense, a ship full of crew that have been hunting this destroyer for the past 10 minutes should not have to face "Stealth" technology or the Philadelphia Experiment, some of you guys are suggesting that a paint job would render a ship invisible. What I am suggesting is a "Contact Law" once the unit has been targeted and spotted within the range of the unit that is spotting it, it should no longer have the power to conceal itself without the use of a smoke screen. This makes it harder for the player to simply disappear, he must use his smoke wisely, in other words he must use his consumables wisely like the rest of us. At the moment a Destroyer seems to have the powers of a smoke screen without having a smoke screen. Either way I will continue to play WoWs, Im making more of a suggestion than a complaint really, but until something is sorted in this respect Destroyers will continue to be able to Cap and Torp with impunity all surface units are "meat for the beast", destroyers have an unfair advantage and nobody else has this power...why? Ridicule me if you want to but most players would say that this is an unfair advantage. Dan
  9. First of all I don't complain, the game of WoWs is perfect in all respects and since I started playing about 6 months ago I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. I hear many guys talk about OP this and OP that but I have never heard them talk about Destroyers abilities tipping the balance in a battle. Time and time again I see OP Destroyers being the difference in a battle that has been all but won by a team. I would not change the game in any way save this: Destroyers should NEVER be invisible at ranges of less than 5 miles unless they pop smoke, this is probably the most unrealistic thing I have come across in WoWs. You cant mean to tell me that a Destroyer that has already been spotted by a ship and targeted by a cruiser with 300 hands can suddenly disappear before their very eyes at 5 miles and then launch its torpedoes without being detected. This must stop, its unfair and unrealistic. These Destroyers are exploiting this ability and literally taking up station in Base Areas and taking the Base Capture unopposed, from ranges where my crew could literally spit on the opposing Destroyers crew. Popping smoke is fine, but without is absolutely ridiculous, you need to understand how Naval Camouflage actually works guys and you can not hide a naval vessel with camouflage in open water. It was designed for misidentification and to make them harder to hit by hiding their edges, and shadowing important parts, it was never designed to make them completely invisible. Please change this its an absolute joke. Dan
  10. Danaussie

    Australia Day

    Happy Birthday Billy & Centurion, Taskforce44 may have to throw a special Australia Day challenge. Cheers guys Dan
  11. Danaussie

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Hi guys, Please allow me to apologize for the tardy response, this being a floating topic instead of being in a Clubs Area makes it difficult to keep track of on a regular basis. We are doing our best to lobby for such an area to be provided to the community but in the meantime this is all we are permitted. Guys, you can find our chat channel by doing a search while "In Port" click on your in-game chat box messenger which can be located on the bottom left of your screen, search for: Taskforce44(Danaussie) Once there we will provide a link for the Taskforce44 HQ Fleet Command Centre this information will not be provided here until the above mentioned facility is made available to WoWs Asia Forum patrons. I will add your names to the Members List at HQ and we hope to see you all on our channel shortly. Welcome guys. Dan
  12. Danaussie


    Clans/Clubs/Player Groups/Fleets/Task Forces/Squadrons call them what you will, nobody cares that the game does not support them, it is the Forums that should support them. Open a sub-forum to allow clubs to form, players deserve to have the opportunity to meet and play with others in Divisions, players that are Wargaming.net's bread and butter. Simple arithmetic: Clubs + Players = More Interest, More Fun & More Revenue its win win guys. There are already multiple clubs running anyway, but the Official WoWs Forums designed to support the community are not supporting the clubs of dedicated gamers that go out every day and promote your product, generate interest in your product and perpetuate the longevity of your product for free. That's fine, the dedicated gamers will always be here for WoWs, we will do what we do because we love the game. All we ask is for the recognition enough to assist us to provide an essential service to this community, provide us with the space to promote our clubs so that we can promote the game. The community area is full of players asking for divs, asking for clubs and clans.....why are our hands tied to throw them a lifeline? Why? Copy and paste this to the General Manager, time to take action. Thank you for your time. Dedicated World of Warships Player and Clubs Advocate Dan (aka Danaussie - Founder Taskforce44)
  13. Danaussie

    No one seems to be having lag issues

    If you are from Australia region, its because our internet is outdated, most other countries have fibre optic cable which makes their internet about three times better than ours (and that's being generous). When I was speaking to a mate from Finland when playing a MOG called Virtual Skipper he once asked me what our speeds were, when I told him he laughed for about a half hour. That's how far behind we are. To help solve your problem I suggest you hardwire your computer to your modem, (if possible) using an Ethernet cable, this will drastically improve your upload and download times by about 50%, it will still not be as smooth as guys get elsewhere in the world but I have found that lag has drastically reduced after doing this. Hope that helps. Dan
  14. Danaussie

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    Look above to see where to find us mate. Cheers Dan
  15. Danaussie

    Look who I ran into

    hehehe, famous or not its good to know Im not the only one that enjoys T3 Random battles and not the only one that loves to play St Louis. Good one guys, Im just new here but I have had the pleasure of talking to Conan but I must admit I don't know who xDave1337x is I take it he is the game creator? We also should have a "quit out" option for just such occasions as this, on the strength of having the "fair fight" kinda removed if you are the poor sucker on the receiving end. You know, like I like a challenge and all, but this is freakin ridiculous. Cheers guys (PS: love the new emoticons) Dan